Foundations of Calligraphy

Reviews & Comments:

Dear Sheila:

I am writing to let you know that I just got your book, Foundations of Calligraphy, and I just love it! I can't believe how jam packed it is with information and instruction. I decided to purchase your book after having read Cindy Degrange's article, Study Groups--A Very Broad Term, in the last Masscribes newsletter.

In her article, Cindy talks about their study group and how they go about studying a hand and helping each other at their meetings. One resource they use to verify their lettering is your book. I really appreciate it when people in the know make recommendations for those who aren't so much in the know and, this recommendation is stellar!

Since taking a class last fall, I have purchased more than 50 (used) books on calligraphy and have been disappointed as very few provide guidance for someone serious about learning. It may just be that not many books exist with good examples but every book recommended by my instructors has always been a worthwhile purchase. Your book is priceless. Thank you so much for writing Foundations of Calligraphy.

--Kate, West Yarmouth, MA

Sheila Waters’ book Foundations of Calligraphy would be a good investment for anyone who wants a good grounding in calligraphy fundamentals and more.
--Izzy Pludwinski, Israel

Your book, Foundations of Calligraphy, is filled of LOVE of the beautiful world of Calligraphy. Thanks for sharing with us your rich knowledge, great experience, useful tips, different points of view, approaches, techniques, analysis, recommendations on illustrations and books for further study. You are a MASTER! I spend many hours doing calligraphy with you (I mean your book on my desk).
--A. M. López, Spain

I think the best thing is just how clearly Sheila conveys everything. There are a lot of cool calligraphy books, and I have many of them as "eye candy" but she obviously knows how to "teach" it. It is no easy task to teach something that is "visual" with textual descriptions. I know - I've tried! (I used to write articles for magazines many years ago on digital art like Photoshop and 3D programs.) Writing these kinds of instructions is absolutely a labor of love. Another of the many reasons I love her book is because of the layout and design info. That has always been my weakest skill. Plus, I love reading all the historical background which gives me much more of an appreciation of the letterforms. And Sheila’s letters are just so beautiful to look at!
-- Kim Oravecz

Sheila Waters Retrospective

Reviews & Comments:

I have just received my copy of SCRIPSIT. It is truly wonderful - I keep seeing lovely little touches to the design. Of course, Sheila's work is stunning and the text gives a super insight into her (and Peter's) career. Many of us will have seen and admired her title page for Under Milk Wood and her Roundel of the Seasons, but here you will find other beautiful calligraphy. I particularly loved the alphabets, the quote from Ecclesiastes and the poem 'London Snow' -–Jean Tarry, UK

Hi John, it’s here! It’s gorgeous! Thanks.

The Sheila Waters' retrospective is pure gold.
--Marilyn S., NM