Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam & Jetsam L.Doctor

Date: Sep 21-25, 2015
Place: Madeline School of Arts
La Pointe, WI

More information: http://www.lauriedoctor.com/workshops/2015/MadelineIsland/Flotsam_Jetsam2015.html

Students can bring:
A baggie of scraps of writing, color, old work- things you have lying around that will fit into a baggie, and are flat
fine point permanent pen: e.g. Micron or Copic .3 or so- any brand you like (M17)
sumi ink (wrapped tightly in a plastic bag!) (I70)

watercolor: (small tubes of cadmium WN108 and lemon yellow (WN348) , alizirin crimson (WN004) and cadmium red (WN094) and ultramarine (WN263) and phthalo blue (not available – emailing Laurie 11/23/14) - a good brand, like Winsor-Newton, –(Cheap paint has less pigment and disappointing color. "Hue" when it comes after the color, as in Cadmium red hue, means "fake" and doesn't work as a substitute.)

scissors (S835)

pencils & eraser (including HB, 3B, 4B) (I love the Derwent wash (S858, E13) pencils-4B or 8B- there is a blue stripe on the end of the pencil) (S142) glue stick (S391)
12" metal ruler (S270)
Choose some writing tools you like (pens, pencils, colored pencils, pastels, found objects, range of brushes)
plastic plate or palette for mixing color (S744, S679)
1-2 wide brushes (3 inches or so) like natural bristle house paint brushes and/ or cheap foam brushes (BR53)
Large container for water, 3 smaller containers (like what you get for tasting) for ink and gouache (S810, S784)
rag and/or paper towels (S817)
Kitchen sponge cut into quarters
3-4 sheets of arches text wove torn down to 1/2 size (25 x 20): PS01 (full sheet is PS01-FS)
(this is an estimate, as folks work at different speeds some places sell 1/2 sheets as whole sheets- so pay attention to the size you get)

Laurie will provide:
paste, Rice paper, Linen thread, needles, brads, wax, White china markers
Materials fee: $10 payable to instructor at the time of class