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Colored Pencils

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PL19. Blackwing Colors, Set of 12 Colored Pencils
PL19. Blackwing Colors, Set of 12 Colored Pencils

Designed for people seeking creative balance away from the daily grind, each Blackwing Colors pencil features a unique soft and smooth color core designed specifically for coloring. Each pencil features the same semi-hexagonal barrel found in Blackwing's graphite pencils and a metal end cap that adds a bit of weight, giving the pencils a comfortable, balanced feel.

Colors: White, Black, Brown, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink.

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PL20. Pentel 8-color Automatic Pencil
PL20. Pentel 8-color Automatic Pencil.

Eight bold colors in one amazing pencil. Colors include Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, and Light Blue. 2.0mm lead diameter produces dramatic, bold lines of consistent density. Great for highlighting high cotton or linen fiber paper such as bibles, encyclopedias, and dictionaries
Refillable with Pentel CH2 lead.

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PL24. Finetec 4-color Chubby Pencil
PL24. Finetec 4-color Chubby Pencil.

This pencil is lots of fun! With the large, 6 mm lead composed of four wedges of color (red, yellow, blue, green), you can change the color of your strokes without changing pencils. You can also quickly write out words that are automatically shaded with one or even two additional colors – or that change from one color to the next as you write. Experiment with both sharp and stubby points and with regular and overhand grips. Use fine strokes for lettering and bold ones for area coverage. 6.75” long.

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S472. Verithin Pencils 36 color pack
These quality colored pencils feature a high strength lead
that won’t snap under normal writing pressure. Dense structure of pigments provide vivid colors that won’t smear or fade. Takes a fine point in any sharpener every time.
Good for lettering.

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S858. Derwent Water-soluble Sketch Pencil
S858. Derwent Water-soluble Sketch Pencil.

These are similar to water-soluble colored pencils, but with graphite instead of color. They work dry, or you can take a water-wet brush and paint with the graphite marks you have made, creating washes and other effects. These are favorites of several instructors, including Laurie Doctor.

Choose: HB or 8B.

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S981. Townsend Pastel Embellishing Sets
S981. Townsend Pastel Embellishing Sets.

These colors were recommended by Heather Held in her Pro Tips Blog post for embellishing flourishes.

We have worked with Diane Townsend to put together these three sets for you to choose from:

Set 1
163 (light yellow-green)
153 (pale green)
This set consists of two terrage pastels

Set 2
13 (lavender)
94 (medium pink)
30L (medium blue)
This set consists of three soft form pastels

Set 3
607 (green metallic)
604 (bronze metallic)
605 (gold metallic)
This set consists of three soft form pastels

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PL01. Derwent Colorsoft Pencils
PL01. Derwent Colorsoft Pencils

This is Heather Held's favorite colored pencil for use on black paper.

The softest of pencils but in an amazingly strong and vibrant range of colours. The velvety softness of the strip releases rich, dense colour at a stroke and is perfect for mixing and blending. Despite its soft texture, Coloursoft sharpens to a fine point and works equally well for detailed illustrations or bold, contemporary still-life drawings and portraiture.

see item number PL02 for a set of these pencils.

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PL05. Prismacolor Pencils
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Artists' quality colored pencils for every level of expertise, high quality pigments for a rich color saturation.
Soft, thick cores create a smooth color laydown for superior blending and shading while thick leads resist breakage.

These are the colors recommended by Bob Hurford for his IAMPETH 2016 class "Fun with Wax and Watercolor Pencils".

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PL06. Prismacolor Watercolor Colored Pencils
Prismacolor Watercolor Colored Pencils

Highly soluble color pencils allow for traditional "color pencil style" application and watercolor techniques as well by simply adding water and brushing the laid down color.

These are the colors recommended by Bob Hurford for his class "Colored Pencil Basics".

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PL26. Tiny Colored Pencil Set
PL26. Tiny Colored Pencil Set

We just love this teeny tiny set of colored pencils - it is so cute! The entire set is in a plastic case that measures 3.75"x2.0" and includes 12 colored pencils, an itty-bitty sharpener and eraser. This small set allows you to carry colored pencils with you everywhere! Perfect for drawing and adding color on the go.

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