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New Books & Calendars

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In an effort to reduce duplication, this page displays only a selection of the products we offer in this category. Please click on a subcategory in the list on the left to view a complete list of the products we offer in that specific subcategory.

B3878. Zentangle 7 Workbook Edition / McNeill
Zentangle 7 Workbook Edition by Suzanne McNeill. 2012. 32pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

Volume 7 of the popular series features new patterns focusing on circles, zendalas, and shapes.

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B3314. Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet / Healy
A Brief Introduction to the Arabic Alphabet by John Healey & Rex Smith. 2009. 116pp. 5"x7.75". Paper

Tells the fascinating history of the Arabic Alphabet, a story that is entwined with the development of culture and society in the Middle East. Traces the Arabic alphabet back to Aramaic, a descendant of Phoenician, which itself gave rise to the Hebrew and Greek alphabets. Includes a glossary.

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B3307. True Nature / Bash
True Nature: An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude by Barbara Bash. 2004. 144pp. 7.75"x10". Hardcover

Calligrapher Barbara Bash has created this lovely nature journal, which combines a handwritten text with delightful watercolors. She caringly records and reflects on her encounters with animals and plants during solitary walks around the countryside of upstate New York. She captures wondrous moments in the natural environment: a dragonfly's brief pause, a surprised deer in tall grass, woodchucks watching her from a distance, a raindrop making its way down a windowpane. This hardbound book is a delight. The dust jacket is of uncoated, cream laid-finish paper, backed with plastic so it does not tear. Hidden underneath, a green cloth covers the boards with a small watercolor tipped in a recess on the front cover. The exquisite illustrations are printed in full-color on a soothing cream paper. It makes a wonderful gift.

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B3246. Sheila Waters Retrospective
Sheila Waters Retrospective. 2010. 48pp. 8.5"x11". Paper. Signed.

Here it is, what we waited years for - 300 full-color images of Sheila’s life’s work, designed by Julian Waters, presenting Sheila’s Retrospective Show of 2009. A great companion to her instructional book, Foundations of Calligraphy. Julian designed the typeface, which was used for the first time in this publication.

Each copy is now signed by Sheila!

Formerly published as an issue of Scripsit, the Washington Calligraphers Guild journal.

Reviews & Comments

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B3244. Calligraphy / Lach
Calligraphy by Denise Lach. 2009. 192pp. 9.25" x 10.25". Paperback

This striking and original book is a gallery of Lach’s calligraphic work and techniques. She presents the tools she uses in her work, each with illustrative examples: broad-edge nibs, Automatic pens, Pilot Parallel pens, music nibs (for writing the notes, not the 5-line staff the notes are placed on), plus reed pens & bamboo pens, felt-tip pens, and brushes. There are multi-page sections on using the ruling pen, cola pen (made from an aluminum soda can), and pipettes as lettering tools. Lach briefly discusses - using visual examples - line weight, letter and line spacing, rotation, setting a rhythm, pen position & speed, variations on a theme, organic shapes, concentric compositions, serifs, and depth & density. Then you see how she creates letterforms using stamping with unconventional materials. Examples of stamping include a row of glue-together toothpicks, sharpened sticks, an ordinary cork, foam rubber and sponge. She shows examples of combining tools and techniques in one piece. Throughout the book, with calligraphic compositions from her hand and the photos that inspired them, she invites us to look closely at details and textures in nature, expand our powers of observation and find creative ideas in the world around us.

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B3555. Illustrated Life, An / Gregory
An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory. 2008. 272pp. 10"x8". Paper

Offers a look into the imaginations of top illustrators, designers and artists from around the world through the pages of their personal visual journals. These are sketches, often with text; some are rough, some polished. The pages shown are sometimes startling, sometimes endearing, but always inspiring. The book discusses how and why keeping a consistent, visual journal leads to a more fulfilling creative life.

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B2708. Historical Books (St John's Bible)
The Saint John's Bible: Historical Books.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2010. 276pp. 9.75" x15". Hardcover

This sixth of seven volumes has more pages than any of the earlier volumes. Historical Books magnifies the unwavering love of God for his people. Features twelve stunning full-page illuminations that depict in dramatic detail Bible passages that are both inspiring and thought-provoking. Numerous smaller illustrations complement the beautiful handwritten script and the elegant design.

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B3871. Zentangle Untangled / Hall
Zentangle Untangled: Inspiration and Prompts for Meditative Drawing by Kass Hall. 2012. 128pp. 8.25"x10.75". Paper

Following an explanation of the Zentangle process, inside you will find 12 step-by-step demonstrations showing you how to create enticing tangle patterns, followed by several examples of how to add eye-popping color to your pieces, as well as fun ways to use tangles in your art journals. Captivating pieces from Kass and a slew of other artists will further satisfy your craving for inspiration!

Inside you will find:
12 step-by-step demonstrations of tangle patterns to make getting started easy!
Different ways to introduce color, a variety of art materials, photography, and much more to your pieces.
How to take your pen-and-ink tangles to the next step by enhancing them digitally!

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B3560. Little Book of Book Making / Rivers
B3560. Little Book of Book Making: Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Beautiful Handmade Books by Charlotte Rivers. 2014. 176pp. 6.75"x7". Hardcover

Packed, page after page, with wonderfully eclectic creations from 30 top bookmakers, this book will inspire you to explore all the intriguing possibilities of bookmaking as an art form. The practical section includes 21 easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials, including binding techniques and experimental page treatments, such as Sumi ink marbling. 200 color photos.

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B3957. Scripsit 35.2: Brady, Brady, Shapiro, Leung, Marjina, Fedor, Yallop
B3957. Scripsit 35.2. Designed and edited by Michael Clark. 2013. 36pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

A collection of calligraphy, lettering, and logos from around the world, with work by Larry and Marsha Brady (USA), Sergey Shapiro (Russia), Patrick Leung (Hong Kong), Marina Marjina (Russia), James Fedor (USA), and Rachel Yallop (UK). Includes work for reproduction as well as one-off pieces - with pointed pen, broad-edged pen, and brush letters.

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