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Reggie Ezell- San Antonio/Raleigh 2014

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Reggie Ezell Class 2014

Reggie Ezell San Antonio/Raleigh 2014

In regards to fine papers
Per Reggie: "I'd like them to begin the year with a full sheet of each of the papers (a kind of starter set). They'll eventually go through them and wind up individually ordering more of the ones that become their favorites as the try them through the year."

January Supplies List

Bottle of WN Gum Arabic, I84
Brause EF 66 Pointed Nibs, 4 N70
Double-Ended Wooden Pen Holder H39
Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White I38
Fingernail File/Buffer, 4 to 6 sided
Glassine Sheet PS94
Grid Pad, 11" x 17", made for calligraphy P21 dark
Letraset Burnisher, spoon shaped S661
Magnifier, 10X or higherS657
Masking Tape
Mechanical Pencil -- 2H S650, S651
Mechanical Pencil -- 5H
Mechanical Pencil -- Non-repro blue
Mixing Brushes, Hog Bristle (3) BR43
Moon Palice Sumi Black Ink I70
Paper Towels
Permanent Black Marker size 0.1 Micron M17
Removable Tape S699
Ruler, 18" or 24" long S271
Saral Transfer Paper Pack S654
Sharpener for Mechanical Pencils S649 or Rotary Lead Pointer S859
Six-well Mixing Pans (3) S679
Slant Board S156-L, S160-L, S697, S690
Speedball "B" Nibs, sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 N16
Speedball C-1 Nib N09
Tracing Paper, 8.5" x 11" P43
Water Bowls (2) (Cool Whip)
Water Dropper S705
Watercolor Brush, good pointed size 1 0r 2 BR28
White Vinyl Eraser, pencil-shaped E12, E06
WN Gouache -- Ivory Black WNG331
WN Gouache -- Permanent White WNG512
WN Gouache -- Primary Blue WNG523
WN Gouache -- Primary Red WNG524
WN Gouache -- Primary Yellow WNG527
Workable matte spray fixative, Krylon or Blair S763, S653
Xacto Knife with #10 and #11 Blades S417, S129, S130


Ott Light S806
Optivisor S656
Extension Cords/Power Strips
Nideggan (1 sheet) PS93

March Supplies List

All January Supplies Plus:
Prepared Set of Mitchell Broad-Edge Nibs N04-S10B/N05-S10B
Ponted Brush, #2 or smaller (Acrylic)
Clean, sharp scissors, 7" or larger
Red ball point pen
Glassine squares 5" x 5" (10) PS94

May Supplies

All Previous Supplies Plus:
Glue Stick S391

July Supplies

All January and March Supplies Plus:
Linex Liner
Large Needle, 2" S219
Black Ink Stick – optional IS09, IS10, IS11, IS12, S689
Grinding Stone for Black Ink Stick – optional IS19
Color Ink Sticks -- optional
Gaken Dishes for Color Ink Sticks – optional IS20
Bone Folder – optional S308

September Supplies

All January and March Supplies Plus:
Linex Liner
Acrylic Quill -- optional

November Supplies

Pentel Color Brushes FP57
1/4" Broad Edge Brush BR24
Large Brass Pens, Variety N27
Paper List
Arches WC Hot Press (3 sheets) PS42
Arches Text Wove (1 sheet) PS01-FS
Arches Black Cover (1 sheet) PS90
Chiri (1 sheet) Reggie will supply
Frankfurt (1 sheet) PS04
Glassine (3 sheets) PS94
Nideggan (1 sheet) PS93

I84. W&N Gum Arabic: 2.5oz.
Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic.

Add this binder in gouache to make it more durable and easier to erase pencil guidelines. Add several drops to a bottle of Higgins Eternal for copperplate writing. 2.5oz (75ml) glass bottle.

I have worked with metallic gouaches for many years. I always add a little more gum Arabic if there are going to be lines to erase, then allow the writing to cure for several hours before erasing. A white vinyl eraser is the gentlest choice for erasing guideline. I avoid guidelines if possible via a light box.. - Don King

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

N70. Brause 66EF Nib
Very flexible. Will give thick down strokes and fine thins. One of our most popular nibs for copperplate. Nibs are of consistent manufacture. Also called Arrow Nib.
Quantity price at 10 and 50.

Purchase TAB2.4 & BL6.2 for articles that discuss the characteristics in detail of the various pointed nibs. $8.50 each.

Your Price $1.79 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H39. Double Pen Holder
You can insert a nib in each end of this short penholder. A smooth cylinder, not faceted. Interior metal collar, metal grippers. 4.75".

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

I38. Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White Ink
Dr Martin’s Bleed Proof White

A dense, opaque, smooth-writing white for your dip pen. Thin with water to the proper consistency. Tint with watercolor or gouache for pastel letters. Recommended by John Stevens and Peter Thornton. 1oz.

Diane Von Arx uses a similar product, Pro-white (I62).

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

PS94. Glassine 18x24 inches
Transparent, 100% sulphite pulp. Acid-free. USA.18"x24".

For use in burnishing or use it when smoothing down the paper fibers after erasing or razor scraping. Will ship with books/supplies if folded to 9"x12".

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

P21. JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 Sheets
JNB Graph Pad
Light blue grid (8 squares/inch). 28 lb bond. 11"x17". Approx 50 sheets.

A non-bleeding paper that is great for calligraphy. (We use the same paper in our JNB Practice Pads.) Many instructors have their students use this pad in their classes. (It is the pad required by Claude Dieterich for his Academy of Art classes, and also by Ann Miller for her online class.) (For graph with slant lines P01.)

Please choose color: Light or Dark.

Light: This grid does not show on many copiers, shows faintly on others, and usually disappears when you adjust the exposure one setting lighter. If you use a copier to produce your finished art for reproduction, this is the pad for you. This pad is good for jobs done at quick printers.

Dark: For classes, some students may appreciate a slightly darker grid. This is particularly true for adult classes. This is still a light blue grid. Some teachers have commented that their students found the original pad's grid was too light.

6/7.50 each. 12/7.25 each. 24/6.95 each.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

S657. 10x Magnifier
10x Magnifier

Magnifier pivots back into a chrome plated case. High quality 3/4 inch diameter lens for a bright, sharp image. This type of magnifier is called a Coddington Magnifier. Japan.

Your Price $22.50 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

S661. Spoon Tipped Burnisher
Aluminum Handle. Similar to the Letraset Spoon-Shaped Burnisher.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

S650. Lead Holder (for 2 mm leads)
Lead Holder (for 2 mm leads).

S650. Mechanical Pencil / Leadholder. This is the mechanical pencil that Reggie Ezell requires for his year long class (26 Seeds) It is more precisely called a Leadholder or a Drafting Leadholder. It has a thicker lead than the mechanical pencils that you are more familiar with. You sharpen this thicker lead to a finer point. For 2mm leads see S651, S652. For a sharpener see S649.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

S651. 2mm Drawing Lead, 3 per tube
2mm Drawing Lead, 3 per tube

Choose hardness: HB, 2H, 5H, 3B or non-repro blue.

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