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Instructional Manuals

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B4031. Color in Calligraphy / Ullian
B4031. Color in Calligraphy by Jeanne Ullian. 1992. 20pp. 8.5"x11".

An excellent and thorough introduction to using gouache in your pen. Includes tips on which brands are best, which colors to start with, how to load your pen, how to get the gouache to flow, and ways to reconstitute dried gouache. You learn about color permanence, color mixing, color theory, and the components of gouache. Black-and-white only, no color illustrations. Recommended by Sheila Waters.

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B3974. Calligraphy: A Complete Guide / Chazal
B3974. Calligraphy: A Complete Guide by Julien Chazal. 2013. 224pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

This lavishly illustrated guide is suitable for beginners, but also has much to offer for more skilled scribes. The book’s 40 alphabets include historical models as well as more contemporary ones.
"It is fabulous - excellent lettering, instruction, examples, and gallery - a real find." Carol DuBosch

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B3448. Art of Calligraphy & Lettering by Ferraro et al
The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering: Master techniques for traditional and contemporary handwritten styles by Cari Ferraro, Arthur Newhall, Eugene Metcalf, John Stevens. 2011. 144pp. 9 "x12 ". Paper

Provides a broad scope of instruction, starting with basic calligraphic alphabets and moving to contemporary calligraphic characters. Creative step-by-step demonstrations introduce readers to illumination and word painting, while inspirational projects teach beginners how to incorporate their new skills into a variety of crafts.
Cari Ferraro has provided 13 alphabet exemplars (with guidelines) for beginners. For the intermediate and advanced scribe, John Stevens contributes many innovative alphabet styles.

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B3401. World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy / Calderhead
The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy: The Ultimate Compendium on the Art of Fine Writing - History, Craft, Technique, compiled and edited by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen. 2011. 320pp. 10"x10". Hardcover $35.00

Discover the sophisticated beauty of calligraphy from around the world with this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource. Using visual examples accompanied by expert commentary, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy features 55 living scripts, including: Carolingian (Roman), Japanese Hiragana (Japanese), Thuluth (Arabic), Ü-Chen (Tibetan), and Yerushalmi (Hebrew). Each script includes an overview of its origins, traditions, and unique characteristics, while an expanded description includes the kind of writing system used, the direction and sequence of the lines of continuous text, distinctions between majuscule and minuscule, and the principal writing tool. Both a step-by-step guide and sumptuous visual tour, this groundbreaking collection will teach and inspire you.

"[The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy] is phenomenal!" June T., South Africa 11-7-2012

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B3360. Calligraphy in 24 Hours / Kespersaks
Calligraphy in 24 Hours by Veiko Kespersaks. 2011. 176pp. 7.5"x9.75". Paper.

Presents a carefully structured series of 24 one-hour lessons (most to be followed by additional practice before moving to the next lesson). The exercises teach letterforms, develop consistency & speed, and present projects: greeting cards, invitations, wall hangings, place settings, and more. The author is from Finland and currently works in London.

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B3137. Celebration Calligraphy / Booth
Celebration Calligraphy: Complete Instructions and Models for Special-Occasion Alphabets, Borders, and Motifs by Ruth Booth. 2008. 128pp. 8.75x8.75. Paper $21.95. SALE

This is an all-in-one manual on cards and invitations for calligraphers. You get 12 alphabets, including contemporary hands that draw on historical models but have a modern look, as well as Italic, Blackletter and Copperplate. A full model alphabet with ductus is provided for each. Ruth matches the alphabets to the appropriate celebrations - formal and informal. You get a myriad of ideas and examples for layouts, borders, and elements for each celebration: birthdays, weddings, baby announcements, graduations. There is a section of core card-making techniques and a gallery of cards. Hundreds of color illustrations. Recommended.

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B3160. Hand Lettering / Donley & Singh
Hand Lettering: Simple, Creative Styles for Cards, Scrapbooks & More by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh. 2009. 128pp. 8.5" x 10". Paper. Available now!

Marci Donley, author of Simple Stroke Calligraphy has created, with DeAnn Singh, another exciting lettering book that will help you construct creative letters to enhance your cards, envelopes, journals, and other projects. They present you with a wide range of alphabets, inspired by type, traditional calligraphy, and illustration. These easily executed styles will work with many different subjects and types of artwork, whether for rubber stamping cards & books, making albums, or creating artists books & trading cards. A section teaches you how to make your own styles and modifications.

