Comments for Letter Arts Review 24.1

This afternoon I had a most pleasant surprise in my mailbox - a copy of Letter Arts Review to which I have not subscribed to for some time - a very long time if the truth be known. I first read Christopher Calderhead's “The editor's letter: A story” and it brought tears to my eyes. It is a very sensitive, poignant, moving account of a second hand book purchase he made. Then going page-by-page I came to Nancy Leavitt's “In Hibernation.” Reading it was not unlike being in her studio (as I have often been privileged over the years) and watching her as the creative process unfolded. It is brilliantly presented! You will all enjoy it and learn so much. Read it. Seeing the work of Georgia Deaver and Denis Brown in this issue reminds me, painfully, what I have been missing by not subscribing to this journal. I have been spending far too much time these days working in Photoshop. And, what I find is Photoshop and InDesign are simply not wet enough:) so the time has come to get out the pen and ink and real paper. Thank you John Neal for that copy!
   - Sally Thibault

I've so enjoyed the new Letter Arts Review since it came yesterday, especially the rare glimpse of Nancy Leavitt's exquisite book and her working process and papers. Thanks, Christopher and Nancy!
   - Cari Ferraro