Legacies 2014 Calligraphy Conference

The Legacies 2014 Calligraphy Conference will be held July 19 - 26, 2014.

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This conference will take place at:
Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel
900 E Lookout Dr
Richardson, TX 75082


Charles W. Eisemann Center
2351 Performance Dr
Richardson, TX 75082

Here is the July issue of the Legacies newsletter, Texas Bound: July 2014 Vol 2-5. It is filled with useful info about the conference. It has a packing checklist and lots of other useful info.

Legacies 2014 Instructor Book & Supply Lists

Class code: instructor(s) - class name – (skill/experience level)

Week-Long Classes
Georgia Angelopoulos(A01) - Things Greek and Gilded - (All)
Yukimi Annand(A02) - Sequence - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Gemma Black(A03) - Vivacious Versals - (All)
Randall Hasson(A04) - Calligraphic Paintings - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Cherryl Moote(A06) - Playbooks - (All)
Pamela Paulsrud(A07) - Spontaneous Mark & Alternative Image - (All)
Carl Rohrs(A08) - Almost Everything:The Opinionated Scribe, Modern Uncials & Papercutting - (All Levels)
Sheila Waters(A10) - The Golden Thread - A New Twist - (All Levels, (except "raw" Beginners)

Half-Week Classes
Barbara Calzolari(B02) - Variations With the Pointed Pen - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Ewan Clayton(B04) - Experimental Lettering with Hans Joachim Burgert - (All)
Julie Gray(B05) - Lettering In 3D! - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Louie Lemoine(B06) - The Magic of the Ruling Pen - (All)
Amity Parks(B09) - Graphite Techniques for Calligraphers - (All)
Linda Schneider(B10) - Beautiful Brush Script Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place - (All)
Julian Waters(B12) - Enliven Your Writing - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Rachel Yallop(B14) - Looking Beyond the Literal Letter - (Intermediate)
Barbara Calzolari(C02) - From Nib To Brush - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Ewan Clayton(C04) - The Half Uncial Bookhand of Lindisfarne - (Intermediate)
Joanne Fink(C05) - Zenspirations - (All)
Louie Lemoine(C06) - The Button Alphabet - (All)
Amity Parks(C09) - The Fearless Series - Ways of Working Without Worry Without Worry - (All)
Linda Schneider(C10) - Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy Flourishing with a Contemporary Flair - (All)
Peter Thornton(C11) - Italic Variations - (All)
Julian Waters(C12) - Blackletter Variations From Textura to Fraktur - (All)
Rachel Yallop(C14) - Creating an Abstract Flat Brush Series for Hanging - (All)

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