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Illuminated Manuscripts Illumination Instructional Illumination Books on Sale
Celtic Gilding & Illumination DVDs Society for Creative Anachronism

B2787. Bible of Illuminated Letters/Morgan
The Bible of Illuminated Letters: A Treasury of Decorative Calligraphy by Margaret Morgan. 2006. 256pp. 5.75" x 7.75". Hidden spiral hardcover.
Retail Price $24.99.

Step-by-step instructions for creating 12 illuminated alphabets including Celtic, Saxon, Gothic, Romanesque and Modern Revival. Both caps and minuscules are presented along with borders and decorations. Gilding is also covered. Gallery of historical and contemporary illuminated letters. More than 400 color illustrations.
Published as Illuminated Letters: A Treasury of Decorative Calligraphy in the U.K.

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B2873. 1001 Illuminated Letters/Jones
B2873. 1001 Illuminated Initial Letters: 27 Full-Color Plates by Owen Jones. 1988. 32pp. 9.25" x 12.25". Paper

Michael Sull uses this resource for illuminated initials for recognition scrolls and other pieces. You are presented with over three dozen variations for each letter of the alphabet, using acanthus leaf, white dot, filigree, and other motifs. Full-color throughout.

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B3236. Illumintated Manuscripts of Belgium / Kren
Illuminated Manuscripts of Belgium and the Netherlands in the J. Paul Getty Museum by Thomas Kren. 2010. 96pp. 6-5/8" x 9-3/8". Paper.

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the geographical region occupied today by Belgium and the Netherlands flourished economically and artistically and produced one of the greatest flowerings of the art of illumination anywhere in Europe. The region's colorful, naturalistically painted books were eagerly sought after across the continent. This volume includes works by the finest and most original artists for the most discerning patrons: The Prayer Book of Charles the Bold, illuminated by Lievin van Lathem for the Duke of Burgundy, 1469; The Visions of Tondal, illuminated by Simon Marmion for Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, 1475; The Spinola Hours, 1510-20, considered by some to be the most important Flemish manuscript of the sixteenth century; and The Brandenburg Prayer Book, illuminated by Simon Bening for Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg, 1525-30.

85 color illustrations.


Also available, $19.95 each:
B3134. Illuminated Manuscripts of Germany and Central Europe in the J. Paul Getty Museum
B2955. French Illuminated Manuscripts in the J. Paul Getty Museum
B2983. Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in the J. Paul Getty Museum

Special Offer:
Purchase four Getty Illumination Books (same or assorted) for only $66.48.

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B2578. Materials & Tech of Medieval Paint
The Materials and Techniques of Medieval
By Daniel V. Thompson. 239pp. Paper.

Recommended by Sheila Waters in her illuminated initials workshop. Excellent introduction for illuminators and painters. Cover carriers and grounds, including the different types of surfaces used and their preparation. Followed by a section on binding media consisting of binding methods and vehicles, their viscosity and transparency effects, and the pros and cons of different binding media, glazes and varnishes. Gives a classification of medieval pigments divided into smaller sections for each main color. Includes pigment mixing, reaction, permanence problems, confusion of identification, and history. Metals are also discussed, including types of gold media and gilding methods. Essential for anyone interested in the building blocks of medieval painting.

Price increased by publisher May 2008.

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B1999. Illuminated Initials in Full Color/Grafton
B1999. Illuminated Initials in Full Color
By Carol Grafton. 1995. 48pp. 9.25" x12.25". Paper.

548 illuminated letters have been selected from 19th century reproductions of medieval manuscripts and are arranged alphabetically. The letters encompass a wide range of historical styles.

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B3912. Book of Kells, The HC / Meehan
B3912. The Book of Kells by Bernard Meehan. 2013. 256pp. 10x12.87 Hardcover with a slipcase.

The manuscript has been newly photographed and this book provides a clarity far surpassing earlier reproductions. You can marvel at the extraordinarily inventive and intricate imagery that accompanies the texts of the four Gospels: full-page depictions of Evangelists and their symbols, lavish honorific openings to the Gospels, extraordinary initials, and decoration that combines complex interlace, animals, and human figures. This volume features more than fifty full-size reproductions of complete pages plus enlarged details. Supplementary images place the manuscript in its setting and provide comparisons for its iconography and style.

The rich illustrations are paired with an exploration of the manuscript’s historical background, an examination of earlier and comparable manuscripts, a detailed discussion of symbols and themes, and a look at the scribes and artists who worked on the manuscript and their techniques, illuminated by recent scientific research.

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B4029. Irish Hand, The / O’Neill
B4029. The Irish Hand: Scribes and their Manuscripts from the Earliest Times by Timothy O’Neill. 2014. 148pp. Approx. 11.75"x 9.25". Hardcover

This revised and expanded edition has high quality, full-color digital images of the works of Irish scribes throughout the centuries. (The original edition was in black & white.) The first part is a survey of the manuscript tradition, followed by essays and full-page images for thirty-one of the great books of Ireland. The context, contents, and history of each manuscript are given, accompanied by a full-page illustration. The second part surveys the work of the scribes from a practical perspective, examining script and lettering in detail. Extracts are given from fifty-two manuscripts, transliterated and translated, with a commentary on the pen work. The Irish Hand covers 1,500 years of Irish script and letter design from the sixth to the twenty-first century.

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B3888. Roots and Wings / Pieper
Roots and Wings: The Art of Calligraphy 1982-2012/ Wurzeln und Flügel: Schriftkunst by Katharina Pieper. 2012. 240pp. 8.5 "x 11.3 ". Hardcover

Presents the work and words of Katharina Pieper (text in English & German). Also includes (in German with an English summary): Silvia Werfel on the history of calligraphy in Germany, Françoise Mathis Sandmaier on KP in the context of modernity, and Mary Noble on England.

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B4095. Illumination: Gold and Colour / Lovett
B4095. Illumination: Gold and Colour by Patrica Lovett. 2015. 164pp. 8.25"x8.25". Paper

A practical guide to the use of gold and color, both for easy and quick projects, using basic materials and for more involved projects with vellum and parchment, quills, color, gold, and gesso. All lead up to a presentation of the step-by-step stages in gilding and painting a medieval miniature. Instruction boxes make the processes easy to see and follow.

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DVD62-PAL. Illumination: Tools, Materials... / Lovett
DVD62-PAL. Illumination: Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects. DVD by Patricia Lovett. 3+ hours.

This dvd is formatted for non-North American viewing.

This companion DVD to

Illumination: Gold and Colour

introduces the tools and materials and demonstrates them to us in a variety of projects, from easy to more challenging. Techniques are carefully explained in step-by step processes, and there are clear explanations of what to do if things go wrong. Although traditional methods and materials are included, modern adhesives, tools, and materials are also considered for those who prefer a quicker result. USA & Canada: This PAL format DVD will play on your computer but not on your DVD player.

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