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Bold & Blended: Chunky Roman Caps

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Bold & Blended: Chunky Roman Caps with Belgian & British Paint Powders – Amity Parks

Supply List
  • Variety of Broad Nibs in medium and larger sizes. (At a minimum a Speedball C-0 and a 1/4" automatic pen) (N09, N27)
  • Ruling pen, folded pen or cola pen, and any other of your favorite writing instruments (N22, N30, N155)
  • Mechanical Pencil .3 or .5 with H or HB leads (PL21)
  • Ruler- 2"x18" C-thru plastic ruler and a 12" steel ruler (S944, S270)
  • Small round pointed watercolor brush #1 or #2 (BR49)
  • Several (at least 6) small mixing pots or a palette with deep wells for dipping pens. (S679)
  • Walnut Ink (I'll supply the ink powders for each student as part of the supply fee) (I53)
  • Any papers you like working on (I like Strathmore 400 series drawing paper for practice) and a few sheets of nicer papers like Arches text wove or Canson in light colors or white. (P100, PS01, PS61)
  • Words/texts that have meaning to you. Several short quotes or a longer text you like.
  • Water container (S784)
  • Pipettes (S141)
  • Paper towels (S817)
  • X-acto knife (S417)
  • Cutting board (S504)
  • Glue stick (S391)
  • Writing board
  • Notebook (S690)
  • Masking tape (S412, S931)
The $20 supply fee includes full color bound exemplars, a supply of five colors of the Bister ink powders from Belgium, and Brusho color crystals.

While not specific to this class, Amity encourages all her students to have a subscription to Letter Arts Review and these books:
  • B4087. Speedball Textbook, 24th edition, edited by Angie Vangalis and Randall Hasson.
  • B2982. Scribe: Artist of the Written Word by John Stevens.
By and about Amity Parks
  • BL11.2. "Ritual" by Amity Parks in Bound & Lettered Vol. 11 No. 2
  • LR29-2. "Amity Parks: Letters and Ceramics" in Letter Arts Review Vol 29 No. 2. The Project Issue.

  • N09. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs
    American calligraphy nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic, Old English), Uncial, Half Uncial, Foundational and many other hands or alphabets. C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6. C-0 is largest, C-6 is smallest. Best in larger sizes. C-2, C-3, & C-4 are popular for beginners’ classes. They rust easily so let them dry thoroughly before storing them away. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs.

    For more information about Speedball C nibs, click here.

    Your Price

    N27. Automatic Pen
    N27. Automatic Pen.
    Sizes: 1 (1/16"), 2 (1/8"), 3 (3/16"), 3A (1/4"), 4 (5/16"), 4A (3/8), 5 (1/2"), 6 (3/4"), 6A (1").

    These poster pens are made of a non-rust nickel silver with a plastic handle. They produce very thin thins. Use them with the tooth blade uppermost. Clean with warm water after use. A new pen should be filled and worked gently on paper
    until the color (ink) flows. Any possible sign of scratching will soon wear off with use.

    Click here for a how-to information sheet.

    Your Price

    N22. Ruling Pen
    N22. Ruling Pen.

    Julian Waters, Gottfried Pott, and many others are using ruling pens to produce expressive letters. This calligraphy ruling pen is designed specifically for lettering. You vary the line width by tilting the pen. Wood handle with brass collar & writing unit.

    Your Price

    N30. Folded Ruling Pen
    Folded Ruling Pen

    Introduced at Letterforum in 1995, this innovative lettering tool has been popular ever since. Use them to produce tight "brush lettering" with a pen or for wild, fun, expressive
    lettering. These are the originals made by Matthew Coffin and highly praised by Carl Rohrs and Peter Thornton as superior to others that are available.

    Peter Thornton has his students use our Polishing Paper (S107) to lightly abrade the outer and inner surfaces of the Folded Pen. This allows the ink to spread out on the pen instead of beading up.

    Your Price

    N155. Luthis Pens
    N155. Luthis Pens.

    Folded metal pens for expressive writing and formal calligraphy. The tips are aluminum; the handles are unfinished wood. Approximately 6" long. Four styles are offered; each writes differently. The pens are from Argentina; they are labeled with their Spanish names.

    "They give great edges and hairlines and flow beautifully. For as thin an edge as it has, it's amazingly stable. And the thin handle makes manipulation easy. I can recommend them highly." - Carrie Imai

    Butterfly (Mariposa). Has two writing edges.
    Moth (Polillita). A smaller version of Butterfly (Mariposa).
    Fan (Abanico). The writing edge curve is similar to a standard folded pen or calligraphy ruling pen.
    Dragonfly (Libélula). The writing edge has a unique curve that allows you to change writing styles quickly. Carol DuBosch’s favorite of the four.

    Purchase all four and save: use code N155-S4.

    Click here to see sample writing of the Libelula

    Click here to see sample writing with the Mariposa.

    We have added a new, larger pen:
    Moth XXL (Polilla XXL). This is a larger version of the Moth.

    Click here to see sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

    Click here to see more sample writing with the Polilla XXL.

    Your Price $16.95

    PL21. Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencils
    PL21. Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil

    This technical drafting pencil with an industrial design features a 4mm fixed sleeve for template work and technical drawings. Metallic-mesh grip for precision and control. Top click, stationary eraser and tip. Pencil includes one tube of HB lead.

    Choose lead size: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm.
    Barrel colors : 0.3 Brown, 0.5 Black, 0.7 Blue, 0.9 Gray
    Refill leads are item PL22
    Eraser Refills are item PL23

    Your Price

    S944. Westcott 2x18 inch Graph Ruler
    S944. Westcott 8ths Graph Beveled Transparent Ruler 2"x18". No. b-85

    These handy 8ths graph rulers are transparent for visibility and beveled to accommodate work with ink. Edges are calibrated to 16ths to the inch with a zero centering scale down the middle. Laminated for durability.

    Now labeled Westcott instead of C-Thru.

    Your Price

    S270. Metal Ruler:12in
    S270. Stainless Steel Ruler 12"

    Flexible, cork back.

    Your Price

    BR49. Raphael Kaerell 8394 Pointed Brush
    BR49. Pointed Round Synthetic Brush for water media.

    Harvest Crittenden uses this brush for applying Instacoll in gilding.

    Select Size:
    #2. Limited Stock
    #3. Limited Stock

    Your Price $11.05

    S679. 6 Well Rectangular Palette
    6 well Rectangular Palette

    This palette is made of hard white plastic. Contains six wells for mixing paint and gouache. Easily cleaned out and reusable.

    Your Price

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