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Cheerio 2014-John Stevens

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John Stevens
Sept 21-26 & Oct 26-31 Sessions 2014

By John Stevens
B2982. SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word. 264pp. 8.75"x11.25". Hardcover $49.95
B2362. The Character: Selected Works, Calligraphy, Drawings, Paintings 1990-1999. 2000. 33pp. 6"x9". Paper $20.00.

Broad-edged: Brause, Mitchell. Multiple sizes, for example Mitchells from small to #1 or #0
Pointed: More on the stiffer side.
Optional: Automatic pens, folded ruling pens, Pilot parallel pens (3.8mm / 2.4mm)
N02-S9. Brause Set of 9 Nibs. $19.71. JNB 17.58
N02. Brause Calligraphy Nibs. Specify size. $2.19. JNB $2.00
N04-S10B. Mitchell Calligraphy Nib Set (10 Res) $12.95
N04. Mitchell Nibs (Round Hand). Specify size. $1.49. JNB $.85

N27. Automatic Pens Sizes: 1 (1/16"), 2 (1/8"), 3 (3/16"), 3A (1/4"), 4 (5/16"), 5 (1/2"), 6 (3/4"), 6A (1"). $11.95 each (John suggests size 3 (3/16"), 3A (1/4"), or 4 (5/16") for this workshop)
N27-S6. Set of 6 pens. $71.70. JNB $64.53 (sizes 1, 2, 3or3A, 4, 5, 6 or 6A)
N30. Folded Ruling Pen. $15.95
N148. Tim's Folded Pen. Regular (curved) or Dagger (straight). $36.00
FP67. Pilot Parallel Pen. Specify size 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, 6.0mm
FP68. Pilot Parallel Pen. Specify size 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm (modified from sizes above. Not quite as smooth writing.)

Nikko G is fine. Gillott 303 or EF Principal may be fine, too. You can try the exercise with any other nibs.– John Stevens
N113. Nikko G Nib. $1.55

Pelikan 4001 or Higgins Eternal, Black Gouache
OPTIONAL: Watercolor, Walnut ink, Color/White gouache
I04. Pelikan 4001 Ink. 2oz. $10.99. JNB $9.89
I08. Higgins Eternal. 2oz. $4.39. JNB $3.95
WNG331. W&N Gouache: Ivory Black $9.59
WNG335. W&N Gouache: Jet Black. $9.59
I53-2.5. Walnut (Color) Ink. 2.5oz. $6.40
S449. Walnut (Color) Ink Crystals. 1 oz. $3.75 2 oz. $6.25 4oz. $11.25 8oz. $21.50 16oz.$40.00 S450. Walnut Crystals JAR. $2.00
WNG512. Winsor & Newton Permanent White Gouache $9.59

Practice: bond paper is fine if it does not bleed.
Smooth: JNB carries a few like the Canson Marker Layout Pad
P70. JNB 25% Cotton Practice Pad. 24lb. 11"x17", 50 sheets. $12.95
P100-11. Strathmore 400 Series 11x14 Pad. $9.95. JNB $8.96
P32-11. Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad.
P11. 11"x14" 50 SHEETS $13.89 JNB $11.81 100 SHEETS $22.55 JNB $19.17
P39. Cotton Comp Pad. 11x14. $16.21. JNB $12.97
P20-50. JNB 11x17 Practice Pad 50 Sheets. $6.50 P20-100. JNB 11x17 Practice Pad 100 Sheets. $11.95

W&N 995 1/2" flat brush.
OPTIONAL: A pointed brush is always a good idea. My favorite is W&N Series 7 (smaller size is fine, #1, #2, or #3) Because of a problem with US Customs, W&N Series 7 and nearly all other sable brushes are not currently available in the USA. John tested Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Sable brushes and found them to be suitable.
A #5 show-card brush (Rekab) is nice if you have one. This is a round ferrule, chisel edge brush. These are sable brushes , so there is the same problem as with Series 7 brushes, but we do have a number of #6 brushes we had set aside a couple of years ago because they appeared to be mislabeled #5's!
BR01. W&N 995 Chisel Lettering Brush. $19.29. JNB $14.47
BR47. Raphael Kolinsky 8408 Brushes. #2 $35.75. SALE $26.81 (#1,#3 are out-of-stock)
BR12. Rekab Brushes. #5. $20.61. JNB $18.55 (will be labeled #6)

BR54. Loew Cornell "One-Stroke" Brush; specify 1/2" ($10.99) or 1" ($20.99)
This brush is an alternative to the Rekab sable brush.

