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Be Fearless – Ways of Working Without Worry

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Be Fearless – Ways of Working Without Worry Supply List

Because we are using a variety of tools and techniques, I could tell you to bring everything in your studio. So please, bring what you can manage from the list below without buying a bunch of stuff. I will bring extras and we'll share or buddy up for whatever you don't have.

  • Paper: a few 9×12 sheets each of Strathmore 400 series drawing paper (P100) or whatever you have at home and a few sheets of smooth, 9×12 watercolor or heavyweight paper that you have (PA26)
  • Secondhand book with interesting text or pictures that we can cut the pages out of and share with each other (atlas, dictionary, science, art, foreign language, music)
  • Ruler or triangle (S271, S613)
  • Scissors (S835)
  • X-ACTO knife and blades (S1001, S130)
  • Small cutting board (S504)
  • Writing tools in all sizes (pens/nibs, ruling pen, automatic pens, round and flat brushes) (N04, N02, N22, N155, N27, BR24, BR26)
  • Couple of 1-2″ cheap, flat bristle brushes (BR60)
  • Plexi-glass or smooth plastic (9×12 or so) (S160) to use as a large, flat palette and a regular palette for mixing gouache, etc. (S679)
  • Water container (S784)
  • Pipettes (S141)
  • Paper towels, tissues, baby wipes, or rags (S817)
  • Small spray bottle (S836)
  • Small scraps of matboard or old credit card to spread stuff
  • Framing corners
  • Masking tape (S931)
  • Glue stick (S319)
  • Pencils (S142)
  • Erasers (E13)
  • Inks: black, sumi, walnut, several colors of acrylic, etc. (a variety of colors is good) (I70, I13, S449)
  • Gouache, watercolors, liquid acrylics, metallic powders, etc.(whatever you have, we can share) (I139-HALF, S808) (Our selection of Gouache & Watercolors are HERE)
  • White gesso, small jar (S677)
  • Matte acrylic medium, small jar
  • Texts of different lengths that mean something to you
  • A few images, decorative papers, maps, or other flat items that fit with your texts for collage

Optional: Apron, hair dryer (just a few), drawing board, brayer, pastels, colored pencils, graphite, different papers (whatever weight/color)

Note: If you want to use your own images for the photo transfer exercise, please email me a few of your images that I will print ahead of time for you on my laser printer. Otherwise, I will bring a variety of images for you to use. If you have a laser printer, you can print a few 2×3 or smaller photos for yourself to accompany your texts. Reverse the images, if needed, and print on regular copy paper, not photo paper.

Amity's Book Recommendations:
  • B4087. Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition.
  • B2982. John Steven's Scribe

By and about Amity Parks
  • "Ritual" by Amity Parks. Bound & Lettered 11.2 (BL11.2)
  • "Amity Parks: Letters and Ceramics" (LR29-2.) Letter Arts Review 29.2. The Project Issue.

P100. Strathmore 400 Series
Strathmore Series 400 Drawing Pad

80lb acid-free paper for pen and ink and light washes. Regular/Medium surface. Off-white. 24 sheets. Thomas Ingmire uses these in his workshops as a less expensive alternative to Arches Text Wove.

Choose 6x8, 9x12, 11x14, 12x18, or 18x24 inches

Formerly P100-6, P100-9, P100-11, P100-12, & P100-18

Your Price $5.09

PA26. Strathmore Watercolor Paper (Ready Cut)
500 Series premium watercolor paper that is precision cut into standard size sheets for ready-made frames and mats.

140 lb Hot Press Sheets are popular for painting, illumination and illuminated letters. Hot press is a smooth finish allowing very detailed work.

Available sizes:
5"x7" (25 sheets per pack)
8"x10" (10 sheets per pack)

Made from 100% cotton fiber, this paper is archival, lignin free and acid free.

Your Price $12.29

S271. Metal Ruler: 18in
S271. Stainless Steel Ruler. 18".

18" Flexible, cork back. Marked in 1/16" and millimeters. An essential tool for calligraphers and bookbinders.

