Illuminated Initials - Sept 2015

We have put together a kit for this class. You save 10% and have all the items needed for the class. (item HC4).

2 or more 5 x 7 sheets of Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper 140 lb. (one is spare in case mistakes are made) (PS47-57)
Simple gouache palette of at the three primary colors + black and white (I use the CMYK palette, but please use what you have) (HG800-5)
2 fine point brushes (suggest 00) (BR26)
1 scruffy mixing brush (BR43)
paper towels for cleaning brush (S817), Water bucket (S784)
mixing palette (S679)
waterproof black ink (I70), OR pigma pen (M17)
1 pointed nib & holder for fine line drawing (N113),( H111) (OR the above pigma pen)
pencil, hb or harder (S142)
ruler or straight edge (S270), (S271)
1 embosser, small ends (S478)
2 sheets of 23k patent gold leaf (you may use FineTec if you prefer) (S189-5), (S741), (S890)
1 sheet of grid paper, 1/8th inch grid (if you have another size of graph paper, use what you have), (P22)
1 sheet of tracing paper (I use drafting vellum) (P43)
instacol (small amount is needed (S892)