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Sweet Caroline

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Sweet Caroline – Jane Shibata
Supply List
Pen nibs:
  • Brause (.5, .75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5) (N02) and/or Speedball (C-4, C-3, C-2, C-1, C-0) (N09)
  • Brause EF 66 pointed nib (N70)
  • or Pilot parallel pens with various colors of ink cartridges(FP67, FP69)
  • Pen holders (Click HERE for our selection of holders)
  • black: select one: Higgins Eternal, Higgins Calligraphy, Japanese stick ink, or gouache (I08,I121, IS11, WNG335)
  • color: select one: gouache (any colors, any brand), bottled inks (any colors, any brand such as FW, Dr. Martin, Magic Color, Ecoline), walnut ink, or watercolors (any brand) (Click HERE for our selection of ink, Click HERE for our selection of gouache/watercolors)
  • select one layout paper: Bienfang Graphics 360, Borden & Riley cotton comp, or Canson layout, 14" x 17″ graph paper for calligraphy (P41, P39, P32, )
  • high quality and color paper: don't buy new paper, bring what you already have, such as Arches hot press, German/Fabriano/Canson Ingres, Arches text wove, Frankfurt white, Canson Mi-Tientes, small sheets up to 14″x 17″ or smaller scraps. (Click HERE for our selection of fine papers)
  • Regular tool box supplies:
    • 2H, HB pencils, eraser, ruler, t-square, plastic ruler, water container, rags/paper towels, paint palette or dinky dips, mixing brushes (S142, E24, S270, S753, S798, S1005, S817, S679, S934, S853, BR43)
    • Slant board or drawing board if you do not like to work flat (S690)
    Text: poetry, quotations, excerpts of text (I will provide alphabet sentences.)

    Recommended books:
    • B2769. Foundations Of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters
    • Under Milk Wood by Sheila Waters
    • B3974. Calligraphy: A Complete Guide by Julien Chazal
    • B1350H. Historical Scripts by Stan Knight
    • LR15-2. Letter Arts Review Volume 15, No. 2 (Carolingian article by Stan Knight)
    • B3347. Medieval Calligraphy by Marc Drogin
    Contributed to:
    • B3160. Hand Lettering: Simple, Creative Styles for Cards, Scrapbooks & More by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh.

    N09. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs
    American calligraphy nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic, Old English), Uncial, Half Uncial, Foundational and many other hands or alphabets. C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6. C-0 is largest, C-6 is smallest. Best in larger sizes. C-2, C-3, & C-4 are popular for beginners’ classes. They rust easily so let them dry thoroughly before storing them away. Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs.

    For more information about Speedball C nibs, click here.

    Your Price

    N02. Brause Calligraphy Nibs
    Sizes in millimeters (0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0). Oblique-cut.

    Brause calligraphy nibs are popular with both professionals and beginners. Stiffer nibs with reservoir on top. High quality nibs from Germany. Order these if you have a heavy hand and apply strong pressure when you write. These chisel edged dip nibs are great for Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), Italic, and other hands.

    Your Price $2.19

    N70. Brause 66EF Nib
    Very flexible. Will give thick down strokes and fine thins. One of our most popular nibs for copperplate. Nibs are of consistent manufacture. Also called Arrow Nib.
    Quantity price at 10 and 50.

    Purchase TAB2.4 & BL6.2 for articles that discuss the characteristics in detail of the various pointed nibs. $8.50 each.

    Your Price

    FP67. Pilot Parallel Pen
    Pilot Parallel Pen

    Extremely smooth writing from this pen, offering crisp edges and sharp hairlines. Nib point consists of two parallel metal plates and allows for lettering in two sizes. Use the 0.5mm edge for sharp, monoline writing or use the broad edge for calligraphic writing. You can also produce color-blended letters by touching ink from one pen to a second pen loaded with another color. Available in four sizes, includes one red and one black cartridge and a cleaning bladder.

    Specify size:

    Formerly available as code numbers:

    Your Price

    FP69. Pilot Cartridges Pack of 6
    Pilot Cartridges Pack of 6 Refills, all one color.

    These cartridges fit both the Pilot Parallel and the Pilot Plumix Pens.

    For an assorted color pack, see FP70.

    Formerly available as code numbers:
    FP67-BLK, FP67-BBK, FP67-BLU, FP67-GRN, FP67-LGN, FP67-OGN, FP67-PNK, FP67-RED, FP67-SEP, FP67-TUR, FP67-VIO, FP67-YEL

    Your Price

    I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
    I08. Higgins Eternal Ink.

    A non-waterproof, carbon black ink for dip pens. Our most popular ink for classes. Recommended for copperplate (add a few drops of gum arabic). Perhaps the best ink for calligraphy for a beginner; it will cause the beginner the fewest problems. This ink will bleed more readily than other inks. If bleeding is a problem try Sumi Inks. 2.5 oz.

    Quantity discounts start at 6 & 12.

    "For broad-pen writing, I add gouache to Higgins Eternal. Gouache gives Eternal some needed body. It doesn't necessarily have to be black gouache. Indigo or a dark red add an interesting hue to the result. In a quarter ounce of Eternal, I add about a 3/8 inch bead of gouache from a tube. Eternal doesn't give me the hairlines I want in pointed pen work, so for that I much prefer iron gall or walnut ink". - Bob Hurford

    Your Price $5.75

    I121. Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink
    I121. Higgins Sepia Calligraphy Ink

    A warm reddish-brown colored ink. Non waterproof, dye-based, translucent. Dries quickly to a beautiful matte finish. Recommended for use with brushes, fountain pens and dip pens, on board or paper.

    2.5 ounce bottle.

    Your Price $5.75

    IS11. Seiryutai Ink Stick 30213
    Seiryutai Ink Stick 30213.

    Black. Recommended by Reggie Ezell. Stick ink can be used for calligraphy and sumi painting. Japanese Inkstick. Boku-Undo 08601

    Your Price

    P41. Bienfang Graphics 360 Pad
    This 100% Rag Layout pad allows ink to flow smoothly but keep a sharp edge. The white sheet with good translucency allows for easy use of guidelines. Very similar to Cotton Comp, but this pad is higher quality. Recommended by Peter Thornton.

    50 sheets per pad

    Your Price

    P39. Cotton Comp Pad
    This layout pad from Borden & Riley is 100% Rag Marker with a very smooth finish. The paper takes ink without bleeding or feathering. With these great qualities, this pad is a step-up from the regular Marker Layout. 50 sheets.

    "The Cotton Comp paper is now my favorite, as it is more
    translucent and letters can be traced through it more easily than through layout paper, yet it has more substance than tracing paper."
    -- Sheila Waters. Cyberscribes, January 2008.

    Choose size: 9x12, 11x14, or 14x17

    Your Price $14.85

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