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Letters of Joy 2012

Click on instructor's name for their class supply list page.

Basic Supply List for Letters of Joy 2012
Basic Supply List (BSL)
Pencil (S142), eraser (S86), note paper, pen holder (H62), nibs N02, N04), ink (I08, I70), bottle of water, white bond paper (P19, P20), ruler, X-acto knife (S417, S837), scissors (S835).

Nancy Anderson
Exploring Pen and Ink Illustration Sessions Two (2NA2) and Three (3NA3)
All levels
Strengthen skills illustrating with ink. Capture nature in quick studies, tight renderings, linear textures. Try new tools; learn reproduction tips.
Black fine line marker .03 or .05 size (M17); walnut ink or non-waterproof ink (Black or color) (I53, I69), small pointed brush #1 to #6 (BR27, BR38), pencil, kneaded eraser (E09), two small cups for ink (S260) and water. ($5.00)

Kathy Barker
Gothicized Italic Sessions Two (2KB2) and Three (3KB3)
All levels
Learn the basics of this lovely hand developed by Sheila Waters while you hear stories of a week of exciting study in her home.
Mitchell nib (either #1 or 0) (N04), pen holder (H62), HB drawing pencil (S142), 18" clear ruler (S798), good quality "vellum" paper (recommended: Canson Marker Pro Layout pad) (P32), any large metal pens that you already own (i.e., Horizon ½", Coit, automatic) (N27), any writing fluid you prefer, walnut ink, Higgins, etc.) (I53, I08, I70)

Barbara Close
Gestures of the Pen Sessions One (1BC1), Two (2BC2) and Three (3BC3)
All levels
Along with flowing text, swift gestures make a statement on the page. The goal of this class is for the student to feel confident in making marks that really sing along with the text. There will be lots of practice during the session to achieve this goal. Grasping the feeling of the mark is what we are after.
Variety of pointed nibs (N72, N113, N77, N120), fluid ink: Pelikan (I04) or Walnut (I53); Hot Press Paper- 140# Arches or other (PS41); practice paper--Layout Bond; Watercolors (S609): tubes or pan; mixing brush (BR43); palette & water container (S784); sparkly gel pen (M76) optional; stick glue (S391) & scissors or x-acto (S417, S130) (with cutting mat)

Suzie Beringer
Playful, Pressurized Letterforms Session Three (3SB3)
All levels
Come and learn how to make simple and fun letterforms that will almost dance off your paper.
#2 or HB drawing pencil (S142), tracing paper (P43), 4 to 5 Prismacolor pencils (bright colors) (S471), pencil sharpener (S633), eraser (E13). ($2.00)

Brenda Broadbent
Tiny Successful Watercolors Sessions One (1BB1), Two (2BB2)
All levels
Relax and let paint and water move together to create a tiny gem, as small as 2"x2". Fearful wannabes encouraged.
2 water containers (S784), very fine to medium (BR27, BR38) fine brushes (nylon or sable), tube or pan colors (Instructor will share) (S609), ½" or ¾" white artist tape (S411). ($3.00)

Brenda Broadbent
Parallel Pen Wizardry Session Three (3BB3)
All levels
Explore color blending, hairline, and flourishing with these sharp and convenient pens.We'll load them with sumi, gouache and acrylic inks for permanence.
Parallel pens (loaners available) (FP67, FP68, FP69, FP70), 12- 20 sheets any practice paper (11x14 or larger) (P20), one tube gouache or watercolor (WNGPDP-S, WNGDP-S, WNG331, WNG335, WNG337) mixing pan and brush (S473, BR43), water container (S784), eye dropper or pipette (S141), paper towels. Parallel Pen Wizardry book (B3124) if you have one. ($1.00)

Lee Ann Clark
Simply Social Sessions One (1LAC1), Two (2LAC2)
All levels
Social handwriting is not a thing of the past. It is a wonderful resource for anyone when there is not enough time to bring out the pens and ink or for writing in small spaces. We will explore the ways to adjust your own handwriting into a more polished hand that is easy to use and will make all your correspondence look professional.
Pens with a fine point such as Slicci, G-tech or Pigma Micron, paper (M08, M17)

Lee Ann Clark
Classy Caps Session Three (3LAC3)
All levels
Do you have any of those upper case letters that just don't flow correctly? Everyone does. Let's brush up on the mechanics of forming majuscule copperplate letters and how to vary them with flourishing or alternate forms.
Pointed pen and holder, ink and paper. (H23, H95, N72, N113, N77, N120) ($1.00)

