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The Textured Page: Italic Variations & Possibilities

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The Textured Page: Italic Variations & Possibilities – Diane von Arx

Supply List
  • Variety of sizes of pen nibs with holders, to include Speedball C-0 through C-4 or similar (N09)
  • Several extra wide tools, such as Coit or Automatic Sign Pen (N27)
  • Your favorite ink (Click HERE for our selection of ink)
  • Layout paper such as Borden & Riley #37 (P09)
  • Prepared text of approx. 100 words
  • T-square (S753)
  • Pencil (S142)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Slant or lap board (S690)
  • Paper towel or rags (S817)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Several tubes of your favorite gouache (Click HERE for our selection of gouache)
  • Several sheets of your favorite good paper (same size as your layout pad) (Click HERE for our selection of paper pads)
  • 1 sheet of black paper (same size as your layout pad) (P58)

This is Diane's list of books that she recommends to students to have in their library. They do NOT necessarily or specifically relate to the class she is teaching.
  • B042. Writing & Illuminating & Lettering by Edward Johnston.
  • More Than Fine Writing by Child, Collins, Hechle and Jackson. Out of print.
  • B255. The Universal Penman by George Bickham.
  • B4087. The Speedball Textbook.
  • B1277. Explicato Formarum Litterarum by Rutherford Aris
  • Letter Arts Review (publication). See
  • Pen Lettering by Ann Camp. Out-of-print.
  • B2979. The Little Manual of Calligraphy by Charles Pearce.
  • The Story of Writing by Donald Jackson. Out of print.
  • B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters.
  • The Calligrapher's Handbook by Heather Child. Out of print.
  • B135-H. Historical Scripts by Stan Knight.
  • B2811. The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering by Annie Cicale.
  • B2982. SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word by John Stevens.
  • Basic Italic Handwriting by Diane von Arx.
  • The Foundational Hand by Diane von Arx.
  • Art of Written Forms by Donald Anderson. Out of Print.
By or about Diane Von Arx:
  • LR12-2. "Accepting Commissions" in Letter Arts Review Vol.12, No.2
  • B3417. Scripsit: WCG 35th Anniversary Exhibiton.

B255. Universal Penman / Bickham
B255 The Universal Penman by George Bickham. (1741) 1954. 212pp. 9"x13.75". Paper.

212 pages done by a number of English master penmen of the 1700s, all engraved by Bickham. Shows a variety of Copperplate hands in a variety of sizes. Much non-pictorial flourishing. This is not an instructional manual, but for the study of letterforms this is the best historical source book.

Your Price $22.95

B4087. Speedball Textbook 24th Edition / Vangalis Hasson
B4087. The Speedball Textbook edited by Angie Vangalis and Randall Hasson. 24th ed. 2015. 120pp. 8-7/8"x 5.5". Paper, wire bound.

Free Media Mail Shipping (USA only). Media Mail takes 2 to 3 weeks depending upon location.

A worthy manual with exemplars and examples by nearly 70 leading calligraphers. This new edition features a lay-flat spiral binding, more pages of instruction and alphabets (medieval to modern), and inspiring examples of calligraphy in use. For beginner through advanced. The best book if you want to explore broad edge styles. Not recommended for pointed nib styles.
The Speedball Textbook was first published in 1915.

Customers outside the USA

For shipping via SURFACE mail see B4087-SURFACE

For AIRMAIL shipping to CANADA see B4087-CANADA

For AIRMAIL with insurance shipping to other countries see B4087-AIRMAIL

Your Price

B1277. Explicatio Formarum Litterarum/Aris
Explicatio Formarum Litterarum: The Unfolding of Letterforms by Rutherford Aris. 1990. 50pp. plus 23 foldout plates. 9.5"x12.25". Paper over boards.

This book displays as graphically as possible the development of the forms of the Latin letters from the first to the fifteenth centuries. The foldout plates contain nearly 200 black & white reproductions of various scripts. The text relates the development of letters to that of other arts, making comparisons that shed light on the spirit of an entire age; for example, between the evolution of gothic letters and the pointed arches in gothic cathedrals. Many other fascinating insights into medieval thought, culture & history are included in the book.

Download the errata sheets for Explicatio Formarum Litterarum.

