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Studies in Contrast: Exploring Juxtaposition in Lettering Design

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Studies in Contrast: Exploring Juxtaposition in Lettering Design – Suzanne Moore

Supply List
  • Bone folder (S308)
  • Ruler (18" see-thru, if you have it, and can pack it) (S944)
  • Soft eraser (E08)
  • 2H or 3H pencil (S142)
  • Small break-off knife (or X-acto with extra blades) (S417)
  • Scissors (S835)
  • Dr. Martins palette (or other palette with wells)
  • Cheap nylon mixing brushes (small kid's brushes with colored plastic handles are great) (BR43)
  • A couple of quirky mark-making tools from your studio
  • The largest tool, or brush you have (for use with acrylics and/or sumi/gouache mix) (N155, N156, BR64, BR60)
  • Container (preferably recycled, with a lid) to accommodate ink or paint for largest tool (I got a wide, narrow plastic "tray", with cover on a recent plane trip)
  • Spray bottle (with fine mist) 8 – 12oz or so (you can get this at an art supply store; often recycled ones are great)
  • Recycled yogurt/ice cream container with lid (gelato jar?)
  • Large water 'tub" -1 to 2qt (yogurt container)
  • Small water jar (S801)
  • Plastic pipette (S141)
  • Jet Black gouache or a small tube of color gouache (Click HERE for our selection of gouache)
  • Small (broad-edge) nibs, and your fave pointed nibs (if you use them) (Click HERE for our selection of nibs)
  • Bring one tool (you own or made) that you have always wanted to use, and one or two of your favorite tools for example: brush (pointed or wide), folded pen, stick, shell – anything you know and use very well
ONLY if you have it, and you want to pack it (I will bring some for use in class):
  • "Fineline" squeeze bottle or other fine-tip bottle for fluid media (S820)
  • A few pencils and/or graphite sticks of varying soft/hardness (S142, S949)
  • Small amount: a "fave" color of fluid acrylic
  • Speedball C-0 or C-1 nibs, a few large broad-edge nibs (whatever brand you like) (N09)
  • 2 or 3 nylon brushed for painting: round, fine and medium (#1-#4; wedge (angled nylon) 1/4" or 3/8"
Contrast and Juxtaposition / Materials prepared and brought by Suzanne

PLEASE NOTE: most essential materials are covered by the $32 supply fee.
To simplify your packing, lighten your load, and hopefully save a bit of dough, Suzanne will bring:
  • Pre-cut Arches Text Wove
  • Bugra and some miscellaneous papers for you to play with
  • Acrylics: gesso, fluid acrylics
  • Methyl Cellulose (prepared)
  • A variety of mediums + varnish (for sizing)
  • A variety of graphite and conte sticks, colored pencils, NuPastels
  • Gouache
  • Sumi ink
  • Tool-making options
  • PVA and double-stick adhesives
  • Sewing materials for collage and pamphlet sewing
  • Papers for wrappers & covers
. . . and some tools for your use in class:
  • Small mixing brushes (and a few extra Dr. Martin's palettes)
  • Sponges
  • Spray bottles
  • Plastic for tables
  • Drying sheets
  • Brushes
  • Nibs and mark-making tools of various sizes
  • Various brushes (small and larger nylon) for painting/lettering
  • Extra water tubs
  • Pipettes
  • Recycled plastic containers
  • Bone folders
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Fineline squeeze bottles
  • Cutting mat
  • Metal straight edge
  • Extra papers will be available in the classroom, for those speedy folks who need it.

Suzanne has no books to recommend that are specific to this class, but recommends these two, the first on an approach to work and the other on design concepts.
  • B1772. Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by Stephen Nachmanovitch.
  • Design Language by Tim McCreight.

S308. Bone Folder: Deluxe
Bone Folder

Higher quality than most basic bone folders. Made in Germany.

Your Price

S944. Westcott 2x18 inch Graph Ruler
S944. Westcott 8ths Graph Beveled Transparent Ruler 2"x18". No. b-85

These handy 8ths graph rulers are transparent for visibility and beveled to accommodate work with ink. Edges are calibrated to 16ths to the inch with a zero-centering scale down the middle. Laminated for durability.

Now labeled Westcott instead of C-Thru.

Your Price

E08. Factis Black Eraser
Factis Black Eraser

For erasing pencil lines on black papers! Does not leave marks.

Your Price

S142. Design Drawing Pencils
Design Drawing Pencils
Design 3800. Prismacolor Turquoise.

"6H" is hardest lead. "9B" is softest lead, Specify 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, H, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B.

Your Price

S417. Excel Deluxe Knife (NonSlip)
Excel Deluxe Knife

It's time to upgrade. This American-made knife has a soft handle, a no-roll feature, much sharper blades, and best of all its PURPLE (or Black, Blue, Red). It's no more expensive than X-Acto's basic knife! Safety Cap, #11 Blade.

Your Price

S835. Detail Scissors
Detail Scissors.

For intricate paper cutting of lighter weight papers. Super fine detail scissors made from surgical stainless steel. 4" long. Blade length 1.25".

Your Price

BR43. White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3)
BR43. White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3)

Great for mixing gouache or loading ink.

Choose Flat (sizes 2,4,6) or Round (sizes 1,3,5).

Your Price

BR60. Simply Simmons Brushes
BR60. Simply Simmons Brushes

These inexpensive, short-handle brushes are of surprisingly good quality. You can use these flat watercolor brushes for brush lettering, backgrounds, washes, and more. The Shader has longer bristles than the other brushes. Synthetic hair. Recommended by Randy Hasson.

Choose size: 1/2", 3/4", 1", or #10 Shader.

Your Price $4.85

BR64. Loew Cornell Wash Brush Set
BR64. Loew-Cornell Wash Brush Set.

3-Piece Chip Style Brush Set is made with white nylon bristles and flat, short, wood handles. They are ideal for applying a wash of color to a large area, but can also be used for large lettering. Recommended by Lawrence Wheeler. Includes 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch brushes.

Your Price

N155. Luthis Pens
N155. Luthis Pens.

Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy. The tips are aluminum; the handles are unfinished wood. Approximately 6" long. Four styles are offered; each writes differently. The pens are from Argentina; they are labeled with their Spanish names.

"They give great edges and hairlines and flow beautifully. For as thin an edge as it has, it's amazingly stable. And the thin handle makes manipulation easy. I can recommend them highly." - Carrie Imai

Butterfly (Mariposa). Has two writing edges.
Moth (Polillita). A smaller version of Butterfly (Mariposa).
Fan (Abanico). The writing edge curve is similar to a standard folded pen or calligraphy ruling pen.
Dragonfly (Libélula). The writing edge has a unique curve that allows you to change writing styles quickly. Carol DuBosch's favorite of the four.

Purchase all four and save: use code N155-S4.

Click here to see sample writing of the Libelula

Click here to see sample writing with the Mariposa.

We have added a new, larger pen:
Moth XXL (Polilla XXL). This is a larger version of the Moth.

Click here to see sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Click here to see more sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

Your Price $16.95

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