Texts -- Some as short as 2 or 3 words, then a sentence or two, and texts that are longer.
OPTIONAL: A text you love or want to work with.

Other items like
Pencils -- HB - 2B for drawing. 4H for ruling lines.
S142. Design Drawing Pencils. Specify hardness. $1.25
masking tape for taping artwork to tables or walls. Blue masking tape (used for painting) is preferred as it releases much more easily especially if it is left up all week.
S931. Blue Masking Tape. $4.99
palette This is a flat palette for loading and shaping your brush (not one with wells for mixing color): a styrofoam plate, a piece of glass (sharp edges taped or rounded), butcher's tray, palette paper.
S777. Butcher's Tray 7.5x11 inches. $11.50
P365. Strathmore Paper Palette Pad. 9x12. $7.69
water container,
S731. Foldable Water Container (specify red or blue) $8.80
S784. Three Piece Detachable Plastic Brush Washer $3.92
paper towels,
S817. One roll of Viva brand Paper towels. $3.00
note-taking stuff.
straight edge for ruling lines,
S271. Metal Ruler, 18 inches. $5.50
S753. 18" Plastic T-Square $4.99
small brush for loading pens,
BR43. Mixing Brushes, pk of 3. $1.20
Soap to clean brushes: Ivory bar soap works, a partial/hotel bar would work fine. If you HAVE artists' brush cleaner, bring that instead.
S930. Masters Brush Cleaner 2.5 ounce. $8.29
Glue stick S391. UHU $3.60
Writing Board, if you need.
S690. Airlite Drawing Board 18x24. $30.99
Cutting mat (not cutting board as in the original supply list)
Self healing cutting mat
S504. 9x12 $7.50
S504-LG 12x18 $13.50
Hard Arkansas Stone and 16x loupe (magnifying glass) for shaping small nibs
S115. Hard (Black) Arkansas Stone. $23.70
S657. 10x Magnifier. $20.25
John said a 10X would be fine

N02-S9. Brause Set of 9 Nibs
Widely used by professionals, the Brause Nibs are also the best calligraphy nibs for beginners. Stiff, durable high-quality nibs from Germany. Oblique cut calligraphy nibs, with the reservoir on top. If you have a heavy hand, Brause Nibs will work well. You can't go wrong with these chisel edged dip nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), and other hands. (Bandzung)

Sizes in set:
1.0 mm
1.5 mm
2.0 mm
2.5 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm

Your Price $19.71

N04-S10B. Mitchell Calligraphy Nib Set (10 Res)
Set of 10 Mitchell Rexel Round Hand Nibs with 10 Reservoirs.
Included sizes: 0 (3.3mm), 1( 3mm), 1-1/2 (2.5mm), 2(2.3mm), 2-1/2 (1.8mm), 3(1.4mm), 3-1/2 (1mm), 4(0.9mm), 5 (.75mm), 6 (.6mm).

Flexible calligraphy nibs from England. Straight cut. Though they are called Round Hand, these chisel edge nibs are good for many alphabets, including Italic, Carolingian, Uncials, Gothic (Blackletter/Old English), Foundational Hand, and Roman Caps. Widely used by professional calligraphers with and without the reservoirs. Some beginners may have trouble with the flexibility. One of our most popular dip pen nibs for calligraphy. Give them a try.

See item N05-S10B for the Left-Hand Set.

Your Price

N04. Mitchell Nibs (Round Hand)
Mitchell Rexel Round Hand Nibs
Straight cut. Sizes 0(3.3mm), 1(3mm), 1-1/2(2.5mm),
2(2.3mm), 2-1/2(1.8mm), 3(1.4mm), 3-1/2(1mm),
4(0.9mm), 5(.75mm), 6(.6mm).

Flexible calligraphy nibs from England. Straight cut. Reservoirs are purchased separately. Though they are called Round Hand, these chisel edge nibs are good for many alphabets including Carolingian, Italic, Uncials, Gothic, Foundational Hand, and Roman Caps. Used by professional calligraphers with and without the reservoirs. Some beginners may have trouble with the flexibility. One of our most popular nibs for calligraphy. Give them a try.

