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Brush Markers

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In an effort to reduce duplication, this page displays only our new and best selling markers for calligraphy. Please click on a subcategory in the list on the left to view a complete list of the products we offer in that specific subcategory.

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Wide Markers  Other Markers  Gel Pens & Markers 
Left Hand Markers 

M120. Tombow Dual Brush Pen
M120. Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen

Comes with two tips of the same color: brush and monoline. The brush tip is fairly large and flexible. A favorite of many lettering artists, these pens are great for blending. The tips self-clean after blending, reducing color contamination. The manufacturer lists these as acid-free, lightfast, and non-waterproof.

Colors available:
Black - N15
Blender - N00
Brown - 879
Chocolate - 969
Cool Gray 1 - N95
Cool Gray 10 - N45
Cool Grey 12 - N35
Crimson - 847
Cyan - 476
Deep Blue - 565
Deep Magenta - 958
Hot Pink - 743
Gray Green - 228
Imperial Purple - 636
Lilac - 620
Light Sand - 990
Mint - 243
Orange - 933
Pink Rose - 703
Pro Yellow - 055
Sand - 992
Sap Green - 245
Saddle Brown - 977
Sea Blue - 373
Tan - 942
Warm Gray 1 - N89
Warm Gray 2 - N79
Warm Gray 5 - N57
Willow Green - 173
Yellow Gold - 026

You can also download Tombow's Lettering Guide Sheets HERE.

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M43. Pitt Brush Lettering Pens
M43. Pitt Brush Lettering Pens.
These brush pens are pigmented, acid-free, and the individual colors are rated for lightfastness, just like your tubes of gouache and watercolor. Because they dry waterproof, you can letter over them without bleeding. Linda Schneider loves using them to write pointed pen scripts such as Copperplate and Spencerian - with a brush marker!

Colors available:
Dark Chrome Yellow 109, Light Yellow Glaze 104, Scarlet Red 118, Warm Grey 1 270, Cadmium Yellow 107, Black 199, Leaf Green 112, Orange Glaze 113, Phthalo Blue 110, Cobalt Turquoise 153, Sanguine 188, May Green 170, Chromium Green Opaque 174, Cream 102, Deep Scarlet Red 219, Green Gold 268, Ivory 103, Red Pale Geranium Lake 121, Sky Blue (Smalt Blue) 146, Crimson 134 and Cobalt Blue 143.

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M88. Zig Cocoiro Lettering Pen (Complete Pen)
M88. Zig Cocoiro Lettering Pen (Complete Pen)

The tip of this popular pen is semi-hard and produces different widths depending on pressure and speed of writing. The ink refill contains the nib, and the pen bodies are interchangeable.

This item contains one ink refill matched with one body/cap.

Ink color----------->Body Color
Black--------------->Jet Black
Blue Black------->Blue Dusk
Royal Blue------->Sky Blue
Sepia--------------->Warm Chestnut
Rose Pink-------->Rose Pink
Mint Green------->Kiwi
Cobalt Blue------>DuckEgg Blue
Cool Gray--------->Frosty Gray
Dark Green------>Green Apple
Sunset Orange.->Sunflower

To purchase ink refills, see item M89.
To purchase body and cap, see item M90.
To purchase sets, see items M89-S6, M89-6N, M89-S12.

M88. Zig Cocoiro Lettering Pen color chart

Letter practice with the Zig Cocorio letter pen marker by Louis Lemoine.

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M99. Big Brush Pen
M99. Big Brush Pen.


A bigger version of the Pitt Brush Pen. Great for larger pieces, oversized envelopes, clothing, and demonstration. (Linda Schneider uses the Big Brush in her online videos).

Specify color:
Orange Glaze (113), Dark Naples Ochre (184), Manganese Violet (160), Cobalt Blue (143), Pink Madder Lake (129) & Warm Gray I (270).

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M44-GREY. Pitt Shades of Grey Brush Pen Set
This set of Pitt Artist Brush Pens contains six different shades of grey. For Brush Lettering and sketching. Waterproof, acid free, lightfastness varies with color of marker. These are also called Pitt Studio Brush Pens.

Colors included: Cold Grey III (#232), Cold Grey IV (#233), Cold Grey V (#235), Warm Grey III (#272), Warm Grey IV (#273), Warm Grey V (#274)

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M118. Zig Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Markers
M118. Zig Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Markers

The Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Marker is water-based, pigmented, photo-safe, acid-free, light-fast, odorless and xylene-free marker from ZIG/Kuretake. The brush tip is durable and flexible to allow for bold lines.

Choose Color: Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Green, Light Green, Red, Silver, and Violet.

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M87. ZIG Scroll & Brush Marker
ZIG Scroll & Brush Marker.

One end is a scroll tip and the other a brush tip. Pigmented ink, acid-free, waterproof. Scroll nib has a total width of approx 4mm.

New lower price! Quantity discount for 4 or more.

Choose Color:
Pure Black, Pure Green, Pure Red, Baby Blue, English Lavender, Hunter Green, Platinum, Pure Brown, Pure Blue, Pure Pink, Pure Orange, Pure Violet, Pure Yellow, Spring Green, Steel Grey, Summer Sun, Rose.

Click here to see the marker color chart.

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M127. Tombow Blending Kit
M127. Tombow Blending Kit

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens blend very well, and this kit allows you to learn how to blend the colors. This blending Kit includes: 1 Blending Palette, 1 Colorless Blender, 1 Spray Mister, and 1 Instructional Blending Guide.

For Dual Brush Pens, see item M120

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M126. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen
M126. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

These pens have very small, somewhat stiff tips. Used for brush calligraphy and drawing, you can create extra fine to medium weight strokes. Water-based, pigmented ink. Odorless. Non-refillable.

Choose Tip:
Hard Tip (Dark Blue Body)
Soft Tip (Greenish-black Body)
Dual Tip - one black and one gray tip! (Gray Body)

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M119. Koi Coloring Brush Pens
M119. Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens

This brush pen is a favorite of Joanne Fink. Dye-based transparent ink blends easily to create a multitude of colors. Vary the pressure on the nib to produce thick or thin lines.

Choose color:
Red, Vermilion, Rose Red, Iris, Pink, Lilac, Pale Orange, Orange, Deep Yellow, Yellow, Fresh Green, Yellow Green,
Emerald Green, Green, Viridian, Blue Green Light, Peacock Green, Sky Blue, Light Sky Blue, Cerulean Blue, Blue, Purple, Light Purple, Brown, Black, Cool Gray, and Blender.

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