IAMPETH 2014 Calligraphy Conference

The Iampeth 2014 Convention will be held August 4 - 9, 2014.

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The convention will be held in:
Indianapolis, Indiana.

Iampeth 2014 Instructor Book & Supply Lists

Class code: instructor(s) - class name – (skill/experience level)

Pat Blair - Spencerian Script - (All)
Bill Kemp - Engrosser's Script - (All)
Mike Kecseg - Pointed Pen Variations - (All)
Jake Weidmann - Flourishing in the Style of F.B. Courtney - (Intermediate/Advanced)
John DeCollibus - Add a Dash of Madarasz - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Sheila Waters - The Golden Thread...A New Twist - (All)
Bryan Platt - Muscular Movement Writing - (All Levels)
Bob Hurford - Colored Pencil Basics - (All Levels)
Michael Sull - Masterpiece Flourishing - (All)
Rosemary Buczek - Drawing and Painting the Decorative Missal of Lombardic Letter - (Intermediate)
Harvest Crittenden - The Illuminated Borders of Angelo Rassu - (All)
Valerie Weilmuenster - Exploring White Vine Illumination - (All)
Bob Hurford - The Spencerian Ladies' Hand - (All)
Kathy Milici - The Flourished Monogram - (All)
Marian Gault - Chancery Cursive Italic - (All)
Tamara Stonenburner - The Psychology and Design of Wedding Certificates - (All)
Barbara Close - Copperplate Garden - (All, some knowledge of copperplate preferred)

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