Advanced Spencerian Lettering

This is the supply list for Harvest's online class "Advanced Spencerian Lettering".

We are offering a special kit with all the items listed below:HC3
Students will need:
Oblique pen holder or straight pen holder (if left handed)(H95, H61)
Nikko G or Zebra G nibs (N113, N118)
Iron Gall Ink, McCaffery's Black or Old World (I37)
Mechanical pencil (I use .05 but use whatever is handy) (S681)
C-Thru 12" grid ruler (S798)
Red pencil (S818)
Blotter paper or several sheets of regular paper to put under work (S261-11)
Viva paper towels, smooth NOT textured
Graph paper, 1/8" for practice (P22)
Translucent Layout Paper - Borden & Riley, or Beinfang, or whatever you already have (P10)