Beautiful original artwork by well-known calligraphers collected over many years is being offered as the owners are down sizing their collection.
Details about the pieces can be sent at your request by emailing rfjohnson29@gmail.com.

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Book of Kells Sculpture by Philip Bouwsma.
This piece incorporates four letters from the Book of Kells in hammered steel and stands on a slate base. Once featured on the cover of Calligraphy Idea Exchange, it is a unique and fascinating piece. 1983. Base is 7 x 8” and height is 17”. Purchased from the artist.



And There Was Light by Alison Urwick
Original, multi-color, silkscreened print on paper in Alison’s frequent form of lettering, the text from bottom to top. Text is from the Book of Genesis. Archival framing.
Outer dimensions: 24½ x 31”.



Lavender’s Blue Series by Ann Hechle
Two small pieces from Ann’s Lavender’s Blue series. Done as part of her work on a large rendition of the text. Written with quill on vellum with gouache and raised gold. Purchased from the artist. Archival framing, one vertical, one horizontal, both 9½ x 7”.
$500 each or $950 pair.



Roman Letters Book Page by Fr. Catich
Uncut and unfolded book page from “The Origin of Letter Forms”. Printed 2 sides, unframed. 22½ x 17½”.



The Sunne Rising by Peter Halliday
Lettering of a poem by John Dunne. Gouache, raised gold and shell gold on vellum. Done for the Lettering Arts in the 80’s exhibition in Minneapolis and purchased from the artist. Unusual technique of mixing gouache with shell gold.
Archival framing (needs remounting). 21 x 19”.



Calligraphic Study by Arie Trum
Study using various techniques of overpainting and brush lettering. Gouache and ink on freely cut Arches watercolor paper. Purchased from the artist. Archival framing (floated) with a gold metal frame. 19¾ x 26¼”.



Meeting Rudolph Koch in a Dream by Arie Trum
Dutch artist Arie Trum interprets a Rudolph Koch book page with abstract Gothic lettering in red gouache under a book folio done with torn paper, paint and gold. Painted Arches watercolor background, mounted on an additional piece of Arches. Signed by the artist with authentication. Purchased from the artist. 29 x 37.



Alphabet by Michael Harvey
Silk-screened on poster board with torn paper letters. Signed and dated 1987.
Unframed. 13 x 29”.



Michael Harvey Slate
Random letters carved in slate and mounted on a block. Done during a workshop for Pendragon. Signed “For Pam from Michael” 1987/1988. 12 x 10"



Where Your Heart Is by Thomas Ingmire
Exquisite rendering on vellum of Luke12:34 commissioned by Ray Johnson in 1984. Gouache, raised gold and patent gold. Archival framing. 10½ x 12¼”. Image size 4⅝ x 5¼".



Arie Trum Lithographs
Pair of abstract lithographs incorporating alphabetic symbols. Limited edition signed 23/50 by the artist. Purchased from the artist. Archival framing.
Unusual coloring for Trum. 22¾ x34¼”.



The Lark by Kingsley Smith
Wonderful rendering of the poem by Sir William Davenant written in the early 1600s. Lettering in gouache with a raised gold three-dimensional rending of a lark in raised gold. Unfortunate damage by non-archival framing, but could be reversed. 6 x 12”. Unframed.

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