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April 2014 Products & Events eNewsletter

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There are 2 pages of products in this eNewsletter!
Every month, we send a text-only e-mail featuring our newest books, videos, and supplies. We also include a list of upcoming calligraphy/book arts events.

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Our April eNewsletter mailed March 28, 2014.

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S907. Offset-tip Syringe with Short, Blunt Needle
S907. Offset-tip Syringe with Short, Blunt Needle.

Introduced by Massimo Polello at his workshops, this large syringe is an easy-to-use tool for lettering and expressive marks. Protect your work area with plastic or paper (this can get messy) and have fun with your "Massimo Polello Pen"! Works great with Walnut Ink and Higgins Eternal and with similar free-flowing inks.

Also available as a box of 50: S907-50.

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FP131. Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen
FP131. Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen

Has a smooth-writing stainless steel nib, and it is pre-filled, so it is easy-to-use. Choose from seven vibrant colors. (The pens can't be refilled.)
Specify: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, or Turquoise.

"Wow! What a great product! The ink colors are intense. The pens give a very smooth line with absolutely NO skipping. They are great for travel and for use in sketchbooks and notebooks." - Kathy Milici

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I132. Maimeri Metallic Powder Color
Maimeri Metallic Powder Color. Rich Gold. 60 ml (2oz). This is gold gouache in powdered form. You can use it alone or add it to other water-based inks and paints. Apply it directly with a damp brush. Or you mix it in a dish with water to slurry consistency, let it dry, and then use it like pan watercolor, reconstituting it to use with brush or metal pen. Unlike Schmincke Trocol powder, this powdered metallic includes sufficient binder and is easy to use.

Not recommended for archival projects. It is made from metals and will eventually tarnish unless it is covered with a clear coat to seal it.

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I37-BRTWHT. McCaffery's Ink Bright White
I37-BRTWHT. McCaffery's Penman's Ink Bright White

The same great McCaffery's Ink is now availabe in a pure White. Good for fine hairlines. 1oz glass wide mouth jar.

Also available in Ivory, a lovely off-white (I37-IVRWHT).

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S762. Artograph LightPad
Artograph LightPad. A light box or table is an essential tool of the working calligrapher. Because it allows you to see guidelines though envelopes and even thick sheets of white/off-white paper, it is a great time-saver.

The new Artograph LightPad lets you take your light table with you or quickly and easily store it away. Bright LED technology allows the LightPad to shine brighter, run cooler & use less energy, and provide up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free creative brilliance. Sleek design, metal frame. One-year manufacturer's warranty.

Four Sizes:
6x9. List $104.99. SALE $92.00
9x12 List $157.00. SALE $130.00
12x17 List $259.99. SALE $230.00
17x24 List $364.00. SALE $325.00

Sizes are illuminated area.

For the battery pack (to use LightPad when no elec outlet is availble), see item S909

For the carrying cases see item S911

For the Pad Pucks, see item S910

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S909. LightPad Portable Battery Pack
S909. LightPad Portable Battery Pack.

Take your LightPad anywhere with this long-life lithium-ion portable battery. This compact battery will power any size LightPad (for 3 to 10 hours, depending on model). It’s rechargeable (up to 1000 charges) and features a power level meter that shows charge status. The convenient USB port works for charging any 5v USB device, including cell phones. Includes Power supply and LightPad cable. From Artograph, the makers of the LightPad.

We have tested the battery pack:
9"x12" lasted about 8.5 hours

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S910. PadPucks 4-pack
S910. PadPucks. 4-pack.

Use these to create a slanted LightPad surface. They are simple, quick, and easy to use, both individually or stacked to provide more slant. From Artograph.

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S911. LightPad Storage/Carrying Bag
S911. LightPad Storage / Carrying Bag.

This durable case with 5 external pockets is great for transporting your Lightpad and its accessories: a portable battery, PadPucks, and other tools. There are two slots inside which allow you to carry up to two LightPads. Black, with the colorful Artograph logo.

There are three different bags sized for LightPad dimensions. Choose the bag for the 6"x9" LightPad, the 9"x12" Lightpad, or the 12"x17" LightPad (there is not a bag for the larger-sized LightPad).

6"x9". $35.99
9"x12". $42.99
12"x17". $59.99

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S908. Envelope Drying Rack
S908. Envelope Drying Rack.

This wood drying rack is compact and has 12 evenly spaced slits to hold envelopes or place cards. Holds 6 or 12 items (depending on size): use every other slit for larger items, every slit for smaller ones. Unfinished white pine.
4" x 9" x 3/4".

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S912. Twist Portable Lamp / White
S912. Twist Portable Lamp (White).

This lamp folds for compact storage and travel (13.5" tall, 2.86lb). The light head twists to provide bright, strain-free, full-spectrum illumination where you need it. The 13W fluorescent lamp provides the brightness of a 200W incandescent bulb (1850 lux at 12"), without the heat. Through its special technology, the light is quiet and flicker-free. For use, plug it into a regular outlet. From daylight.

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