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*IAMPETH – Pre order for IAMPETH Conference. Search for and add "IAMPETH" to your cart.

If a book is required for a class it will be labeled: REQUIRED
All other books are optional. Some books will be recommended by the instructor as a resource for the class being taught at IAMPETH and this will be indicated in their list. Other books will be recommended by the instructor, but not as a resource for her/his class at IAMPETH and this also will be indicated in the instructors list. You will also find books, DVDs & magazine article by or about the instructor. These items may or may not be directly applicable to the subject of the instructor's class at IAMPETH.

Pen holders - oblique (H48, H50, H51, H52, H60, H61) and straight (H46, H60, H62, H65, H71, H78, H83) penholder.
Nibs - Brause 66ef (N70), Hunt 56 (N86), 101 (N77) or 22 (N93), Nikko G (N113), Gillott 303 (N72) & 404 (N74), Leonardt Principal (N120), or your favorites.
Inks - Higgins Eternal (I08) with gum Arabic (I85), McCaffery (I37), walnut ink (I53, S449, S450) or Sumi (I70, I43, I71).
Watercolors/gouache - your favorites including a white, such as Dr. Martin's bleedproof white (I38), zinc white (WNG748) or permanent white gouache (WNG512). (Primary palette – Red (WNG524), Blue (WNG523), Yellow (WNG527); Double primary palette - Cerulean Blue (WN137, WNG137), Ultramarine Blue (WN263, WNG660), Cadmium Red (WN094, WNG094), Alizarin Crimson (WN004, WNG004), Lemon Yellow (WN348, WNG345), and Cadmium Yellow (WN108, WNG108)).
Brushes - #0, 1, 2 (BR22, BR26, BR28) & mixing brush (BR37).
Water container - (S731)
Eraser - White plastic eraser (E13, S86) and a kneaded eraser (E09).
Ruler - 12" (S270) or 18" (S271) and lining tools (S623, S692, S385).
Lettering guide - Linex or Ames (S91) and a Protractor (S632).
Paper - layout paper pad (P39); Boris #37 layout (P10, P11, P12) or Canson Pro-Marker (P32) layout, tracing paper (P43), practice paper with slant lines (P25), graph paper 8 squares to the inch (P21, P23), note paper (P31), watercolor paper like Arches hot press (PS42, PS47).
Pencil & Markers - mechanical pencil .05 (S681), fine Pigma Micron marker .01 (M17, M51, M52).

Pat Blair Rosemary Buczek Barbara Calzolari
Harvest Crittenden Joanne Fink Marian Gault
Heather Victoria Held Bob Hurford Bill Kemp
Michael Sull Ron Tate Jerry Tresser
Gwen Weaver Panel Discussions

H48. Peerless/Ziller Oblique Holder (Grey Plastic)
Ziller Oblique Pen Holder

These less expensive oblique pen holders are pre-adjusted for our most popular pointed nibs. Metal flange, grey plastic handle. Specify Gillott 303, Gillott 404, Brause 66EF, Nikko G, EF Principal. This holder can be adjusted for virtually any nib. Please let us know the nib you use & we will pick the closest holder.

For the Hiro 40, order PRIN

This holder does not include a nib.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H51. Century Oblique Penholder
Century Oblique Holder

These gorgeous turned wood pen holders have a metal flange. They are made to hold the Nikko G and similar sized nibs). They can be adjusted with needle nosed pliers to fit other nibs. Wood Penholder. Wood color varies.

If you would like to purchase a holder that is fitted for a different sized nib, please see item number H53.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H61. Blackwell Plastic Handle Oblique
Plastic Handle Blackwell Oblique Pen Holder

Black plastic hourglass penholder with the same brass flange for holding the nibs. The brass work is not as finely finished, but is just as functional. Works with small nibs such as the Brause 66ef and almost all other nibs.

A remarkably simple design that holds most pen points for
Spencerian and Copperplate. Designed to hold the nib at a less steep slant angle for ease of upstrokes. Also available with a brass and wood handle.

(Works with most all nibs except the very largest vintage nibs and crowquill nibs.)

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H46. Grey Plastic Pen Holder (114)
Grey Plastic Nib Holder

Lightweight grey plastic (Caran D'Ache 114) penholder. Now comes with standard ring and four prong gripper mechanism.

The OLD style is no longer available.

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H62. Mahogany Pen Holder
Straight wood calligraphy penholder.

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

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H78. Thick Wood Pen Holder
H78. Thick Wood Pen Holder

These short, turned hardwood penholders have a thicker grip. If you or your students have arthritis or joint problems, you may find these thicker pen holders easier to use. Some calligraphers also just like a thicker pen holder. Wood color will vary and there will be some variation in shape. Approx 5" length.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H83. Mitchell Triangular Pen Holder (#53)
H83. Mitchell Triangular Penholder (#53).

Plastic triangular holder, great for Mitchell Elbow Nibs. Also fits Gillott 303, 404, Nikko G, and other large nibs..

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

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N86. Hunt 56 Nib
The Hunt 56 nib is useful for writing larger letters on smooth or textured papers. The nib is a steady and durable one making it a great nib for beginners. The Hunt 56 produces healthy swells of ink when firm and deliberate pressure is applied. Strong hairlines. Comparable to Gillott 404 in stiffness and width of hairlines.

For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

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N77. Hunt 101 Nib
Hunt 101.

A very steady and durable nib, the Hunt 101 is a great choice for projects that require larger writing with x-heights above 1/4". It can be used on most paper surfaces, though it can have a tendency to catch on the upstroke when used on a rougher surface. The Hunt 101 requires firm and deliberate pressure to open swells, while its strength and steadiness makes it an ideal selection for student practice.

For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

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N93. Hunt 22 Nib (22B)
Hunt 22 Extra Fine

Good flexibility - not too flexible, not too stiff (but stiffer than Gillott 303). Very thin hairlines and good swells. Works for scripts 3/16"-1/16". Sharp point (but not as sharp as the 303), but will work on slightly textured surfaces. Tends to catch on upstrokes. Satisfactory for Spencerian Script.

These are sometimes called Hunt 22B.
Stamped on nib: HUNT EXTRA FINE 22

For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

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