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Foundational: Trusting Your Instincts

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Foundational: Trusting Your Instincts – Reggie Ezell

Supply List
  • Your favorite broad edge nibs, all sizes (Click HERE for our selection of Broad Edge Nibs.)
  • Brause EF66 nib (2) (N70)
  • Horizon 3/8" pen or Hiro 10mm nib (N27)
  • Moon Palace Sumi black ink (I70)
  • Double-ended wooden pen handle, round barrel (H39)
  • Mechanical pencil 2H lead (PL21)
  • Mechanical pencil lead pointer (sharpener) (S859)
  • White vinyl eraser, preferably pencil shaped (E24)
  • Ruler 18″ or longer (S271)
  • Slant board: optional but highly recommended (S690)
  • 11″ x 17″ grid pad made for calligraphy (P21)
  • 6-well mixing pan (2) (S679)
  • Mixing brushes (cheap hog hair bristle) (2) (BR43)
  • Dropper and water (S1017)
  • X-acto knife with #10 and #11 blades (S417, S129, S130)
  • Paper towels (S817)
  • Scotch removable tape (S699)
  • Fingernail buffer/file ( 4 or 6 sided)
  • Magnifier, 10X or higher
  • Ball point pen, red fine (optional)
  • Scissors (S835)
  • Winsor Newton gum arabic (I84)
  • Good pointed watercolor brush, size 1 or smaller (BR30, BR26)
  • Powdered gum sandarac in a pouch (S123)
  • Ames lettering guide (S91)
  • Tracing paper, 8 1/2″ x 11" (optional) (P43)
  • Pack of Saral transfer paper (optional) (S612, S654)
  • Good quality black ink stick and grinding stone (optional but highly recommended)
The $15 supply fee includes 2 sheets each of the following papers: Arches Watercolor HP 90#, Union Square Cartridge, Masters Touch Drawing, Strathmore Drawing #400; Writing Fluids – gouaches, watercolors, dry pigments: 12 colors, black stick inks and grinding stones, Writing Implements: quills and wire to make customized reservoirs.

Recommended Books:
  • B3780. Illuminating the Word: The Making of The Saint John's Bible (Second Edition) by Christopher Calderhead.
  • Schrift und Symbol in Stein, Holz und Metall by Jakob/Leicher. Out-of-Print.
  • The Mystic Art of Written Forms: An Illustrated Handbook for Lettering by Friedrich Neugebauer.
  • The Story of Writing by Donald Jackson.
  • Books, Boxes, and Wraps by Webberly & Forsyth. Out-of-Print.
  • B2982. John Stevens SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word.
  • B1638. Brush Lettering by Eliza Schulte (Holliday) & Marilyn Reaves.
  • Creative Lettering Today by Michael Harvey.
  • Written Letters: 33 Alphabets for Calligraphers by Jacqueline Svaren.
  • B2979. Little Manual of Calligraphy By Charles Pearce.
  • B1540. The Origin of the Serif by Edward Catich.
  • Painting for Calligraphers by Marie Angel.
  • The Calligraphers Handbook edited by Heather Child. Out-of-Print.
  • An ABC-Book by Erik Lindegren.
  • Pen Lettering by Ann Camp. Out-of-Print.

N70. Brause 66EF Nib
Very flexible. Will give thick down strokes and fine thins. One of our most popular nibs for copperplate. Nibs are of consistent manufacture. Also called Arrow Nib.
Quantity price at 10 and 50.

Purchase TAB2.4 & BL6.2 for articles that discuss the characteristics in detail of the various pointed nibs. $8.50 each.

Your Price

N27. Automatic Pen
N27. Automatic Pen.
Sizes: 1 (1/16"), 2 (1/8"), 3 (3/16"), 3A (1/4"), 4 (5/16"), 4A (3/8), 5 (1/2"), 6 (3/4"), 6A (1").

These poster pens are made of a non-rust nickel silver with a plastic handle. They produce very thin thins. Use them with the tooth blade uppermost. Clean with warm water after use. A new pen should be filled and worked gently on paper
until the color (ink) flows. Any possible sign of scratching will soon wear off with use.