See N05 for Left Hand Mitchell Nibs.

Your Price $1.45

N30. Folded Ruling Pen
Folded Ruling Pen

Introduced at Letterforum in 1995, this innovative lettering tool has been popular ever since. Use it to produce tight "brush lettering" with a pen or for wild, fun, expressive lettering. These are the originals made by Matthew Coffin and highly praised by Carl Rohrs and Peter Thornton as superior to others that are available.

Peter Thornton has his students use our Polishing Paper (S107) to lightly abrade the outer and inner surfaces of the Folded Pen. This allows the ink to spread out on the pen instead of beading up.

Your Price

FP67. Pilot Parallel Pen
Pilot Parallel Pen

Extremely smooth writing from this pen, offering crisp edges and sharp hairlines. Nib point consists of two parallel metal plates and allows for lettering in two sizes. Use the 0.5mm edge for sharp, monoline writing or use the broad edge for calligraphic writing. You can also produce color-blended letters by touching ink from one pen to a second pen loaded with another color. Available in four sizes, includes one red and one black cartridge and a cleaning bladder.

Specify size:

Formerly available as code numbers:

Your Price

FP68. Pilot Parallel Pens Modified to New Sizes
FP68. New Parallel Pen Sizes (These sizes are not made by Pilot.)

Add these additional pens to your Parallel Pen collection:
1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm.

We have the 1.5mm cut down to 1.0mm, the 2.4 cut to 2mm, the 3.8 cut to 3mm and the 6mm cut to 4.5mm. (Pilot does not warrant these modified pens, but John Neal Bookseller does.)

The new 1mm (nominal) is the perfect size for addressing wedding invitations -- though the thick & thin contrast is less than with a dip pen. It is a bit larger than 1.0mm. (You can use the .5mm edge of the pen for fine lines.)

We also have a small selection of pens that were cut too small. Limited supply of 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 4.15mm, 4.35mm

Each includes one red and one black cartridge and a cleaning bladder.

FP68-S Pilot Parallel Pen New Sizes Set of Four Pens is currently unavailable for ordering.

Your Price

N113. Nikko G Nib
N113. Nikko G Nib.

These nibs from Japan are hand cut, extremely smooth, and long-lasting. They are chrome plated and have a medium flex. Great for Spencerian. Smooth writing with no burrs or scratchiness. Highly recommended by Michael Sull.

Your Price

I04. Pelikan 4001 Ink
I04. Pelikan 4001 Ink.

A superior dye ink primarily for fountain pen use. Will flow dependably. If ink has dried in pen, soak the pen in plain water. Non-waterproof.

Choose from these colors in a 2oz glass bottle: Brilliant Black, Royal Blue, Brilliant Brown, Violet, Brilliant Red, Turquoise

Choose this color in a 1oz glass bottle: Dark Green

I04. Pelikan 4001 Ink Color Chart

Your Price $10.92

I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
I08. Higgins Eternal Ink.

A non-waterproof, carbon black ink for dip pens. Our most popular ink for classes. Recommended for copperplate (add a few drops of gum arabic). Perhaps the best ink for calligraphy for a beginner; it will cause the beginner the fewest problems. This ink will bleed more readily than other inks. If bleeding is a problem, try Sumi Inks. 2.5 oz.

Quantity discounts start at 6 & 12.

"For broad-pen writing, I add gouache to Higgins Eternal. Gouache gives Eternal some needed body. It doesn't necessarily have to be black gouache. Indigo or a dark red add an interesting hue to the result. In a quarter ounce of Eternal, I add about a 3/8-inch bead of gouache from a tube. Eternal doesn't give me the hairlines I want in pointed pen work, so for that I much prefer iron gall or walnut ink". - Bob Hurford

Your Price $5.75

I53-2.5. Walnut Drawing Ink
I53-2.5. Tom Norton's Walnut (Color) Ink

A rich sepia ink. Thin with water to create a wash. For brush or dip pen. Already liquid. Non-waterproof (but not suitable for fountain pens).
70ml, 2.36 oz.

Your Price $10.49

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