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Calligraphy NW 2012

2012 Calligraphy Northwest Course Catalog.
Instructor booklists in Microsoft Word (compatible with versions 97-2010) requires download. Also available as a PDF and opens in most browsers.
Here is a map of Reed Campus and the Gray Campus Center that outlines where the JNB store will be located throughout the conference.

Class code: instructor(s) - class name – (skill/experience level)

All week classes
Gemma Black - Vivacious Versals - (All)
Timothy R. Botts - Imaginative Appropriateness: Graphic Design for Calligraphers - (All)
Annie Cicale - Roman Capitals: Pattern & Texture - (Int/Adv)
Ewan Clayton - Push, Float, Glide, Dab: The Joy of Movement - (All)
Laurie Doctor - Deepening Surfaces: Exploring Surface & Line - (All)
Mike Gold - Contemporary Scripts - (All)
Randall M. Hasson - The Personality of Letterform - (Int/Adv)
Thomas Ingmire - In Search of the New... - (All)
Suzanne Moore - Letters as Subject: Written, Drawn and Painted - (Adv)
Cherryl Moote - 26 Things To Do With The Alphabet - (Beg/Int)
Brody Neuenschwander - Developing Meaning - (All)
Diane von Arx - StudioWorks - (Int/Adv)
Sharon Zeugin - The Joy of Calligraphy: Developing a Personal Script - (Int/Adv)
Joke Boudens/Lieve Cornil - The Wonderful Lettering of David Jones - (Int/Adv)
Carl Rohrs/Julian Waters - 20th Century Inspirations and 21st Century Techniques - (Int/Adv)

Beginning of the Week Classes (Mon-Wed)
Pat Blair - Copperplate Variations - (Some pointed pen experience will be helpful)
Denis Brown - The Calligraphic Journey-Where Shall We GO From Here? - (All, but not geared for true beginners)
Harvest Crittenden - Lyrical Lombardics - (All)
Kristen Doty - Watercolor & Calligraphy Technique Sampler Book - (All)
Reggie Ezell - Modernizing Blackletter; or, This is NOT Your Grandad's Gothic! - (All)
Thomas Hoyer - The Alchemist's Magic - (Intermediate)
Carrie Imai - Playful Letters-the Dance of the Pen - (All)
Martin Jackson - Double and Triple Letterforms - (Intermediate and Advanced)
Yves Leterme - Roman Rustics Revisited - (Intermediate and Advanced)
Judy Melvin - Brushing the Surface - (Intermediate)
Pamela Paulsrud - The Spontaneous Mark & Alternative Image: Speaking from the Heart - (All)
Marilyn Reaves - Buoyant Brush - (Beginner and Intermediate)
Peter Thornton - Casual, Playful and Inventive Capitals - (All)
Sheila Waters - VERSALS: From Classical to Modern - (Intermediate and Advanced)

Close of the Week Classes (Th-Sat)
Pat Blair - Pointed Pen Personalities - (Some pointed pen experience will be helpful)
Denis Brown - Understanding Italic - (All, but not geared for true beginners)
Harvest Crittenden - Spencerian Lettering-Our American Heritage - (All)
Kristen Doty - Luscious Layered Lettering - (All)
Reggie Ezell - Gilding On Vellum - (All)
Thomas Hoyer - Fraktur, mon amour! - (Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate)
Carrie Imai - Foundation Meets Bone - (All)
Martin Jackson - Unicals, Layout and Design - (Beginning and Intermediate)
Yves Leterme - Gestural Writing-with Emphasis on Capitals - (Int/Adv)
Judy Melvin - A Balancing Act-Neuland with Script - (Int)
Pamela Paulsrud - Life Lines - (Int)
Marilyn Reaves - Ponted Brush Calligraphy and Collage - (All)
Peter Thornton - The Ruling Pen-Legibility versus Visual Interest - (All)
Sheila Waters - The Double Primary Palette - (All- even non-calligraphers)

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