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Iampeth 2012

Please click on instructor's name for their individual book and supply list.
Instructor booklists in Microsoft Word (compatible with versions 97-2010) requires download. Also available as a PDF and opens in most browsers.
A PDF of detailed course descriptions (with supply lists) is also available.

Tuesday, August 7th. Morning and afternoon session 8:30-5:00

Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo
Script in the Copperplate Style
An introduction to script in the Copperplate style. The fundamentals of shaded script will be taught with particular emphasis on the basic shapes and letterforms that make up this beautiful hand.
Skill Level: All

Michael Sull
Beginning Spencerian
If you are new to the wonderful world of Ornamental Penmanship, this program is the best place to start. If you have been working on your Spencerian Script for awhile and wish for a "refresher course" to reacquaint you with the fundamental principles of this style, this program will be most helpful. Join us for an introduction to Spencerian writing! In this class we will cover all of the basics – the most important concepts of curvature, movement, contrast and variability; the lowercase and capital letters, practice exercises, use of proper tools, and a sneak peak at off-hand flourishing. Historical samples will be available for study as well as contemporary uses such as wedding invitations, address and quotations for framing. Skill Level: All

Sharon Eisman
Engrosser 's Text: Broad pen text lettering for beginners Skill Level: All
Whether you have never picked up a broad pen or need some brushing up, this class will be a great starting point as we learn Engrosser's Text. With the lowercase style of a German Text and the capital flair of a French Round Hand, this unique broad pen hand was often used in the body of engrossed works of art. Our full day will be spent starting from the beginning; learning how to hold the pen correctly and on to practicing the basic strokes necessary to build the alphabet. We will learn the lowercase and capital letters and their proportions, working towards letter spacing for words and sentences. Practice, practice, practice is the key. No need to be intimidated here, as this class is created for the beginner!

Wednesday, August 8th. Morning and Afternoon Session 8:30—5:00

Harvest Crittenden
Designer Capitals
This workshop is designed to take an outlined letter and turn it into something that sparkles and delights. Perfect for certificates, to frame by itself, for stationery, gifts and so much more. The outlined letter will be provided. We will learn to paint, to shadow, to add different forms of filigree, and add 23k gold to our designs. Knowledge of any particular lettering style is not needed.
Skill Level: All

Heather Held
The Artful Flourish
Offhand Flourishing is an expressive and ornate non-lettering calligraphic art form with limitless possibilities. Elegant designs that appear complex and labor intensive are demystified throughout the class. Beginning with a blank piece of paper, the student will be guided through the process of creating these fascinating flourishes. We will explore the essential strokes of offhand flourishing as well as ways of adding depth and color to these beautiful designs. The student will be taken from first steps in simple cartouche designs to more advanced projects including pen-drawn florals, border flourishes, Victorian washes and background techniques.
Skill Level: All

Barbara Calzolari
Free your hand with the pointed pen
Pointed pen variation is about changing directions of lines—not all parallels; change the round with pointy; change and decide for more freedom with writing. The top of letters are not straight but slanted and not always in the same directions. Variations = Vary-actions.
Skill Level: a good understanding of copperplate or Spencerian.

Thursday, August 9. Morning Session 8:30—12:00

Pat Blair
Pointed Pen Favorites —A Closer Look—
This workshop begins where most others leave off! In this workshop, we take an intense look at the Copperplate and Spencerian form to discover what it is that makes these letters sing. Designed for those students who have a basic knowledge of the copperplate form, and wish to strengthen their skill and knowledge of this beautiful pointed pen lettering. We will start with the basic shaded stroke, practicing the gradual pressure and shaping which gives the lettering it's distinctive look. A study of spacing and letter connections will follow. We will refine the forms to achieve a beautiful grace and elegance, learning that subtle changes can give very dramatic results. Flourishing techniques and stylized capitals will round out this course that is sure to bring you a new perspective.
Skill Level – beginner to advanced

Barbara Close
Gestures of the Pen
Free up your style with confidence! Give your pen work some new life. Barbara will show how to do this by first warming up the arm, then taking steps to work toward pen designs to aid your text. The idea is to be able to use the artist's own expressions with freedom. I like to call this my "Zen Pen" also. Revealing your Muse with your own intuition and having permission to play is so helpful. You'll be able to dive into the mysteries of design with a playful pen treatment.
Skill Level: All

Bob Hurford
Spencerian Ladies ' Hand
A light and delicate hand dating from the mid 19th century used by such penmen as Elmer Bloser who probably never thought of it as a "ladies' hand." Historically, the Spencerian Ladies' Hand contains modest shading on the capitals and none on the lower case letter. A straight penholder was used with nibs of good sharpness and modest flexibility, though an oblique penholder may be used. In our class, we will study the basic letterforms and endeavor to add some flourishing to the Ladies' Hand making it even more elegant. It is beautiful handwriting and an excellent choice for envelopes.
Skill Level: All

