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Circling the Square

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Circling the Square – Louise Grunewald

Supply List
Please bring your favorite tools and perhaps some that you have never tried but would like to. I will be bringing along some materials for you to experiment with (which is what the materials fee is for) but do not want to create a huge list of things that you may not use later. Some of the tools and materials that will be used in demonstrations and exercises include:
  • ARCHES TEXT WOVE half sheets. Bring 10 half sheets ( I am guessing at this because it will depend on your working speed), also cut or tear 2 or 3 ATW half sheets into six 8 x 10" sheets for our working portfolio. (PS01, PA03)
  • One sheet of cover stock, like Strathmore Artagain, any color, for our portfolio. At least 16 x 20" in size (PS90)
  • Walnut and sumi inks (I53, I70)
  • at least two colors of transparent watercolor paints that will mix together in a pleasing way (your choice) white and black gouache (WNG512, WNG331)
  • palette for mixing paints (S679)
  • Dr Martin's Pen White (if you have it) (I108)
  • white china marker (S916)
  • graphite pencils of various hardness (bring what you have….just a #2 or equivalent is enough) (S142)
  • a few colored pencils that harmonize with your watercolor colors (PL29)
  • your "usual" calligraphy pens of all sizes, plus any large ones, like Automatic, Cola, Tim's, etc. pointed and flat brushes (bring what you have, but of good quality) (N27, N148, N155)
  • one large flat brush for laying down washes, at least 1" wide. A better quality brush will give a better result. Suggestions: a Japanese Hake brush (2 or 3" wide) or a Winsor Newton Series 995. (BR64, BR53, BR01)
  • pipettes or Fine Line Applicators (whatever you have) (S141, S1035)
  • at least two ample sized water containers (like old large yogurt containers) (S1005)
  • glue stick (S391)
  • bone folder (S308)
  • small sponge
  • compass and protractor (only if you already have them, as we may not get to this exercise in the weekend class and if we do you can borrow)
  • rags or paper towels (S817)
  • scissors, exacto knife (or scalpel), ruler, triangle or T-square, masking or drafting tape, apron or smock (S835, S417, S798, S464, S753, S931, S412, APRN38, APRN39, APRN41)

Recommended Books:
  • B1772. Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by Stephen Nachmanovitch.
  • The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.
  • Art as a Way by Frederick Franck. Out-of-print.
  • Lettering as Drawing by Nicolete Gray. Out-of-print.
  • The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron

PS01. Arches Text Wove (half sheet)
Arches Text Wove
100% rag, pH neutral. 20"x25.5". 120gsm. White. Smooth (wove) finish. 2 deckles, 2 cut edges.

Takes ink well. A great, slightly soft paper to write on. One of our most popular papers. Great for paste paper. Mouldmade in France.

Grain runs parallel to the underlined dimension.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $4.44

PA03. Arches Text Wove 8.5x11in 25 sht pk
Arches Text Wove
8.5"x11" 25 sheets
100% rag, pH neutral. 120gsm. White. Smooth (wove) finish.

Takes ink well. A great, slightly soft paper to write on. One of our most popular papers now available in this smaller size. Great for paste paper. Mouldmade in France. Works well in inkjet and laser printers.

Grain runs parallel to the underlined dimension.

Your Price

PS90. Arches Cover Paper Black
Arches Cover Black
22"x30". 250gsm. Mouldmade in France. 100% cotton. pH neutral, lightly sized, textured surface. 4 deckles. Black.

Laurie Doctor and others recommend this sheet for book and portfolio covers. It folds without cracking. Judy Melvin likes it for her calligraphic painting - however this is NOT the Arches Black that will bleach correctly. When bleach is applied to this new version the paper turns pink (salmon). Grain direction is parallel to underlined dimension.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $13.70

I53-10. Walnut Drawing Ink: 10 oz
Tom Norton's Walnut (Color) Ink
Approx 10 oz. (290ml)

A rich sepia ink.Thin with water to create a wash. For
brush or dip pen. Already liquid. Non-waterproof (but not suitable for fountain pens).

Your Price $25.99

I70. Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Moon Palace Sumi
The Ink is now in a bottle with a Gold Label

While the packaging is a bit different , this is the highly sought after and highly recommended Japanese Sumi Ink. For both broad edge and pointed pen work. Dries waterproof. A great calligraphy ink.

"I like Moon Palace better, but both Moon Palace and Best Bottle are beautiful inks. The Moon Palace has a slight sheen to it, which I like. Michael suggested this ink to me so please tell him I said "thank you". I just finished a job of 200 invitations with Moon Palace and the ink is beautiful. I did not dilute the ink.
A client just brought me invitations (slick paper) to address. This bride knew going in to this that I probably couldn't do pointed pen. However, for fun, I tried the Sumi inks and to my surprise they worked pretty darn good. I usually have to use a sharpie on slick envelopes, yikes!!!"

--Clair F., Jan 2011.

Four sizes available:

2.0 oz (widemouth jar)
6.0 oz (180ml)
15 oz (450ml)
60 oz bulk bottle (1.8L) -- Great for teachers, or buy and share the cost with a friend or two or three!

Your Price $5.95

S679. 6 Well Rectangular Palette
6 well Rectangular Palette

This palette is made of hard white plastic. Contains six wells for mixing paint and gouache. Easily cleaned out and reusable.

Your Price

I108. Dr. Martin's Pen White
Dr. Martin's Pen-White

A great white ink for pointed pen work! 1oz dropper bottle. Can be thinned with water if necessary.

"The new ink is Dr Martin's Pen White, which sold out at Odyssey. I loved it so much that I went back to the supply store and bought a second bottle. Pat Blair tried it, and it worked beautifully out of the bottle with her Spencerian script. No mixing required. The dropper made dispensing easy. It did get a bit thicker as I was using it, and I added a bit of water to the dropper. All my pieces (white on dark paper) at Osyssey and at Iampeth were done using that ink. -- Aline Chan

Your Price $10.70

S916. China Marker (white) with pull string
S916. China Marker (white) with pull string

The china marker makes beautiful bold strokes on almost any porous or non-porous surface including glass, plastic, film, paper, metal, and rubber. Marks wipe away clean. The marker is paper wrapped with a tear string for easy sharpening.

Your Price

S142. Design Drawing Pencils
Design Drawing Pencils
Design 3800. Prismacolor Turqouise.

"6H" is hardest lead. "9B" is softest lead, Specify 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, H, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 9B.

Your Price

PL28. Polychromos Colored Pencils
PL28. Polychromos Colored Pencils

These colored pencils from Faber-Castell provide a soft, vibrant color laydown. They are water-resistant and smudgeproof. Highly recommended by Heather Held for her Enchanted Letters, the colors we are offering are her favorite colors. See item PL29 for a set of the "must have" colors.

Choose color: Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cream, Earth Green, Fuschia, Helioblue-Reddish, Ivory, Light Red-Violet, Madder, Magenta, May Green, Permanant Green Olive, Dark Sepia, Ultramarine, Violet, White.

Certain colors have been discontinued and have low stock; these colors have a discounted price in the dropdown menu.

Your Price $2.85

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