John Stevens Workshop: Brazil 2017

John Stevens Workshop: Brazil 2017

Please add Product 17BZ to your preorder to take advantage of our offer to deliver your order to the retreat.

Supplies you will NEED:

• Brauses (N02), Mitchells (N04). Multiple sizes from small to medium.
• Pointed Pens, more on the stiffer side (N113, N137).

• Pelikan 4001 (I04)
• Higgins Eternal (I08)
• Gouache (WNG331, WNG335; for the rest of the gouaches we carry click HERE)

• Practice Bond paper is fine if it doesn't bleed. Smooth. (P20, P32, P09-100)

• A broad-edge brush like W&N 995 1/2" (BR01).
• Alternatively: Cotman #2 or Raphael Kaerell 8769, #4 (BR24)

• Some as short as 2-3 word. Then a sentence or two and other tests that are longer.

• Pencils for drawing (S142) and for ruling line.
• Vine Charcoal (Med. softness)
• Masking Tape (S931)
• Palette (S679)
• Something to cut paper, knife (S417, S130)
• Water Container (S992)
• Paper Towels (S817)
• Note Taking Stuff
• Straight Edge for lines (S271)
• A small brush for loading pens (BR43)
• Soap to clean brushes (S930)
• Glue Stick (S391)

Optional Supplies:

• Automatic Pens (N27)
• Folded Ruling Pens (N155, N30, FP132)
• Pilot parallel Pens 3.8mm/2.4mm (FP67) may be helpful.

• Watercolor (S808)
• Walnut ink (I53)
• Color Gouache (for the gouaches we carry click HERE)
• Sumi (I70)

• Any papers you like working on and/or a few sheets of nicer paper like Arches Text Wove, handwove, etc. (PS01)

• A pointed brush is always a good idea. Winsor & Newton Series 7 (000, 00, & 2) in good. (BR28)
• A sho-card brush, Rekab is nice if you have one #5 (BR12)
• Any brushes you have.

• If there is a text that you love or want to work with.

• A writing board if you need. (S690)
• Cutting Board
• 2 L-crops (for cropping artwork)