Chance Images

"Chance images" with Laurie Doctor March, 2015 More information:

Please read carefully, and label all materials with your name:
(If you are traveling with a friend, the paint can be shared)*
• fine point permanent black pen (Micron or Copic 0.3 or so, or any equivalent) (M17)
• Sumi ink (packed tightly in plastic bag!) (I70)
• glue stick (S391)
• pencils (including HB, 3B, and 4B and a mechanical pencil with HB or 2B lead) (S142, PL03)
• pencil sharpener: (no motors please) (S933)
• white eraser (E13)
• 12" or larger metal ruler with rubber backing (S270)
• plastic plate, palette paper, or palette for mixing color (S744, S679)
• small, cheap brushes for mixing watercolor
• small, pointed watercolor brush: # 2,4, or 6 Gold Scepter (red handle) BR26 or Richeson 9000 series are inexpensive
• 2 inexpensive wide brushes (3" or so) like natural bristle house paint or cheap foam brushes (BR53)
• container for water S784
• rags or paper towels S817
• approx. 6 half sheets ( 20 x 25) of Arches Text Wove - the amount of paper is an estimate as people work at different speeds (if possible, roll paper or fold in half for travel)(PS01)
• containers, about pint size, with lids (at least 6) for acrylic paint. We never seem to have too many containers! Be sure they have wide enough mouths to dip the wide brushes into.
• 3 tubes of watercolor or gouache for detail: any yellow, red, and blue –(WNG523, 524, 527) *(it would be possible for 2 people to share these)
• house sponge (approx. 4 x 6 x 1/2) cut into quarters
•Acrylic paints: (these particular colors are important, "hue" means "fake"- so don't get Cad Red Hue): cad red, quinacrodone red, cad yellow, hansa yellow, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue and titanium or zinc white (it would be possible for 2 people to share these). (I137) Golden is best for quality and intensity of color- tubes, jars or liquid are okay- 2 oz size tubes are what I use. *(2 people can share)
• I sheet of frosted mylar (20 x 25 or larger) (PS100)
Optional: 2 long-handled brushes for acrylic, carbon ink or graphite block (made by Derwent and others)
any water soluble graphite pencils or blocks (S858)
writing tools you like or want to try (pens, colored pencils, found objects)
Fabric scraps
bookbinding, embroidery or crewel needles S219
Materials provided: ($10 fee) Japanese papers, pastels, methyl cellulose, wax medium, sandpaper, rubber gloves, linen thread, embroidery thread, wax finish and other mediums.