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New Books & Calendars

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In an effort to reduce duplication, this page displays only a selection of the products we offer in this category. Please click on a subcategory in the list on the left to view a complete list of the products we offer in that specific subcategory.

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B4020. Pony Express, First Edition
B4020. The Pony Express, First Editon: A Collection of Decorated Envelopes for Legacies 2005. 30pp. 7"x8.5". Paper. Very Limited Supply.

This collection of artful envelopes from Legacies 2005 features more than 140 envelopes from creative scribes from all over the world.

Also available: The Pony Express, Second Edition (B4019), featuring envelopes from Legacies II in 2014.

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B4019. Pony Express, Second Edition
B4019. The Pony Express, Second Edition: A Collection of Creative Envelopes for Legacies II. 2014. 24pp. 7"x8.5". Paper

This new assemblage of artful envelopes from Legacies 2014 features more than 170 envelopes submitted in 5 different categories: Humor, Western Theme, Pointed Pen, Broad-edged Pen, and Mixed Media.

The first edition featured envelopes from the first Legacies conference held in 2005; it is currently available in very limited supply (B4020).

Click here to see a sample spread from the book.

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B3974. Calligraphy: A Complete Guide / Chazal
B3974. Calligraphy: A Complete Guide by Julien Chazal. 2013. 224pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

This lavishly illustrated guide is suitable for beginners, but also has much to offer for more skilled scribes. The book’s 40 alphabets include historical models as well as more contemporary ones.
"It is fabulous - excellent lettering, instruction, examples, and gallery - a real find." Carol DuBosch

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B3958. Art Made From Books / Heyenga
B3958. Art Made from Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved, Transformed. Edited by Laura Heyenga. 2013. 176pp. 7.25"x9.25". Hardcover

Some book artists use the mass-produced printed book as their basic material. They cut, carve, stack, and stitch unwanted books to produce original and compelling works. This definitive collection ranges from whimsical pop-up landscapes to powerful sculptures. More than 200 photographs.

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B3912. The Book of Kells / Meehan
B3912. The Book of Kells by Bernard Meehan. 2013. 256pp. 10x12.87 Hardcover with a slipcase.

The manuscript has been newly photographed and this book provides a clarity far surpassing earlier reproductions. You can marvel at the extraordinarily inventive and intricate imagery that accompanies the texts of the four Gospels: full-page depictions of Evangelists and their symbols, lavish honorific openings to the Gospels, extraordinary initials, and decoration that combines complex interlace, animals, and human figures. This volume features more than fifty full-size reproductions of complete pages plus enlarged details. Supplementary images place the manuscript in its setting and provide comparisons for its iconography and style.

The rich illustrations are paired with an exploration of the manuscript’s historical background, an examination of earlier and comparable manuscripts, a detailed discussion of symbols and themes, and a look at the scribes and artists who worked on the manuscript and their techniques, illuminated by recent scientific research.

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B3914. Mixed-Media Master Class / Kahn
B3914. Mixed-Media Master Class: 50+ Surface-Design Techniques for Fabric & Paper by Sherrill Kahn. 2013. 144pp. 8.5x11. Paper

You will find many new techniques and exciting ways to use familiar ones. This step-by-step visual guide shows you how to add color and texture to your art on paper and fabric, for collage or any creative project. Includes chapters on creating surfaces, media, resists, textures, rubbings, and printmaking

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B3915. Playing with Image Transfers / Cerruti
B3915. Playing with Image Transfers: Exploring Creative Imagery for Use in Art, Mixed Media, and Design by Courtney Cerruti. 2013. 144pp. 8.5x10. Flexibound

These valuable techniques allow you to reproduce a unique image from any source and apply it to a myriad of surfaces. Teaches you the four image transfer methods: Packing Tape, Solvent, Medium, and Acrylic transfers. Covers the basics and presents projects that include gift boxes, albums, sketchbook covers, wall art, accordion books, and much more. 250 color photos.

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B3916. The Art of Pop-Up / Trebbi
B3916. The Art of Pop Up: The Magical World of Three-Dimensional Books by Jean-Charles Trebbi. 2012. 160pp. 8.75x9.75. Hardcover

Definitely not your usual pop-up book. It’s not filled with instructions and diagrams and there are no pop-ups. Instead you are treated with a delightfully illustrated history of moveable and three-dimensional structures in books and cards. You discover examples from Renaissance books, more from the 19th century and the early-to-mid 20th century, and then experience the visual avalanche that follows. It is a refreshing perspective. In addition to American’s such as Robert Sabuta and Carol Barton, we are introduced to artists from Europe and Asia and their innovative work. If you make pop-ups or have a shelf full of pop-up books, it’s a fascinating find.

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B3921. Zen Doodling / Scarce
B3921. Zen Doodling by Carolyn Scarce. 2013. 128pp. 8.5x11. Paper

This book expands your Zentangle experience. You learn how to extend your repertoire past the square, using color and finding patterns in fabric and natural objects, and how to break down complicated patterns into their doodle elements. Shows how to give your doodle designs a different look with embossed patterns, resist with white crayon and watercolor, printmaking with foam trays, and metal embossing. Projects include greeting cards, shoes, pebbles, bottles, glasses, and cups. Final section is an alphabet, each letter filled with doodle patterns.

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B3922. What is Reading For? / Bringhurst
B3922. What Is Reading For? by Robert Bringhurst. 2012. 40pp. 5x9. Paper

This succinct and thoughtful essay is from a talk Bringhurst gave at an RIT symposium, The Future of Reading. Bringhurst is an insightful and engaging writer on type, language, and letterforms. (He is also a poet.) The carefully crafted book was designed by the author and printed on Mohawk Ticonderoga paper.

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