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New Tools & Materials

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S1006. Square ABC Inkwell
S1006. Square ABC Inkwell

A porcelain reproduction of a classic French 1920's
school inkwell. Pen rests around the neck, loose stopper
with logo, elegant script alphabet in red wrapped around the base.

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S1007. Kuretake Gansai Tambi 6-Color Sets
S1007. Kuretake Gansai Tambi 6-Color Sets

Starry Colors: This palette is similar to the Finetec Gold Set, but the colors have a bit less sparkle, but more shimmer and shine. Starry Color's high-quality pigments were created to radiate from both light and dark paper. Includes one pan of these colors: Blue Gold (No. 901), Champagne Gold (No. 904), Light Gold (No. 905), Red Gold (No. 902), White Gold (No. 906), and Yellow Gold (No. 903).

Pearl Colors: These shimmering colors look great on white paper, but not on black paper. The sparkle produced is from mica particles added to the pigment. Includes pearl pink (734), pearl scarlet red (731), pearl lemon yellow (740), pearl may green (751), pearl cobalt blue (762), white gold (906).

Gem Colors: These colors are metallic-toned and sparkle like gemstones. The opaque color stains the paper and stands out boldly. Includes Gem Red (No. 830), Gem Pink (No. 831), Yellow Gold (No. 903), Gem Green (No. 850), Gem Blue (No. 860) and Gem Violet (No. 861).

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S1008. Bots Stainless Steel Travel Inkwell
S1008. Bots Stainless Steel Travel Inkwell

This cute little container is made for carrying small amounts of liquid in your lunchbox, but it also works great as a traveling "inkwell." LunchBot brand is recognized for quality materials that work well. The inkwell is about 2" wide and 1.5" tall, made of stainless steel. The leak-proof seal consists of a twist top with a silicone seal. We tested a sealed container filled with ink resting on its side for a week, and there was no leaking.

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S1013. Artograph LED LightPad LX
S1013. Artograph LED LightPad LX

A light box or table is an essential tool of the working calligrapher. Because it allows you to see guidelines though envelopes and even thick sheets of white/off-white paper, it is a great time-saver.

The new Artograph LightPad LX lets you take your light table with you or quickly and easily store it away. Bright LED technology allows the LightPad to shine brighter, run cooler & use less energy, and provide up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free creative brilliance. The brightness is easily adjusted, allowing you to use only the level of light needed. Sleek design, aluminum frame, 1/2" profile. One-year manufacturer's warranty. The LX lightpads are assembled in the USA!

Choose Sizes:

Sizes are illuminated area.

For the Pad Pucks, see item S910
(This item replaces old item number S762).

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S1015. Ash Bush Tilted Ink Holder
S1015. Ash Bush Tilted Ink Holder

Made of unfinished pine, it holds two bottles (included): one upright and the other at a slant, which makes for easier dipping. Handmade in the USA by Ash Bush.

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I151. Spectralite Private Collection
I151. Dr. Martin's Spectralite Private Collection

Made from the finest ground pigments in the world, Spectralite Private Collection is a liquid acrylic that flows like watercolor. Excellent on paper and canvas; can also be used on wood and metal. Brilliant color, lightfast, and waterproof.

***Dr. Martin's discontinued the original Spectralite Acrylic, which included 8 metallic colors. Most of those metallic colors can be found in item I16 Dr. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Ink. The original Spectralite was packaged in slim plastic bottles; the Private Collection is packaged in glass dropper bottles.
Available in three metallic colors:
Copper - virtually the same color as the original Spectralite
Gold - the color is not quite as bright as the original 18 carat gold; there is more red to the color
Silver - the color is brighter than the original

Also available: Matte Black and White.

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I153. Ecoline Liquid Watercolor
I153. Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

A free-flowing ink in a wonderful selection of very vibrant colors, which are transparent (except Black) and non-waterproof. The colors mix well. Especially popular for folded and ruling pens. For pen, brush, and airbrush. Recommended by Thomas Hoyer, Kei Haniya, and numerous other Instagram users. Comes in a particularly cute 30ml (1oz) square jar.

Colors available:
700 Black, 548 Blue Violet, 411 Burnt Sienna, 318 Carmine, 602 Deep Green, 237 Deep Orange, 202 Deep Yellow, 656 Forest Green, 600 Green, 205 Lemon Yellow, 601 Light Green, 236 Light Orange, 201 Light Yellow, 337 Magenta, 580 Pastel Blue, 508 Prussian Blue, 545 Red Violet, 334 Scarlet, 416 Sepia, 578 Sky Blue, 522 Turquoise Blue, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 505 Ultramarine Light, 311 Vermillion, 100 White

Also available as sets (I153-S6, I153-S10) and sample size jars (SA-I153)

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I154. McCaffery's Prairie Night Black Ink
I154. McCaffery's Prairie Night Black Ink.

This carbon-based ink was designed for creating artwork for items that will be printed, such as wedding invitations. The pen strokes are densely black and the hairlines are moderately fine (the extremely fine hairlines of gall ink don’t reproduce well in printing). Because it dries quickly, it is also good for envelope work. The ink goes on black and dries with a light sheen. Thins easily with water. It could become your go-to ink for difficult papers. 1 oz, wide-mouth, glass jar.

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N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib
N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib

The revolutionary Ink Cage is a reservoir for pointed pen nibs. It allows you to write or flourish much longer before re-dipping. The Ink Cage is sold permanently attached to the nib of your choice. It is not removable or reusable.

Choose nib:
Titanium Zebra G
Zebra G (steel)
Brause Rose
Nikko G
Brause Blue Pumpkin (Steno 361)
Leonardt Principal EF
Hunt 101
Gillott 404
Brause 66EF

Click here for important cleaning instructions.

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M126. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen
M126. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

These pens have very small, somewhat stiff tips. Used for brush calligraphy and drawing, you can create extra fine to medium weight strokes. Water-based, pigmented ink. Odorless. Non-refillable.

Choose Tip:
Hard Tip (Dark Blue Body)
Soft Tip (Greenish-black Body)
Dual Tip - one black and one gray tip! (Gray Body)

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