The authors called upon other professional lettering artists to bring you more than a dozen styles with easy to follow instructions and diagrams. You are treated to the work of Jane Shibata, Susy Ratto, Carol Pallesen, Karin Gable, Sylvia Kowal, Carrie Imai, & Melissa Dinwiddie. The book starts with the basic Roman hand, goes into italic monoline, Whimsy, Draftsman, Bungalow style, brush writing, Clothesline and much more, with samples and suggestions to go along with each style.

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B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy / Waters
By Sheila Waters. 2006. 126pp. 9"x11.25". Concealed spiral binding. Now in its third printing. Hardcover.

Now in its third printing. Hardcover $35.00. Free media mail shipping (USA only).

In the 110 pages of exemplar alphabets, instruction, and hints, Sheila shares with you the knowledge she has gathered over her decades of study and practice. She provides insightful analysis of forms and constructions and helps you learn and work toward mastery of the alphabets. The presentation is honed by her vast experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skills and art. Sheila Waters is not only a master scribe, but a master teacher. She has made both her life's work.

Chapters include Basics & Beyond, Analysis & Practice, Design & Layout, Conception to Completion, and Applying Design Principles. Foundational, Blackletter, Gothic Cursives, Uncial & Half Uncial, Carolingian, Italic, and Italic Variations are covered with thorough instruction for each. Foundational and Italic receive particular attention.

Free Media Mail Shipping to USA addresses. If you need the book sooner, there will be a $3 rush ship charge added to your order. Media Mail generally takes upwards of 2 weeks or more to be delivered.

Reviews & Comments

Read more about Sheila and her work, courtesy of The Gettysburg Companion.

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B3350. Italic & Copperplate Calligraphy / Winters
Italic & Copperplate Calligraphy: The Basics and Beyond by Eleanor Winters. 2011. 229pp. 8-3/8"x11". Paper $24.95.

Covers letter variations (form, weight and proportions), flourishing and design, commercial and personal calligraphy, and calligraphic writing. The book shows how many principles and applications apply to both hands. Displays the work by many well-known calligraphers, showing their use of Copperplate and Italic. This is an intermediate-level book, but it also contains a good review of the basics.

Eleanor Winters' Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy is a thorough beginner's manual and highly recommended as your first instructional book on this hand. This brand new book builds on the skills you learned with her first book by providing additional Copperplate (and Italic) instruction.

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B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners
B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners:The Easy Way to Learn Lettering and Illumination Techniques by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan. 2008. 256pp. 6.5"x8". Hardcover, concealed spiral

Presents instruction for Uncial, Foundational, Carolingian, Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals & numerals. Letters are presented in groups of similar forms with ductus and stop-action photos. Final section presents adding metallics and color to letters and pieces using some newer techniques.

REVIEW: These small format hidden spiral hardcover books are very popular. They don't take up area on your work space, and unlike paperbacks, they lie completely flat. No matter how you learn best, there is instruction for you. In this instructional manual each letter is presented individually with ductus, that is the combination of the letter with the little arrows and numbers indicating stroke sequence and direction. For those who like written instructions, this stroke order and direction is put into words as well. And finally there is a three panel strip of stop action photography showing the pen as it constructs the letter. That is not totally accurate. The pen is not actually stroking the letter as there is no ink in the pens used. However, this is actually a visual plus. Because the tip of the pen is not coated in black ink, you can see how more clearly how the the pen is placed on the paper. The letters of each hand are presented in a logical sequence. Generally letters with similar shapes are presented before moving on to other letters of similar shapes. At the bottom of each page, there are one line exercises to develop rhythm & help with spacing.

The hands (alphabets) are also presented in a logical sequence. Uncial is first. Stan Knight has proposed this as beginning alphabet over Italic. Unlike italic, there is no slant to the letters. There is only a majuscule (capital) alphabet to learn. So the student can gain working facility with a basic Uncial alphabet more quickly than italic. From Uncial its Foundational minuscule (lowercase), Roman majuscules, Carolingian, Formal Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals. They finish up with numbers and the ampersand. Instruction is given only for an upright set of numbers, exemplars are provided for Carolingian and Gothic. You are left on your own for Italic, Copperplate and Lombardic Capitals. If you already own instruction books by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan that cover these hands, you may already have the material in this book.

There is a thirteen page final section on adding color and gold to calligraphic pieces. The authors present a lot in a few pages only allowing for concise instructions.

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