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Romans: Pattern & Texture

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Romans: Pattern & Texture – Annie Cicale

Supply List
  • Drawing board if you use one. Flying? You might want to just work on the table top. (S697)
  • T-square (S753) and triangle (S613), or rolling ruler (S385)
  • Masking or drafting tape (S412)
  • Pencils, various hardness (2B, HB, 2H, etc.) (S142)
  • Soft eraser, such as Magic Rub (S86)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Ink rags or tissues (S817)
  • Notebook
  • Old toothbrush for cleaning pens
  • Dividers (A tool I find indispensable for measurement is a pair of dividers, sold at engineering and better art supply stores. A small one is best, but make sure it has a wheel, it holds your measurements better.)
  • Dip pens in assorted sizes, whatever you are comfortable with, such as Brause, Mitchell (Rexel) or Speedball. Mid-sizes, such as 1.5–4.0 mm (N02, N04, N09)
  • Monoline pens, such as Speedball 'B' series, about a B-2 and/or B-3 (Brause makes a similar 'ornamental' nib) OR a Pigma or Rollerball pen (N16)
  • 2-3 pen holders, ones that feel good in your hand (Click HERE for our selection of holders)
  • Non-waterproof ink, such as Moon Palace, Higgins Eternal or walnut ink (I70, I08, I53)
  • One tube of gouache, any color (Click HERE for our selection of gouache)
  • Flat palette such as a plastic tub lid (Use the bottom for your water container.)
  • 1/2 inch Winsor Newton 995 watercolor brush, the one with a clear handle (BR01)
  • Inexpensive drawing paper or layout bond, 11×14" or larger, for brush practice. Smaller sizes will work for pen studies. John Neal's Gilbert bond is terrific. (P70)
  • A few sheets of non-repro graph paper, 11×17" (P21)
  • A few scraps of your favorite good paper (optional but delightful) such as Arches Text Laid or Wove, Arches 90# HP, Canson or Strathmore Charcoal. A packet of good paper will be provided as part of your lab fee. (PS101)
  • Tracing paper for rough drafts (P43)

Writing with Color (optional)
  • Designer's gouache in assorted colors (red, yellow, blue, white) (Click HERE for our selection of gouache)
  • Palette (S679)
  • Old brushes for mixing gouache
  • Gum arabic (I84)
The tools listed here are generic, and depending on the group's interests and experience, some may not be used. Bring what you can and we'll cope with those tools.

The $25 supply fee includes photocopies, a folder to hold them, a couple sheets of Arches Text Wove (cut to size), other paper (cut to size), bottle of walnut ink, book sewing thread and needles.

Recommended Books:
  • B4030. The Eternal Letter: Two Millennia of the Classical Roman Capital edited by Paul Shaw.
  • B1540. The Origin of the Serif by Edward Catich.
  • By and about Annie Cicale
    • LR22-4. "Mani stones in the Himalayas" by Annie Cicale in Letter Arts Review Vol. 22 No. 4.
    • LR13-4. "Finding Content" by Annie Cicale, in Letter Arts Review Issue Vol. 13 No.4.
    • BL10-2. "A Golden Proportion" by Annie Cicale, in Bound & Lettered Issue Vol. 10 No. 2.
    • BL. 9.4. "Carl Rohrs: Workshop Words" by Annie Cicale in BL9.4. Bound & Lettered Vol. 9 No. 4.
    • B2811. Art & Craft of Hand Lettering by Annie Cicale.
    • B3925. Scripsit 35.1: Features the words and work of Annie Cicale as well as 5 additional lettering artists (Doctor, Imai, Malmsten, Pearce, Reese).
    • BL14.3. "Combining Word & Image" by Annie Cicale. Bound & Lettered Vol. 14 No. 3.

    S697. Airlite Drawing Board 20x26
    S697. Airlite Drawing Board 20x26.

    A high-quality, lightweight drawing board with a smooth hardwood surface on both sides and two metal edges for use with a T-square. The resin-impregnated kraft honeycomb core is permanently bonded for strength. Very durable and very light. Made in USA. A drawing board can be used as a lapboard or on an easel at a slant to help prevent neck and back pain.

    (See S690 for an 18"x24" Drawing Board.)

    Ann Miller has an Aerocore Drawing Board in her supply list. Airlite is another trade name for a similar product.

    Your Price

    S753. Westcott Clear T-Square
    S753. Westcott Clear T-Square

    Calibrated on one edge in inches, the other metric.

    Specifiy 12" or 18".

    Now labeled Westcott instead of C-Thru.

    Your Price

    S613. 12 inch 45/90 Triangle
    S613. 45/90 Triangle, 12 in.

    Clear plastic. Called a set square in the UK.

    Your Price

    S385. 12in Rolling Ruler
    12" Rolling Ruler

    Use this tool to speed up making pencil guide line. Draw your first guideline. Then make a single column of dots or small marks for each subsequent line. Line the rolling ruler or parallel guide on the first mark. Then you roll down and draw you guidelines at your marks. The ruler keeps the lines parallel. Mark your paper using a ruler, template or dividers with tick marks. Great for drawing guidelines for text blocks on larger works where a t-square is not practical.

    Your Price

    S412. Drafting Tape
    Drafting Tape
    3/4: wide, 400" length

    Drafting tape is a less sticky version of masking tape and is for temporary taping. Use it to attach your paper to your drawing board or table. With many papers it will peel off without damaging the paper. You should slowly and carefully peel of the tape. Also, leave the items taped only as long as necessary. These kinds of tapes can become permanently adhered to surfaces over time, especially with exposure to bright light.

    Your Price

    S142. Design Drawing Pencils
    Design Drawing Pencils
    Design 3800. Prismacolor Turqouise.

    "6H" is hardest lead. "9B" is softest lead, Specify 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, H, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 9B.

    Your Price

    S86. Eraser: Magic Rub
    S86. Magic Rub Eraser

    For erasing pencil guidelines. Non abrasive.

    Your Price

    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot
    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot

    The Faber-Castell Clic & Go is a collapsible and expandable water pot. Easy to clean and store, travels easily. Ridges on the cup are the perfect place to hold brushes in between uses. The water pot holds approximately 12 ounces. PVC- and Latex-free.

    Your Price

    S817. Viva Papertowels, 12 sheets
    S817. Viva Papertowels, 12 sheets

    Recommended by Harvest Crittenden for wiping pen points and brushes:
    "I've used them exclusively for at least 8 years. They don't leave fuzz on the pen points or brushes."

    We have made these available for those outside the USA or in areas where this brand is not readily available. This is a small pack of 12 sheets for easy shipping.

    Your Price

    N02. Brause Calligraphy Nibs
    Sizes in millimeters (0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0). Oblique-cut.

    Brause calligraphy nibs are popular with both professionals and beginners. Stiffer nibs with reservoir on top. High quality nibs from Germany. Order these if you have a heavy hand and apply strong pressure when you write. These chisel edged dip nibs are great for Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), Italic, and other hands.

    Your Price $2.19

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