Thursday Evening, August 9th 7:30-9:30

Anne Sheedy Gardner
The Art of Musical Notation , Part One
The Art of Musical Notation workshop addresses the unique concerns of the visual artist when writing music, to go beyond simply notating correct pitches in the correct key, and to create something of visual beauty using musical forms and structure. This summer we will explore Part One of The Art of Musical Notation?a survey of early western musical notation, beginning with Palestrina in Rome, and ending with George Bickham in London. Each participant will be given copies of historical samples plus a template for creating a decorative musical notation motif suitable for holiday cards or other design purposes.
Skill Level: All

Friday, August 10 – Morning and Afternoon Session 8:30-4:00

Jake Weidmann
Fundamentals of Flourishing
This is an introductory course which will cover the dynamics of traditional off-hand flourishing. In this class we will discuss such fundamental elements as layout, strokes, line relationship, sequence, variety and details which make a strong and breath-taking piece. This is an excellent course for those who are new to flourishing or to anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of flourishing. We will be composing these individual elements into such traditional patterns as abstract line flourishes, quills, birds and swans. We will also discuss-with this foundation-how to apply these practices in your own way to make your work flourish!
Skill Level: All

Valerie Weilmuenster
Exploring Decorative Vines and Borders
The decorative vine has always been a beautiful cornerstone in the engrossers's repertoire. We will explore the various styles of vines used over the years by the master engrossers including A.T. Bondy and Angleo Rassu. This is a hands-on painting class where students will be led in a step by step manner how to complete a vine. Using a pre-printed worksheet, the basics of color mixing, gold, painting, shading, blending and retouching will be covered. You will leave the class with confidence in your painting skills and a good understanding of how to use vines to enhance your work.
Skill Level: All

Rosemary Buczek
A Study in Monochromatic Painting
In this class we will study the process of monochromatic painting—that is, painting with one color. One of my favorite engrossers of the early 20th century was P. W. Costello and he so handsomely created many documents utilizing this effect and he did so incredibly well. I have found it particularly useful for memorials of which I have done several over the years. But this technique can be used for many purposes. I should mention that if painting intrigues you and you want to deepen your painting skills this class will challenge one to do just that—we use the light of the paper as well as the subtleties of the pigment to create the final effect.
Skill Level: Some basic painting experience—this class will be limited to 40 students.

Saturday, August 11—Morning Session only 8:30- 12:00

Kathy Milici
Will Flourish for Chocolate
Pointed pen flourishing has long been the sweetheart of letter artists and calligraphers everywhere. But did you ever wonder how it's done? In this workshop, participants will first learn simple, fundamental "rules" and techniques for flourishing names (or a few words), with their signature graceful curves, concentric ovals, and gentle direction changes. Next, we will learn to "see differently", letter by letter, and examine the endless possibilities of flourished names by using pencil sketches and overlays. Then we will experiment with oval shapes, mirror images, and negative space, as well as creating visual symmetry, intersecting lines and attaching flourishes to letters. The end result will be a finished composition (or more!) in pen and ink. Both decorative and useful, our goal in flourishing names and words is to achieve a balanced, harmonious and visually beautiful look, while maintaining the integrity and readability of the letterforms.
Skill Level: Intermediate - Please note: This is not a letterforms class. A basic understanding of any pointed pen alphabet is necessary in order to fully benefit from this workshop.

Linda Schneider
Designing with Flourishes using the Pointed Pen—
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy, in the past, has been recognized for its beauty in fine flourished loops depicting birds, feathers and scrolls. I will show how to design contemporary images such as ladies with an attitude, elaborate cakes and fancy flowers in vases-even some fancy high heel shoes-using a similar ornate pictorial calligraphic style. Basic flourishing will be covered first and demonstrated along with the contemporary images. As an added feature, I will demonstrate how to incorporate the calligraphic designs into a card format, so each calligrapher can use their art to make their own collection for personal correspondence or to give as gifts. My goal is for every calligrapher to have some success and a solid foundation of what was taught so that as they return to their studios they will enjoy practicing ornate pictorial calligraphy and use their own unique designs.
Skill Level: All

Rick Muffler
Pointed Pen Italic—
While most equate italics with a broad pen, this class will reveal the versatility of the pointed pen. Inspired by 'Italic Roundhand' in the Zanerian Manual we will look at the basic structure of letters with the pointed pen and move on to word formation. This hand will prove quite versatile as an alternative compliment to your script or creating a unique piece by itself.
Skill Level: All (It is highly recommended to have a working knowledge of broad pen italics to receive the full benefit of this variation.)

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