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March 2013 eNewsletter

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There are 5 pages of products in this eNewsletter!
Every month, we send a text-only e-mail featuring our newest books, videos, and supplies. We also include a list of upcoming calligraphy/book arts events.

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Our March eNewsletter mailed March 8, 2013.

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B3899. Book Art Studio Handbook / Dolin & Lapidow
B3899. Book Art Studio Handbook: Techniques and Methods for Binding Books, Creating Albums, Making Boxes and Enclosures, and More by Stacie Dolin and Amy Lapidow. 2013. 160pp. 8"x10.25". Paper

There’s nothing like making your own sketchbook, or wrapping a favorite book in the perfect homemade slipcase. And you can create it all yourself! Select the tools and materials you’ll need, master basic book-binding techniques, and practice your new skills on 12 eye-catching projects. Then explore the gallery of variations for more inspiration to make each book form your own. Whether you’re an experienced book binder or new to the art, Book Art Studio Handbook will help you take your books to the next level.

With Book Art Studio Handbook, you’ll learn how to:

- Set up your workspace or studio
- Choose the right board, paper, book cloth, and other supplies for your project
- Fold a textblock, make a sewing template, glue a cover, and practice other essential techniques
- Create albums: Imagine your photos in an Accordion Album with Frames, for example
- Create books: How about a flexible Tacketed Book to customize?
- Create enclosures: From Slipcase to French Box
- Challenge yourself: Try your hand at an advanced project, such as a Travel Journal

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B3850. Beyond Paste Papers: Artists' Books / Kelly
Beyond Paste Papers: Artists' Books by Rosie Kelly. 2012. 23pp. 7"x8.5". Paper

Think of what you would have if you took detailed notes in a Rosie Kelly workshop, but in full color and more compete, and you will have this book. Rosie shares her expertise on painting papers, designing pages, and making a bound book. Step-by-step instructions take you from a blank page to a softcover book, along with inspirational insights and tips & tricks.

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B3809. Pocket Paper Engineer Vol. 3 / Barton
The Pocket Paper Engineer: Volume 3 by Carol Barton. 2012. 73pp. 6"x9.5".Hidden spiral hardcover

Covers the most amazing V-Fold pop-up and its many variations. The V-fold is a very dramatic form that rises in a whoosh to tower vertically above the page. Ten do-it-yourself projects can be constructed right out of the book. There is also a special section on pop-up production methods. This is the final workbook in the series, covering some of the more challenging pop-up structures.

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B3880. Adventures with Letters / Harvey
Adventures with Letters: A Memoir by Michael Harvey. 2012. 236pp. 8.5"x10.75". Hardcover

Through hundreds of illustrations, this book brings together the many facets of Michael Harvey’s work: lettering for book jackets and other projects, lettercutting in wood & stone, type design, and teaching. Designed by the author. Printed in full color throughout.

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B3895. Dancin’ Pen / Imai
Dancin’ Pen: Pen Manipulation and Beyond by Carrie Imai. 2012. 45pp. 8"x8.5". Book + DVD.

This manual teaches Carrie’s Italic and how to make the letters dance using an Automatic pen. As in her popular workshops, you learn how to manipulate your pen to create the forms with step-by-step instructions and clear exemplars. In the accompanying DVD, you are there as she demonstrates how to do it. Book is spiral-bound to lie flat. Signed. Dancing Pen.

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B3806. Historical Types / Knight
Historical Types: From Gutenberg to Ashendene by Stan Knight. 2012. 104pp. 9"x12". Hardcover $49.95. JNB Price $39.95

In this long-awaited sequel to his classic Historical Scripts, Stan traces the development of letterforms in type. He presents the types and type designs from Gutenberg to the Private Presses of the 20th century, showing the types both enlarged and actual size. Every single illustration in this book has been specially commissioned. The photos show the historical types with remarkable clarity, matched by Stan's readable and authoritative text.

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B3888. Roots and Wings / Pieper
Roots and Wings: The Art of Calligraphy 1982-2012/ Wurzeln und Flügel: Schriftkunst by Katharina Pieper. 2012. 240pp. 8.5 "x 11.3 ". Hardcover

Presents the work and words of Katharina Pieper (text in English & German). Also includes (in German with an English summary): Silvia Werfel on the history of calligraphy in Germany, Françoise Mathis Sandmaier on KP in the context of modernity, and Mary Noble on England.

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B3886. Musik, Wort, Malerei / Pieper & Larcher
Musik, Wort, Malerei (Music, Word, Paintings): Jazz & Blues. 2011. 36pp. 8.25"x8.25". Paper

Catalog of an exhibition of calligraphic works by Katharina Pieper (Germany) and Jean Larcher (France)
at Villa Meixner, a cultural center in Brühl, Germany. Full-color throughout.

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B3869. Scripsit 34.2: Johnson, Pludwinski, Kurtz, Thornton, Clark
Scripsit 34.2. 2012. 32pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

In this issue produced by Michael Clark: Iskra Johnson (Illustration and informal scripts with pointed brush and pen), Izzy Pludwinski (Hebrew and Western letterforms), Carl E Kurtz (letters as texture and form), Memorials by Artists (letter carving), Peter Thornton (compositions exploring texture, lettered with pencils), Michael Clark (lettering with ruling pens and other tools). The letter artists both show and discuss their work. Full color throughout.

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B3885. Words Set Free / Letter Exchange
Words Set Free. Letter Exchange. 2012. 56pp. 8.25"x5.12". Paper

The theme of the catalog is "Freedom of Speech" and displays an exciting and eclectic mix of pieces from professional lettering artists: calligraphers, type designers, letter cutters, and typographers. All are members of the UK-based Letter Exchange.

"Beautifully designed and produced" - Manny Ling

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