Painterly Techniques in Asheville NC

Denis Brown's Painterly Techniques workshop will be in held in Ashville, NC on May 5-8.

Normal calligraphy tools, (Click HERE for a Selection of tools.)
plus the following:
calligraphy dip-pens (Holders-H113, H114; Nibs-N113, N118, N120) and any other tools you like to write with,
gouache paints, (Click HERE for a selection of Gouaches)
artist's alkyd paints,
Pelican 'Plaka' paints, at least two
sets of palettes (one for water media, one for alkyd), (S744, S679, S747)
turpentine or white spirit,
4 or 5 jars with lids, (S276, S260, S845)
a good selection of paintbrushes (esp. larger sizes: include pointed and flat brushes, bristle as well as nylon, even a 2 " decorator's brush will be useful), (Click HERE for the selesction of brushes)
PVA glue, (S340)
also a glue stick, (S391. S454, S203)
pad of thick drawing paper and some sheets of colored paper (include some dark colors), (Click HERE for our Fine Papers & HERE for Pads)
finely powdered gum sandarac, (S123)
old newspapers,
clean rags,
needle and thread or tube of super-glue.