SOS Brush Roman Workshop: November 2015

John Stevens
Society of Scribes, New York City
November 14-15, 2015

By John Stevens
B2982. SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word. 264pp. 8.75"x11.25". Hardcover

WNG331. W&N Gouache: Ivory Black
P20-100. JNB 11x17 Practice Pad 100 Sheets.

W&N 995 1/2" flat brush.
BR01. W&N 995 Chisel Lettering Brush.
OPTIONAL: A sho-card brush Rekab is nice if you have one #5, and any brushes you have.
BR12. Rekab Brushes. #5.(will be labeled #6)
Texts -- Some as short as 2 or 3 words, then a sentence or two, and texts that are longer.
OPTIONAL: A text you love or want to work with.

Other items like
Pencils -- HB - 2B for drawing. 4H for ruling lines.
S142. Design Drawing Pencils. Specify hardness.
Masking tape for taping artwork to tables or walls. Blue masking tape (used for painting) is preferred as it releases much more easily especially if it is left up all week.
S931. Blue Masking Tape.
Palette This is a flat palette for loading and shaping your brush (not one with wells for mixing color): a styrofoam plate, a piece of glass (sharp edges taped or rounded), butcher's tray, palette paper.
S777. Butcher's Tray 7.5x11 inches.
P365. Strathmore Paper Palette Pad.
Water container
S731. Foldable Water Container (specify red or blue)
S784. Three Piece Detachable Plastic Brush Washer
Paper towels,
S817. One roll of Viva brand Paper towels.
Note-taking stuff.
Straight edge for ruling lines,
S271. Metal Ruler, 18 inches.
S753. 18" Plastic T-Square.
Small brush for loading pens.
BR43. Mixing Brushes, pk of 3.
Soap to clean brushes: Ivory bar soap works, a partial/hotel bar would work fine. If you HAVE artists' brush cleaner, bring that instead.
S930. Masters Brush Cleaner 2.5 ounce.
S391.Glue stick
Writing Board, if you need.
S690. Airlite Drawing Board 18x24.
Cutting mat (not cutting board as in the original supply list)
Self healing cutting mat
S504. 9x12
S504-LG 12x18
Hard Arkansas Stone and 16x loupe (magnifying glass) for shaping small nibs
S115. Hard (Black) Arkansas Stone.
S657. 10x Magnifier.
John said a 10X would be fine

Brush prep video:

Any updates will be posted here: