Decorated Letters

Drawing & Painting Supplies:
Brushes (WN Series 7 or Miniature 7, sizes 1, 0, 00) or equivalent. Kolinsky hair (BR38)
Broad-edged Pen Holder & Nibs, Mitchell (N04) or other (NIBS: 6, 5, 4, 3, 3.5, 2.5)(or other small pen nibs you have on hand)
Gouache – (opaque) at least 3 colors in tubes, plus WN Zinc White and Gold metallic gouache – Schminke (Gold Pearl) (SG870) or Fine Tech (one pan or 5) (S890, S741)
Watercolor – (transparent) you may bring this instead of gouache
Pastels – a box or 2 or 3 work well together. You may borrow mine.
Mixing pans – 6-pan tray or favorite mixing pans for gouache/watercolor. I prefer the porcelain "flower" with 7 spaces to mix (S723)
Gum Arabic – powdered or liquid (I84, I85)
Ruling pen (traditional type) to use with 6" ruler (or larger) with a raised edge Ruler – whatever you have (rolling rulers are good, too) (S271, S385)
Paper -Fine art paper of your choosing. Arches HP 90 or 140 lb (PS42, PS47) or LanaAquarelle is a good basic. Bring small handmade papers or buy from me. Vellum – (optional) (S197)
(I'm talking genuine calfskin. Sheep, deer or other skin is okay, too)
Tracing paper for sketching – Clearprint Design Vellum (my fav) (P45)
Saral paper (S612) (transfer paper-graphite color) Ball point pen needed to transfer
Drawing pencil (HB lead) (S142)
Sharp Scissors – to cut down paper
Pencil sharpener (or use mine)
Eraser – Mars Staedtler (my fav) (E13)
Water container – to rinse brushes AND a Water DROPPER BOTTLE (S784, S706)
Paint rag or paper towels