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February 2015 Products and Events eNewsletter

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There are 10 pages of products in this eNewsletter!
Every month, we send a text-only e-mail featuring our newest books, videos, and supplies. We also include a list of upcoming calligraphy/book arts events.

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Our February eNewsletter mailed February 6, 2015.

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B4024. Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books / Ekrem
B4024. Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books by Erica Ekrem. 2015. 144 pp. 8.5"x10". Paper.

How beautiful and functional can a book be? That is the question that moved professional bookbinder Erica Ekrem to write Bound, a collection of over twenty Vintage, Nature, and Leather projects with an elegant and slightly unusual aesthetic. She focuses on simple modifications on basic stitches and new stitching techniques. Ekrem also incorporates traditional sewing techniques, such as embroidery, and integrates wood burning, beachcombing, and botanical pressing into her process. A section on the basics you'll need to know is provided as a reference. The extraordinary projects include pages stored in a mason jar, nested within a leaf, and bound between cigar box cover boards, as well as a unique ocean-inspired journal bound between shells.

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B3039. Building a Book, Binding a Poem / Kennedy & Abrams-Morley
Building a Book, Binding a Poem: Artists' Books in the Classroom by Meg Kennedy and Liz Abrams-Morley. 2010. 165pp. 8.25" x 11". Paper

This book for middle school and high school teachers is based on the authors' extensive experience conducting school residencies and teacher workshops over nearly two decades. The book demystifies the tasks of writing poetry and creating books with your students. The book presents techniques of page decoration and book construction and various writing exercises, which are then incorporated into a series of step-by-step projects that the students can make.

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B3560. Little Book of Book Making / Rivers
B3560. Little Book of Book Making: Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Beautiful Handmade Books by Charlotte Rivers. 2014. 176pp. 6.75"x7". Hardcover

Packed, page after page, with wonderfully eclectic creations from 30 top bookmakers, this book will inspire you to explore all the intriguing possibilities of bookmaking as an art form. The practical section includes 21 easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials, including binding techniques and experimental page treatments, such as Sumi ink marbling. 200 color photos.

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B4007. Spirit Books / Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
B4007. The Spirit Books by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. 2014. 80pp. 8.25"x5.25". Paper

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord's Spirit Books are one-of-a-kind sculptural handmade books cradled in twigs, branches, vines, and roots. They bring together her love of the book and her response to the natural world, both what is visible and what lies behind. She made her first Spirit Book in this continuing series in 1992. In this new book, she combines evocative images of 34 Spirit Books with her thoughts on their creation.

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B3444. Handmade Photo Albums / Porath
Handmade Photo Albums: Complete Instructions for Making 18 Fun and Creative Designs by Tami Porath. 2007. 110pp. 8x10.5. Paper $19.95. SALE

Use these albums for photos or adapt Tami's techniques and ideas for journals and other binding projects. Step-by-step photos accompany the detailed instruction.

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B3346. Marking Time: Guild of Bookworkers Exhibit Cat
Marking Time: Guild of Bookworkers Exhibit Catalog (2009-2010). 64pp. 8.5"x11". Paper. LIST $35.00

Wonderfully presents the 50 books and 50 binders of this traveling exhibition. The entries include artists’ books, fine printing, and designer bindings. Each entry has a large photo and a smaller detail, plus a discussion of the work by the binder and a brief bio.

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B2795. Recollections: A Life in Bookbinding / Middleton
Recollections: A Life in Bookbinding by Bernard C. Middleton. 2000. 126pp. 7.25x10.25. $39.95. SALE

Middleton's story begins at trade school, than as an indentured apprentice, and then his first job (at the British Library). As a young man, he becomes manager at the famed Zaehnsdorf's and then, on his own, becomes one of the world's foremost book restorers. This warm, personal story is well-illustrated, including many examples of his inspired bindings. (80 are shown, with 46 in color)

Middleton's extesive library of books on bookbinding is now at the Cary Library at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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B3307. True Nature / Bash
True Nature: An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude by Barbara Bash. 2004. 144pp. 7.75"x10". Hardcover

Calligrapher Barbara Bash has created this lovely nature journal, which combines a handwritten text with delightful watercolors. She caringly records and reflects on her encounters with animals and plants during solitary walks around the countryside of upstate New York. She captures wondrous moments in the natural environment: a dragonfly's brief pause, a surprised deer in tall grass, woodchucks watching her from a distance, a raindrop making its way down a windowpane. This hardbound book is a delight. The dust jacket is of uncoated, cream laid-finish paper, backed with plastic so it does not tear. Hidden underneath, a green cloth covers the boards with a small watercolor tipped in a recess on the front cover. The exquisite illustrations are printed in full-color on a soothing cream paper. It makes a wonderful gift.

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B4027. Shapes for Sounds /Donaldson
B4027. Shapes for Sounds by Timothy Donaldson. 2008. 176pp. 9"x10" Hardcover

Writing is a way of making spoken language visual and static. This book explores handwritten alphabets, machine-made letters, and non-alphabetic visual communication (such as sign language). The author is a calligrapher, and the first part of the book delves into the history of writing and historical hands, then moves to semaphore, bar codes, binary code, and more. The book provides a synthesis of many related disciplines in an easy to understand text.

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B4026. Letterwriting in Renaissance England
B4026. Letterwriting in Renaissance England. 2005. 216pp. 9"x12". Paper.

We have many books on the formal hands and the books great and small that they were used in. However, there is much less for the general reader on the everyday use of the handwritten word in correspondence. This book fills part of that gap. There are short discussions of tools, letter writing manuals, the letter and social signals, use of secretaries, love and friendship, and the postal "system." There are wonderful examples with thorough descriptions, providing further insight into the subject. The book is elegantly designed and finely printed to grace your bookshelves. Though the exhibit is long past, with this book you get to savor it at your leisure, sitting down in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage.

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