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More Books

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In an effort to reduce duplication, this page displays only a selection of the products we offer in this category. Please click on a subcategory in the list on the left to view a complete list of the products we offer in that specific subcategory.

B3951. Playing with Paper / Hiebert
B3951. Playing with Paper: Illuminating, Engineering, and Reimagining Paper Art by Helen Hiebert. 2013. 144pp. 8.38"x9.75". Paper

Helen Hiebert is a papermaker and teaches and lectures on the subject in the United States and around the world. She also has written two well-regarded books on papermaking. This new book is different; it is all about making things with paper, including books, particularly ones made out of a single sheet. She begins with a section that covers paper basics, including tools, folding and cutting, and fasteners and glues. The next section is filled with twenty projects, including: books, folded paper creations, lampshades, and even clothing and accessories. There is also an extensive gallery of work by Helen and other artists that relates to and expands upon each project. Her papermaking studio is near Vail, Colorado.

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B3850. Beyond Paste Papers: Artists' Books / Kelly
Beyond Paste Papers: Artists' Books by Rosie Kelly. 2012. 23pp. 7"x8.5". Paper

Think of what you would have if you took detailed notes in a Rosie Kelly workshop, but in full color and more compete, and you will have this book. Rosie shares her expertise on painting papers, designing pages, and making a bound book. Step-by-step instructions take you from a blank page to a softcover book, along with inspirational insights and tips & tricks.

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B3863. Zentangle 4, Workbook Edition / McNeill
Zentangle 4, Workbook Edition by Suzanne McNeill. 2011. 20pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

Learn to add color and sparkle to your tangles with chalks, watercolors, pencils and pens, glitter, jewels, and sparkly inks. Also includes 40 new tangle patterns and ideas on using brass stencils and plastic templates.

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B3878. Zentangle 7 Workbook Edition / McNeill
Zentangle 7 Workbook Edition by Suzanne McNeill. 2012. 32pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

Volume 7 of the popular series features new patterns focusing on circles, zendalas, and shapes.

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B3879. Zentangle 8, Workbook Edition / McNeill
Zentangle 8: Monograms, Alphabets by Suzanne McNeill. 2014. 32pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

A Zentangle book for letter lovers. This latest volume features new tangle patterns focusing on monograms and alphabets. Volume 8 of the popular series. Expanded Workbook Edition.

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B2695. Solid Form of Language/Bringhurst
The Solid Form of Language
By Robert Bringhurst. 2004. 80pp. 4.5"x7". Paper.

A fascinating essay on the way spoken language has been
recorded with visual symbols, beautifully presented in this small volume. Latin and Greek Alphabets, Chinese logographs, Sanskrit and Hindi or Cree and Inukitiut syllabics are discussed as well as parallels with music and mathematics. It’s thought provoking and accessible for the lay reader. Smyth-sewn. The book is jacket letterpress
printed on St Armand handmade paper.

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B2777. Wordplay / Langdon
Wordplay: The Philosophy, Art, and Science of Ambigrams
By John Langdon. 2005. 224pp. 8"x8." Paper $14.95. SALE

Ambigrams are a visual lettering trick.You turn the lettering upside down and the word reads the same! This updated collection of ambigrams features a section of full-color ambigrams and dozens of mind-bending examples of this cryptic art form.Many involve full circles of lettering. Each ambigram is accompanied by a short essay, some serious, some witty. This revised edition includes 50 new examples!

This is the UK printing with a different cover from what is pictured.

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B3871. Zentangle Untangled / Hall
Zentangle Untangled: Inspiration and Prompts for Meditative Drawing by Kass Hall. 2012. 128pp. 8.25"x10.75". Paper

Following an explanation of the Zentangle process, inside you will find 12 step-by-step demonstrations showing you how to create enticing tangle patterns, followed by several examples of how to add eye-popping color to your pieces, as well as fun ways to use tangles in your art journals. Captivating pieces from Kass and a slew of other artists will further satisfy your craving for inspiration!

Inside you will find:
12 step-by-step demonstrations of tangle patterns to make getting started easy!
Different ways to introduce color, a variety of art materials, photography, and much more to your pieces.
How to take your pen-and-ink tangles to the next step by enhancing them digitally!

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B3895. Dancin’ Pen / Imai
Dancin’ Pen: Pen Manipulation and Beyond by Carrie Imai. 2012. 45pp. 8"x8.5". Book + DVD.

This manual teaches Carrie’s Italic and how to make the letters dance using an Automatic pen. As in her popular workshops, you learn how to manipulate your pen to create the forms with step-by-step instructions and clear exemplars. In the accompanying DVD, you are there as she demonstrates how to do it. Book is spiral-bound to lie flat. Signed. Dancing Pen.

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B4021. Brilliant History of Color in Art / Finlay
B4021. The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay. 2014. 128pp. 9"x10.15". Hardcover

This is no dry discussion of pigments, but rather an engaging and entertaining exploration around the colors artist use and how they came to be. The author tells of Cleopatra and purple, Napoleon and the graphite pencil, cobalt blue and forged Vermeers, and much more as she brings us into her quest to uncover the origins and science of color. All is related in the warm conversational style that helped make Finlay’s earlier book on color so popular. But unlike that earlier book, this rich narrative is illustrated in full-color throughout - with 166 major works of art, most from the collections of the Getty Museum.

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