Click here for a how-to information sheet.

Your Price

I70. Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Moon Palace Sumi
The Ink is now in a bottle with a Gold Label

While the packaging is a bit different , this is the highly sought after and highly recommended Japanese Sumi Ink. For both broad edge and pointed pen work. Dries waterproof. A great calligraphy ink.

"I like Moon Palace better, but both Moon Palace and Best Bottle are beautiful inks. The Moon Palace has a slight sheen to it, which I like. Michael suggested this ink to me so please tell him I said "thank you". I just finished a job of 200 invitations with Moon Palace and the ink is beautiful. I did not dilute the ink.
A client just brought me invitations (slick paper) to address. This bride knew going in to this that I probably couldn't do pointed pen. However, for fun, I tried the Sumi inks and to my surprise they worked pretty darn good. I usually have to use a sharpie on slick envelopes, yikes!!!"

--Clair F., Jan 2011.

Four sizes available:

2.0 oz (widemouth jar)
6.0 oz (180ml)
15 oz (450ml)
60 oz bulk bottle (1.8L) -- Great for teachers, or buy and share the cost with a friend or two or three!

Your Price $5.95

H39. Double Pen Holder
Double Nib Holder
You can insert a nib in each end of this short penholder. A smooth cylinder, not faceted. Interior metal collar, metal grippers. 4.75".

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

Your Price

PL21. Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencils
PL21. Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil

This technical drafting pencil with an industrial design features a 4mm fixed sleeve for template work and technical drawings. Metallic-mesh grip for precision and control. Top click, stationary eraser and tip. Pencil includes one tube of HB lead.

Choose lead size: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm.
Barrel colors : 0.3 Brown, 0.5 Black, 0.7 Blue, 0.9 Gray
Refill leads are item PL22
Eraser Refills are item PL23

Your Price

S859. Rotary Lead Pointer / Sharpener
Rotary Lead Pointer / Sharpener.

In his year-long classes, Reggie Ezell has his students use a lead holder with a 2mm lead which can be sharpened to a fine point. He gave this sharpener high marks after it was tested by his class at Calligraphy Northwest. Reggie prefers a drum sharpener over a mini-sharpener for sharpening these thick leads.

Your Price

E24. White Vinyl Eraser for Pencil
White Vinyl Pencil Eraser.

For erasing pencil, such as guidelines. Similar to the Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser, but perhaps a little softer. Economical for use in classes, for beginners, etc.

2-3/8" x 7/8" x 1/2".

Your Price

S271. Metal Ruler: 18in
S271. Stainless Steel Ruler. 18".

18" Flexible, cork back. Marked in 1/16" and millimeters. An essential tool for calligraphers and bookbinders.

Your Price

S690. Airlite Drawing Board 18 x 24
S690. Airlite Drawing Board 18x24.

A high-quality, lightweight drawing board with a smooth hardwood surface on both sides and two metal edges for use with a T-square. The resin-impregnated kraft honeycomb core is permanently bonded for strength. Very durable and very light. Made in USA. A drawing board can be used as a lapboard or on an easel at a slant to help prevent neck and back pain.

(See S697 for a 20"x26" Drawing Board.)

Ann Miller has an Aerocore Drawing Board in her supply list. Airlite is another trade name for a similar product.

Your Price

P21. JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 Sheets
JNB Graph Pad
Light blue grid (8 squares/inch). 24 lb bond. 11"x17". Approx 50 sheets.

A non-bleeding paper that is great for calligraphy. (We use the same paper in our JNB Practice Pads.) Many instructors have their students use this pad in their classes.

(For graph with slant lines P01.)

Please choose color: Light or Dark.

Light: This grid does not show on many copiers, shows faintly on others, and usually disappears when you adjust the exposure one setting lighter. If you use a copier to produce your finished art for reproduction, this is the pad for you. This pad is good for jobs done at quick printers.

Dark: For classes, some students may appreciate a slightly darker grid. This is particularly true for adult classes. This is still a light blue grid. Some teachers have commented that their students found the original pad's grid was too light.

Your Price

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