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Painting and Drawing

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B4047. Learn to Draw Calligraphy Animals / Fox
B4047. Learn to Draw Calligraphy Animals: 30 unique creations by Andrew Fox. 2015. 76pp. 6.25"x7.75". Hardcover

With just a few strokes of a calligraphy pen, London-based designer and illustrator Andrew Fox helps you to create a fun series of 30 minimalistic animals. From cats, dinosaurs, crabs, horses, and birds, the animals are simple to create and easily recognizable. Kit includes book, calligraphy marker, and paper.

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B4052. Draw Real Animals / Hammond
B4052. Discover Drawing Series: Draw Real Animals by Lee Hammond. 1996. 80pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

In this step-by-step guide to realistic drawings of pets and other animals you learn to see and draw animals as simple shapes that fit together like a puzzle. Next, you create a convincing sense of dimension with shading. Moving to the details, the book shows you how to accurately draw: different kinds of eyes and noses; various types of hair and fur; textures such as wrinkles, scales, and musculature; intricate patterns of birds, frogs, and other animals. Illustrated demonstrations guide your every step. And best of all, you'll see the difference in your drawings right away!

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B4077. Learn to Draw Calligraphy Nature / Fox
B4077. Learn to Draw Calligraphy Nature by Andrew Fox. 2016. 76pp. 6.25"x8.25". Hardcover

In his first book, Andrew Fox showed us how to make animals with just a few strokes of a calligraphy pen. Now he shares again, this time with a fun series of minimalistic nature drawings. From acorns, beetles, daffodils, and hedgehogs to snowflakes and clouds, the drawings are simple to create and easily recognizable (some more than others). For children of all ages; good for entry-level artists. Includes pad and calligraphy marker.

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B4021. Brilliant History of Color in Art / Finlay
B4021. The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay. 2014. 128pp. 9"x10.15". Hardcover

This is no dry discussion of pigments, but rather an engaging and entertaining exploration around the colors artist use and how they came to be. The author tells of Cleopatra and purple, Napoleon and the graphite pencil, cobalt blue and forged Vermeers, and much more as she brings us into her quest to uncover the origins and science of color. All is related in the warm conversational style that helped make Finlay’s earlier book on color so popular. But unlike that earlier book, this rich narrative is illustrated in full-color throughout - with 166 major works of art, most from the collections of the Getty Museum.

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B3334. 100 Flowers / Yang O-shi
100 Flowers: Chinese Techniques for Painting Flowers by Yang O-shi. 240pp. 8.25"x12". Paper

Victoria Pittman has taught a popular flower painting class for many years at the summer calligraphy conference. Her flowers are made with a few strokes - ideal for envelopes, cards and small calligraphic pieces. As a resource for that class, she highly recommends this book: "This is a particularly good book, with many great examples and great illustrations." It provides sequential steps for painting 100 different flowers, from simple to fairly complex, along with finished paintings. Does not cover the basics of watercolor, just painting these flowers.

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B3044. Art Expose/Judy Melvin
Art Expose: A Collection of Techniques for Creative Expression by Judy Melvin. 2008. 20pp. 8.25"x8.25". Paper.

Judy has put her workshop notes into book form. It's a book of how to make beautiful artwork using the techniques for creative expression that she teaches. Full color. Includes:
Sumi Ink & Sink Art, Sumi Ink & TECH Ink, Gesso, Pastels & Stencils, Bleach & Pastels, and Walnut Ink.

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B2850. Coaching the Artist Within

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B3102. Fraktur: Tips, Tools, and Techniques/ Hartung
B3102. Fraktur: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft by Ruthanne Hartung. 2008. 103pp. 9"x11.25". Hardcover, hidden spiral.

A Fraktur is a document created by the early Pennsylvania German settlers to record and celebrate weddings, baptisms, house blessings, and the like. This instructional book for beginners covers the basics of painting, calligraphy, and layout for Fraktur. You learn through two projects, a small Fraktur and a house blessing. To help as you make your own Fraktur, patterns for the traditional elements - birds, houses, flowers and borders - a birth certificate and three family trees - are provided. Includes examples of traditional Fraktur and the author's work.

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B3340. Creative Mixed Media / Kahn
Creative Mixed Media: Paint Print Stitch Stamp Embellish by Sherrill Kahn. 2009. 112pp. 8-3/8"x10-7/8". Paper

16 creative techniques to try with paper and fabric, using everyday items such as baby wraps, hair gel, and shower mats in out-of-the ordinary ways. The techniques range from stamping and paper embossing to working with stencils, digital images, and glue batik. Includes a color gallery of the techniques. Provides guidelines on design and composition. Full of colorful inspiration. "Excellent" - Cherryl Moote

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DVD33. Hand Lettering on Fabric DVD Engelbrecht
Hand Lettering on Fabric: Bali Lantern Workshop. Lisa Engelbrecht. 2008. 124 min.

After an introduction to calligraphy techniques, Lisa demonstrates the important points to successful decorative writing on fabric with pen & brush. For a variety of fabrics, she shares tips on how to stain and seal, create decorative washes, and add special effects with a variety of "inks." Lisa then creates a rich background for her hand lettering, using a few simple materials. She presents her
signature funky lettering, as well as more traditional forms.
Using the techniques presented in the video, you then apply them to the construction of a collapsible Bali lantern.

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