Your Price

S835. Detail Scissors
Detail Scissors.

For intricate paper cutting of lighter weight papers. Super fine detail scissors made from surgical stainless steel. 4" long. Blade length 1.25".

Your Price

S130. Excel Blade #11
#1 Craft Knife Blade.

Same blade as X-acto #1, but sharper and less expensive.

The standard pointed blade for cutting. Super sharp, double honed carbon steel blades. Works in both X-acto and Excel craft knives.

Choose 5 pack or 100 pack.

Your Price

S504. Self Healing Cutting Mat
Use this cutting mat to protect your table or desk when cutting paper or board. Unlike a piece of paper board (or your table) the cuts from your craft knife will heal and disappear!

Your Price

N04. Mitchell Nibs (Round Hand)
Mitchell Rexel Round Hand Nibs
Straight cut. Sizes 0(3.3mm), 1(3mm), 1-1/2(2.5mm),
2(2.3mm), 2-1/2(1.8mm), 3(1.4mm), 3-1/2(1mm),
4(0.9mm), 5(.75mm), 6(.6mm).

Flexible calligraphy nibs from England. Straight cut. Reservoirs are purchased separately. Though they are called Round Hand, these chisel edge nibs are good for many alphabets including Carolingian, Italic, Uncials, Gothic, Foundational Hand, and Roman Caps. Used by professional calligraphers with and without the reservoirs. Some beginners may have trouble with the flexibility. One of our most popular nibs for calligraphy. Give them a try.

See N05 for Left Hand Mitchell Nibs.

Your Price $1.45

N22. Ruling Pen
N22. Ruling Pen.

Julian Waters, Gottfried Pott, and many others are using ruling pens to produce expressive letters. This calligraphy ruling pen is designed specifically for lettering. You vary the line width by tilting the pen. Wood handle with brass collar & writing unit.

Your Price

N155. Luthis Pens
N155. Luthis Pens.

Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy. The tips are aluminum; the handles are unfinished wood. Approximately 6" long. Four styles are offered; each writes differently. The pens are from Argentina; they are labeled with their Spanish names.

"They give great edges and hairlines and flow beautifully. For as thin an edge as it has, it's amazingly stable. And the thin handle makes manipulation easy. I can recommend them highly." - Carrie Imai

Butterfly (Mariposa). Has two writing edges.
Moth (Polillita). A smaller version of Butterfly (Mariposa).
Fan (Abanico). The writing edge curve is similar to a standard folded pen or calligraphy ruling pen.
Dragonfly (Libélula). The writing edge has a unique curve that allows you to change writing styles quickly. Carol DuBosch's favorite of the four.

Purchase all four and save: use code N155-S4.

Click here to see sample writing of the Libelula

Click here to see sample writing with the Mariposa.

We have added a new, larger pen:
Moth XXL (Polilla XXL). This is a larger version of the Moth.

Click here to see sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Click here to see more sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Your Price $16.95

BR26. W&N Sceptre Gold 101 Brush
W&N Sceptre Gold 101 Brush, Round, Short Handle

For fine detail, lines & washes. A traditional and popular head shape for all-purpose watercolor work. Can be used for broad strokes yet it will also form a sharp point. They possess excellent color holding capacity, sensitivity, spring and durability. Recommended by Michael Sull.

High quality brushes made from a mix of sable and synthetic fibres. They are ideal for watercolor and suitable for use with acrylic. For watercolor media, while today's synthetic brushes perform excellently, pure sable still has the edge. With a blend you can get performance that is close to sable at a price that is close to synthetic. The blend of hair in Sceptre Gold II also gives you added benefits. Sable hair has excellent spring while the high-quality synthetic filaments ensure that the brushes are soft enough to work the color but also have a strong snap so they return back to their original shape with ease. The high proportion of sable in Sceptre Gold II gives the brushes considerably more ability to make larger washes in one stroke than normal synthetic brushes, and the hairs are tapered to a fine point, giving the brush control for detailed work.

Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold 101 Brush Round Short Handle

Your Price $8.19

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