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Manuscript Calligraphy Pens

See Brush Pens under the Brushes category for our complete selection of brush "fountain pens."

Brause Fountain Pens  Lamy Fountain Pens  Pilot Calligraphy Pens 
Rotring Fountain Pens  Shaeffer Fountain Pens  Lamy Non-Calligraphy Pens 

FP95. Manuscript Beginner's Set
Manuscript Beginners Fountain Pen Set

Barrel, three nibs (fine, medium, 2B) one cartridge. A great inexpensive set for beginning classes. Specify RH or LH. Quantity discount for 3 or more.

The cartridge is already in the barrel. If you do not have two cartridges, you can push the one cartridge into the nib. The post inside the cylindar should puncture and hold the cartridge. The diagram on the back of the packaging shows how the cartridge goes on the nib.

Comes with a Manuscript Converter for using bottled ink, though some customers have had trouble getting the convertor to work well.

(This barrel is different from the deluxe set and shadow sets and the nibs are not interchangeable. Both use the same cartridges.)

To purchase additional barrels: FP92-D
To purchase additional nib units: FP103-D

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP90. Manuscript Deluxe FP Set
Manuscript Calligrapher's Deluxe Fountain Pen Set (Tin)

This calligraphy fountain pen set comes in a storage tin with a smooth, black barrel, six interchangeable gilt broad-edged nibs: F, M, B, 2B, 3B, 4B. Four black cartridges. Smooth writing, good thicks and thins. Great for beginners, quick work, and envelope jobs. F=.85mm, M=1.1mm, B=1.35mm, B2=1.6mm, B3=2.2mm, B4=2.8mm. Specify Right or Left Hand.

To purchase additional barrels: FP92
To purchase additional nib units: FP103
To purchase additional cartridges: FP115, FP116, & FP91

For more information about using the pens:
Manuscript Pens

Click here for use and care instructions for this set.

Your Price $27.95 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP129. Manuscript Master Italic Pen
FP129. Manuscript Master Italic Pen.

This new cartridge pen has a free-flowing and smooth-writing chisel nib. Matte black, softly textured plastic body with smooth, weighted metal grip. 1.1mm nib. A second cartridge can be stored in the barrel, and the narrow end unscrews for easy access to it. Comes in a metal tin with one cartridge.

For more cartridges, see Manuscript cartridges (FP91) or Pelikan cartridges (FP115).

Your Price $27.95 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP91. Manuscript Cartridges 12 pk
Pack of 12 cartridges for the Manuscript Calligraphy Fountain Pens. These are universal size cartridges that fit all Manuscript pens (deluxe and dodec).

Choose color: Black, Blue or Sepia.

For 5 additional colors order Pelikan Cartridges FP115.

Your Price $5.50 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP91-30. Manuscript Cartridges 30 pk
Pack of 30 black cartridges for the Manuscript Calligraphy Fountain Pens. These are universal size cartridges that fit all Manuscript pens (deluxe and dodec).

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP103. Manuscript Deluxe Fountain Pen Nib Section
This Manuscript Calligraphy Nib is the deluxe style that is used with the Manuscript Deluxe Calligraphy Fountain Pen Sets. These pen sets are sold in cases and the barrels are smooth. These nib units are longer.

The new version of the nib units are smooth instead of ribbed. Both versions of Deluxe nibs - smooth or ribbed - fit in both the Deluxe marbled holders and the Deluxe black holders.

Replacement nib for the following Manuscript Sets:
FP90 Manuscript Deluxe FP Set (MC1153)
FP96 Manuscript Shadow Calligraphy Set (MC1103)

Scroll Nibs are more expensive than regular nibs.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP103-D. Manuscript Dodec Fountain Pen Nib
This Manuscript nib is the Dodec style that is used with certain Manuscript Calligraphy Fountain Pen sets. The nib section is shorter. The sets for this nib section are sold on cards and don't come with a case. The pen barrel has facets.

Replacement nib for the following Manuscript Sets:
FP95 Manuscript Beginner's Set (MC1234)
FP102 Manuscript Calligrapher's 6 nib set (MC1113)
Packaging says: Manuscript Calligrapher's Deluxe Set

Scroll Nibs are more expensive than regular nibs.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

FP92. Manusc Convert Barrel and Cap
Contains a barrel, pen cap and converter for Manuscript Fountain Pens. Smooth barrel. Uses longer nib sections.

(There is a rumor on the web that Manuscript pens will fit Osmoroid nibs. According to our tests, this is NOT true.)

This set will fit the following pens:
FP90 Manuscript Deluxe FP set (MC1153)
FP96 Manuscript Shadow Set (MC1103)

Your Price $5.95 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

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