Caitlin Dundon
Heart & Soul Mixed Media Collage Sessions Two (2CD2), Three (3CD3)
All levels
Explore your creative side with this collage techniques class and make some art for yourself or for a gift. Learn to combine images, text, and a variety of papers on a wood panel (provided) to make a great collage.
2-3 colors of acrylic paint (primary colors, Golden brand preferred), ½" (BR24)and ¼"acrylic flat brushes, one small round brush (BR38), small container matte gel medium and ½ "or ¼ " brush to use with it. Optional: pointed pen and pen holder (H23), white FW acrylic ink, (I13) water container (S784); images from magazines, catalogs, etc., scraps of paper or fabric, photocopies of your art work or calligraphy. ($6.00)

Gretchen Ehrsam
Easy Monoprint Sessions One (1GE1) and Two (2GE2)
All levels
Easy monoprinting that can be done with materials found in most homes. A coordinating project will be included.
Scissors, ink pads that you already own, basic supplies, ruler (S270), embossing tool (S478), bone folder (S308). ($3.00)

Brigitte Hefferan
Pointed Pen Variations Sessions One (1BH1) and Two (2BH2)
All levels
Come discover the advantages of using a pointed pen to create a playful, funky Foundational alphabet.
Oblique pen holder (H23, H95), favorite pointed nib, bottled ink (I08, I37, I70) or gouache with mixing pan (S473) and mixing brush (BR43), graph pad (P21). ($2.00)

Dewey Henderson
Uncials Transformed Sessions One (1DH1), Two (2DH2), and Three (3DH3)
All levels
After reviewing the historical Uncial letter forms, you will discover the use of alternative writing tools and materials to transform this beautiful hand into contemporary forms for today's use. Happy, jazzy, color enhanced exciting letters for titles, text envelope addressing or copying to your computer to bring an artist/s touch to your communications. We will make a signature booklet for your examples.
Broad edged felt pen ( Pigma Calli Pen) (M82), broad edge brush (1/4 to ½ inch width) (BR24), small set of watercolor or gouache (WNGPDP-S, WNGDP-S), water container (S784), ruler,.05 or smaller Zig Millennium Pens (Black and Red) (M17), small set of colored pencils (S471), wipe cloth. ($5.00)

Gina Jonas
Find Feeling and Spirit in Your Text Sessions Two (2GJ2), and Three (3GJ3)
Intermediate and Advanced
Discover how basic pen elements – angle, scale slope, corners – can create mood in letterforms. Build confidence in your expressive powers.
A range of nib sizes (N13, N04, N02, H62, N27), including a large pen (Coit, Automatic), ink (I08, I53, I70), bond or layout paper (P19, P20), a few blank cards, colored pencils (S471). ($1.00)

Kay Lewis
Creative Life Journaling Techniques Session One (1KL1)
All Levels
After a short discussion on journals (type, paper, mediums and personal goals) we will examine a variety of techniques to make journals interactive, entertaining and interesting. A few exciting concepts will include pop-ups, cut-outs, inclusions and multipage presentations.
Craft knife (S417), cutting mat (S504), metal edged ruler (S270), glue stick (S391), small scissors (S835), colored pencils, pencil, fine to medium black pen (M17). ($4.00)

Janice Long
Knot Just Another Origami Card Session One (1JL1)
Intermediate and Advanced
Learn four deceptively simple origami embellishments to complete elegant cards.
Pencil, ruler (S270), bone folder (S308), glue stick (S391), double-sided tape, scissors (S835). Optional: personal paper cutter. ($2.00)

Janice Long
Going Postal Session Two (2JL2)
All Levels
Want something to do with your old postage stamps besides collaging? How about origami and paper beads? Have fun and learn what works with this creative adventure.
Craft glue, glue stick (S391), ruler (S271), pencil (S681), scissors (S835), craft knife (S837) and cutting mat (S504) OR personal cutter. ($1.00)

Liesel Lund
Illustrated Words Sessions One(1LL1), Two (2LL2), and Three (3LL3)
All Levels
Merge the gracefulness of writing with expressive line and watercolor to add artistic borders and spot illustrations to your work.
Permanent fine point black pen (M17, FP57) and/or brush pen, 2 water containers (S784), #6 round brush (BR38), paper towels, palette (S679), watercolor tubes or pans (not a children's set), (yellow, red, blue colors, minimum), pad of cold press paper, 140lb, any size.

