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In an effort to reduce duplication, this page displays only a selection of the products we offer in this category. Please click on a subcategory in the list on the left to view a complete list of the products we offer in that specific subcategory.

B3860. Steal Like An Artist / Kleon
Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon. 2012. 160pp. 6"x6". Paper

You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. That’s the message from Austin Kleon, a young writer and artist who knows that creativity is everywhere, creativity is for everyone. A manifesto for the digital age, Steal Like an Artist is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and examples will put readers directly in touch with their artistic side.

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DVD33. Hand Lettering on Fabric DVD Engelbrecht
Hand Lettering on Fabric: Bali Lantern Workshop. Lisa Engelbrecht. 2008. 124 min.

After an introduction to calligraphy techniques, Lisa demonstrates the important points to successful decorative writing on fabric with pen & brush. For a variety of fabrics, she shares tips on how to stain and seal, create decorative washes, and add special effects with a variety of "inks." Lisa then creates a rich background for her hand lettering, using a few simple materials. She presents her
signature funky lettering, as well as more traditional forms.
Using the techniques presented in the video, you then apply them to the construction of a collapsible Bali lantern.

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B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners
B3098. Calligraphy Alphabets for Beginners:The Easy Way to Learn Lettering and Illumination Techniques by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan. 2008. 256pp. 6.5"x8". Hardcover, concealed spiral

Presents instruction for Uncial, Foundational, Carolingian, Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals & numerals. Letters are presented in groups of similar forms with ductus and stop-action photos. Final section presents adding metallics and color to letters and pieces using some newer techniques.

REVIEW: These small format hidden spiral hardcover books are very popular. They don't take up area on your work space, and unlike paperbacks, they lie completely flat. No matter how you learn best, there is instruction for you. In this instructional manual each letter is presented individually with ductus, that is the combination of the letter with the little arrows and numbers indicating stroke sequence and direction. For those who like written instructions, this stroke order and direction is put into words as well. And finally there is a three panel strip of stop action photography showing the pen as it constructs the letter. That is not totally accurate. The pen is not actually stroking the letter as there is no ink in the pens used. However, this is actually a visual plus. Because the tip of the pen is not coated in black ink, you can see how more clearly how the the pen is placed on the paper. The letters of each hand are presented in a logical sequence. Generally letters with similar shapes are presented before moving on to other letters of similar shapes. At the bottom of each page, there are one line exercises to develop rhythm & help with spacing.

The hands (alphabets) are also presented in a logical sequence. Uncial is first. Stan Knight has proposed this as beginning alphabet over Italic. Unlike italic, there is no slant to the letters. There is only a majuscule (capital) alphabet to learn. So the student can gain working facility with a basic Uncial alphabet more quickly than italic. From Uncial its Foundational minuscule (lowercase), Roman majuscules, Carolingian, Formal Italic, Flourished Italic Copperplate, Gothic, Lombardic Capitals. They finish up with numbers and the ampersand. Instruction is given only for an upright set of numbers, exemplars are provided for Carolingian and Gothic. You are left on your own for Italic, Copperplate and Lombardic Capitals. If you already own instruction books by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan that cover these hands, you may already have the material in this book.

There is a thirteen page final section on adding color and gold to calligraphic pieces. The authors present a lot in a few pages only allowing for concise instructions.

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DVD14. Gilding for Calligraphers DVD
Gilding for Calligraphers.
By Sally Mae Joseph (Sally Teague), one of the scribes working on the St. John's Bible.

Selecting and preparing vellum, slaking plaster and making gesso, gilding using loose leaf gold, preparing gum ammoniac and gilding with transfer gold, painting with shell gold and color. 130 minutes.

All our DVD’s are made to run on USA and Canada machines. If you live outside North America, you should check with the manual for your machine to see if it can play NTSC format DVD’s. If your DVD player can’t play our DVD’s, your computer may be able to.

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B3321. Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering / Engelbrecht
Modern Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: A Mark-Making Workbook for Crafters, Cardmakers, and Journal Artists by Lisa Engelbrecht. 2008. 160pp. 8.5"x11". Paperback

Presents both traditional hands and fun and scripty modern styles. Complete alphabets are shown for a wide array of alphabets, with stroke-by-stroke instruction and examples of the hands. Demonstrates the use of the pens and ruling pens as well as metallic foils, glue pens, etc., for jazzy effects. Large gallery for inspiration. Full-color throughout. Lisa is a popular instructor at the summer conferences and now quilting conventions! In hardcover, the title is Modern Mark Making. A JNB Bestseller.

B3003 - Hardcover is no longer available.

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B3231. Book of Signs / Koch
The Book of Signs by Rudolf Koch. 104pp. 6"x9.25". Paper

Famed German calligrapher and type designer Rudolf Koch hast rendered - In his characteristic style -493 symbols: religious, alchemical, imperial, runes, property marks, etc.

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B3102. Fraktur: Tips, Tools, and Techniques/ Hartung
B3102. Fraktur: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft by Ruthanne Hartung. 2008. 103pp. 9"x11.25". Hardcover, hidden spiral.

A Fraktur is a document created by the early Pennsylvania German settlers to record and celebrate weddings, baptisms, house blessings, and the like. This instructional book for beginners covers the basics of painting, calligraphy, and layout for Fraktur. You learn through two projects, a small Fraktur and a house blessing. To help as you make your own Fraktur, patterns for the traditional elements - birds, houses, flowers and borders - a birth certificate and three family trees - are provided. Includes examples of traditional Fraktur and the author's work.

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B1899. Leipziger Buchkunst und Grafik-Design
Leipziger Buchkunst und Grafik-Design (Leipzig Book Art and Graphic Design). 176pp. 9"x11". Paper

Catalog from a 1991 exhibition at the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, Germany, spotlighting the work of teachers and students of the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig. Text in German. Profusely illustrated (both color and black & white).

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B2922. Hans Joachim Burgert Malerie/Painting
Hans Joachim Burgert: Malerei. 2006. 78pp. 9.5"x11".

For those who want to add to their Hans Joachim Burgert
collection, this is a full color book of his paintings 1979-2006. All are of men and women alone, in pairs and in groups, clothed and nude. I’ve seen a few examples of
these works reproduced in black & white, but it was wonderful to see them in color. Included is a two page spread of photos of the artist. Introductory material and titles in German. There are no examples of his lettering.

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B2389. Letters for the Millenium
Letters for the Millennium: Why We Cut Letters in Stone. By Emma Lloyd-Jones & Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley. 1999. 76pp. 4.75"x 7.5". Paper

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