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Since 1981 John Neal, Bookseller has supplied calligraphers, lettering artists, illuminators, bookbinders, type and papercraft enthusiasts worldwide with books, tools, and materials. We also publish Letter Arts Review, a full-color journal on the lettering arts, and Bound & Lettered, a quarterly magazine on making books and making letters.

CALLIGRAPHY & ILLUMINATION: We stock the basic items for beginners plus a full range of calligraphy tools and supplies for both broad-edge calligraphy and pointed pen work (Copperplate, Spencerian) including Nibs & Pens, Holders, Inks & Gouache, Fountain Pens, Guidelines, and Light Boxes, & Calligraphic Markers.

You'll find hard-to-locate calligraphy supplies such as Brause & Mitchell Nibs, Automatic Pens, Pentel Color Brushes, Suede Pens, Gum Sandarac and the new Ruling Pens designed for lettering. Our supplies for illumination include gold leaf, prepared gesso, gum ammoniac, prepared vellum and burnishers.

We stock so many good books (and videos) on calligraphy and illumination that we have to separate them into sections: Collections of Calligraphy Examples, Broad-edge Calligraphy Instructional Books, Brush Calligraphy, Copperplate, and Spencerian. Illumination Books include Celtic Knotwork, Instructional Books, Historical Surveys, and Specific Manuscripts.

We cover calligraphy from Marie Angel & Tim Botts to Sheila Waters & Hermann Zapf and from Hebrew calligraphy to the History & Development of Writing and Script.

BOOKBINDING: We stock basic Bookbinding Supplies such as bookbinding needles, linen thread, and bone folders. You'll find over 20 how-to Bookbinding Books and exhibit catalogs on traditional western bookbinding, Oriental binding and artist's books.

You will find books on making greeting cards, envelopes, and pop-ups; paper marbling and other decoration; papermaking; paper cutting; using a gocco printer; & rubber stamps.

PAPERCRAFT: You will find books on making greeting cards, envelopes, and pop-ups; paper marbling and other decoration; papermaking, and paper cutting.

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Our regular hours are 9:00am - 6:00pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.
There may someone here as early as 7:00 am during the week, and here some on weekends to take your orders.
If you have product questions, it is best to call between 9-5, M-F.
The John Neal, Bookseller website is always open: www.johnnealbooks.com
You can place an order, request a catalog, or check out our product help section.
The fax and answering machine are always on. Leave your order on the answering machine or leave a message for a callback.

We are a mail and web company. You may, however, come and make a purchase on-site. Greensboro area scribes and bookbinders sometimes order online for pick-up at the "store" or come to make their purchases here. Our out-of-area customers usually visit in conjunction with a trip to or through the area. Please understand that there is no retail store with the usual display of merchandise. The books are in stacks, alphabetical by title. Supplies are in bin boxes by their code number. Nothing is priced. Open footwear or high heels are not appropriate for the space.

You may drop by between 9am and 6pm. Note that there is only a very small sign in the window of the store, though the street number is large. If you are coming from out of town, you are encouraged to call ahead. We don't always make it here by 9am and we sometimes leave before 6pm. Also, the people who can answer your questions about products may be at lunch or running an errand or homesick. If the weekend is your only option, we are usually able to make an appointment for you to visit on Saturday or Sunday.