Katherine Malmsten
Flat Brush Lettering Sessions One(1KM1) and Two (2KM2)
Intermediate and Advanced
Flat brushes allow similar strokes and shapes to edged -pen forms, but they have other advantages. Their versatility lets you work on a variety of surfaces, including fabric and walls. Find out how much fun they are.
Flat brush (1/2" Winsor Newton 995 or similar) (BR01), plus other brushes if desired (BR24), gouache and/or watercolor (WNGPDP-S, WNGDP-S, WNG331, WNG335, WNG337, WNG512) ; mixing pan (S743), paper (some smooth, some rougher) (PS101)

Maude May
Accordion Folded Postcard-like Booklet Sessions One(1MM1), Two (2MM2), and Three (3MM3)
All Levels
Create an accordion-folded, postcardlike booklet to celebrate where you've been, who or what you love or anything that captures your fancy. With this visually intricate (but so easy-to-make) expanding booklet you'll be able to make and display your cherished family photos, memorable adventures, collections of favorite treasures and more.
Bits and pieces of calligraphy, your favorite collage materials (including copies of photos, magazine images, handmade papers), mechanical pencil (S681), scissors (S835), metal ruler (S270), craft knife (S837), and cutting mat. ($5.00)

Randi Parkhurst
Star Book Structure Sessions Two (2RP2), and Three (3RP3)
All Levels
Learn this intriguing book design. A Star book is actually three books in one. It can be opened and displayed as an accordion, viewed from the front or the back. We will explore the embellishment opportunities using hole punches, privacy envelope windows and more.
Self-healing cutting mat (S504), bone folder (S308) , scissors (S835), glue brush (S832), bookbinding needle (S219) or embroidery needle, heavy book or wrapped brick to use as a weight, ruler (S270), pencil, Optional: Decorative papers (extra, if you have them.) ($10.00)

Mary Peterson
Explorations with Paper Fabric Sessions One (1MP1) and Two (2MP2)
All Levels
Make beautiful "material" using leftovers from your paper stash. We'll add embellishments with a unique flair using paint, ink and foils.
Scrap book papers, pens- sharpies, gel pens (M61, M76), muslin cut 18"x 18". ($5.00)

Pamela Pincha-Wagener
Red Line Filigree Versals Sessions One (1PPW1) and Three(3PPW3)
All Levels
Come learn a fun technique to decorate your Versals. This Medieval decorative style is simple but beautiful and lacy – it will add an elegant style to your projectts. We will look at many medieval examples and practice creating these fun designs. We will create at least one bookmark.
Pencil, ruler, thin red line pen (such as 01mm Micron pen) (M21) or colored pencil, thin blue line pen (such as 01mm Micron pen)(M20) or colored pencil, 01mm Micron pen – black(M17, M19), scissors, one sheet of tracing paper (P43) ($5.00)

Nan Robkin
Carve Your Monogram Sessions Two (2NR2) and Three(3NR3)
All Levels
Make a 2x2 inch monogram stamp to use on stationery, envelopes or anywhere you like, including fabric, paper, and other materials.
Tweezers with sharp point, #2 pencil, bone folder (S308), scissors (S835), one piece tracing paper (P43), scrap paper for testing. ($5.00)

Linda Schneider
Designing with the Pointed Pen Session One (1LS1)
All Levels
Relax, play and have fun. Create designs for cards and framed art using ornate pictorial calligraphy.
Paper (semi- transparent), pencil, pen, pointed nib (N86) (suggested: Hunt 56),
Optional: pointed brush, marker (either Pentel or Pitt artist pen.) ($3.00)

Christy Schroeder
Uncial: An Ancient Ancestor Session One (1CS1) and Session Two (2CS2)
Intrigued by calligraphy? Like history? Join me for an introduction to this unique hand—great for beginners. Discover the meaning behind these clues: St Cuthbert, 7th Century, 26 not 52.
Basic calligraphy supplies (H62, I08, I70), Westwind or similar paper (P23), 4mm Brause nib (N02, N06) or equivalent. ($2.00)

Cathy Shiovitz
Shrink your Monoline Mark Session Three (3CS3)
All Levels
After exploring an innovative monoline alphabet, we will have fun producing mini-art with this alphabet and drawn or stamped images. Using an amazing shrinkable plastic surface, you can create jewelry, card and scrapbook embellishments, and lots more.
Pigma Marker or other 01 pen with waterproof ink (M17, M17-3, M17-6), favorite short quote (optional.) ( $5.00)

JuLee Wolfe
Colorful Domino Fun Sessions Two (2JW2) and Three (3JW3)
All Levels
Create a mini-masterpiece pendant from a domino. This will be an exploration of alcohol inks, stamping and collage possibilities.
Alcohol-based pens for optional calligraphy, waterproof surface to protect table from inks. ($6.00)

Tonnie Wolfe
Creating Letters in Metal Sessions One,(1TW1) Two (2TW2) and Three (3TW3)
All Levels
Create embossed- metal calligraphy and embellishments to use as stand-alone art or to incorporate into other artwork.
2 to 3 samples of words or a single letter created in a calligraphic letter form (Versals, Uncials, Neuland, e.g.). The letters should be at least 2" tall (can be taller), and the word or letter should fit into a space that is not larger that 5" by 5", a photocopy or print of a mirror image of the word or letter.
Optional: Stylus tools of various sizes, texture tools if you already have them. ($10.00)

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