Enchanted Letter

Enchanted Letter Supplies

Drawing Stage:
Graph Paper and Tracing Paper (8.5 x 11 size for both are fine) (P22, P43) Mechanical Pencil (any size lead) (PL21), 4B Pencil (S142), White Vinyl (E13) or Kneaded Eraser (E09) Ruler (S270) Scotch Brand Removable Tape (S699)(some students have found using a lightbox easier than the tracing paper transfer method. A lightbox is an optional tool. Please don't purchase it especially for this class).

Inking Stage:
McCaffery Brown Ink Recommended (I37) or Ziller Buffalo Brown (I28), Pointed pen and holder ( I usually use a straight holder (H113) and medium flexible pen point such as the Gillott 404 (N74) or Zebra G (N118) for the outline work.) 140 lb Hot Press Watercolour Paper - either Arches (PS47-57) or Fabriano Artistico You will need at least about 6 pieces cut down to 5"x7" for your projects.

Gilding Stage:
If you want to gild your letter with 23K gold, you will need one sheet of gold leaf (S189-5) which will gild several letters, small scissors (S835), small round ball stylus (S478) and your favourite gilding medium. I use Miniatum Ink (pink liquid) (S983). Inexpensive small brush for applying gold size. I use a size 00 synthetic watermedia brush (BR49). If you decide not to gild your letter with 23 K gold leaf, you will need either the Finetec Gold watercolours (S741) or any gold gouache (with mixing brush) to add gold highlights to your design.

Colour Stage:
You can colour your letter with watercolour pencil, coloured pencil or watercolours. The choice is yours. My working method is to start with watercolour pencils and add depth with watercolours. I have listed my favourite supplies for The Enchanted Letter but you can bring whatever colours you would like to see in your design that will work well with florals, ribbons and leaves. For those new to watercolour, John Neal Booksellers is now selling a dot card of Heather Held's favourite Daniel Smith watercolours (S994). The dot card is enough to do several Enchanted Letters and is far more affordable than purchasing tubes of watercolour.
If you do purchase watercolour tubes you will need a small mixing palette and a water dish.
Very small pointed round brushes in sizes 000, 00, 0, and 1 (BR28). I recommend Rosemary and Co. Kolinsky sable brushes Series 33. You can find them online at rosemaryandco.com. Small synthetic brushes such as a nylon taklon brush will also work and are less costly than the Kolinsky Sable brushes. You need to make sure the brushes have a good point and are fairly small.
If you choose to use watercolour pencils, you will still need small brushes and a waterdish for blending colours. I use Staedtler Aquarelle Watercolour Pencils. If you choose to use coloured pencil, any good quality artist's coloured pencil will work. My favourites on Arches HP paper are Faber Castell Polychromos. Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White (for adding white highlights if necessary) (I38)

Embellishment Stage: (optional)
My favourites are: Sakura Gelly Roll Pen Clear Stardust (M96), Finetec Gold Watercolour (S741) with mixing brush (BR43) and small water dish (S992). I use Diane Townsend Pastels Terrages and Soft form pastels (S981). I use the pastels with a sandpaper pad (S978) and q-tip or pastel brush (S979) for burnishing. You only need a few colours…try a dark blue, medium green, and a lavender or pink. Any other pastel will work with the exception of oil based pastels or Prismacolour NuPastels.