Your Price $35.00

B2979. Little Manual of Calligraphy / Pearce
Little Manual of Calligraphy by Charles Pearce. 1981, 2006. 32pp. 8"x10". Paper

Handwritten throughout, this is one of the most beautiful calligraphy manuals. Each hand is presented with an exemplar alphabet with ductus. Pearce is a master scribe and his manual belongs in every calligraphers library - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Your Price

B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy / Waters
B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters. (2006) 2018. 134pp. 9"x11.25". Concealed spiral binding

Free Media Mail Shipping (USA only). Media Mail takes 2 to 3 weeks depending upon location.

Sheila Waters is a master scribe and a master teacher. For over thirty years of her summer workshops, Sheila has taken scribes through their paces for a week or more of in-depth instruction in letterforms (historical and modern). Students have come from as far away as Australia and Japan for these intensive classes. And for many years, she taught numerous weekend workshops sponsored by calligraphy guilds throughout the USA and Canada and was a frequent instructor at the international conference held each summer. In Foundations, Sheila provides insightful analysis of forms and construction, taking the mystery out of learning calligraphy. You learn how to analyze a script, which helps you toward mastery of an alphabet. In the 110 pages of exemplar alphabets, instruction, and hints, Sheila shares with you the knowledge she has gathered over her years of study and practice. The presentation is honed by her long experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skill and art. This 4th printing, much revised from the 2006 printing, now has a 16-page color gallery of Sheila’s work.

Reviews & Comments

Customers outside the USA

For E-Packet shipping to CANADA see B2769-CANADA

For E-Packet with insurance shipping to other countries see B2769-AIRMAIL

For shipping via uninsured PQW mail to other countries see B2769-SURFACE

Your Price $35.00

B135-H. Historical Scripts / Knight
B135-H. Historical Scripts: From Classical Times to the Renaissance by Stan Knight. 112pp. 9"x12". Hardcover.

An indispensable resource for the study of historical hands. Stan has selected the best examples for Rustic Capitals, Square Capitals, Uncials, Half-Uncials, Caroline Minuscules, Gothic Scripts, Versals, Renaissance Roman and Italics - total of 56 different inscriptions and manuscripts! Enjoy the book with its excellent visuals as it presents the history and developments of the hands. And, if so inclined, use the book to study the forms and replicate with pen and ink. For each manuscript, Stan provides an enlarged section (for letterforms), the full page (for page design), and an actual-size sample (to show you rhythm and letter & word spacing). The perfect complement to Sheila Waters' Foundations of Calligraphy.

The revised and enlarged edition (1998) of this valuable resource. Forward by Ewan Clayton. Includes a helpful glossary and extensive bibliography. Stan Knight is an internationally recognized lettering artist, teacher and author. He is a fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

Your Price $39.95

B2982. John Stevens SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word
B2982. John Stevens SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word. 2013. 264pp. 8.75"x11.25". Hardcover

Free Media Mail Shipping (USA only). Media Mail takes 2 to 3 weeks depending upon location.

A profusely illustrated, full-color retrospective of John Stevens' work with letterforms. Includes calligraphy and lettering -- artworks, personal work, experimental work, commissioned work -- as well as graphic work and type design. His body of work spans paper to stone, books to walls, hand lettering to type and the digital realm.

In the text, John presents his approach to a design or work and his thoughts on letterforms, and continues with a discussion on tools, teaching, design and writing in general. Using his body of work as example, he makes the case that divisions between fine arts and graphic arts are mostly irrelevant.

Please visit the Scribe page on for a video by John Stevens on the book, a sample spread, and a book review by the Carolina Lettering Arts Society here:

Free Media Mail Shipping to USA addresses. If you need the book sooner, there will be a $3 rush ship charge added to your order. Media Mail generally takes upwards of 2 weeks or more to be delivered.

Foreign customers, please click here.

Your Price $59.95

LR12-2. Letter Arts Review Vol.12, No.2
Letter Arts Review Volume 12 No. 2.

The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
  by Karyn L. Gilman
Malla Carl
  by Leila Avrin
The Breathing in the Writing: An Interview with Jovica Veljovic
  by Sarah Zoutwelle Morris
A Note on Ex Ponto
  by Linnea Lundquist
The Art of Politics: A Discussion of Thomas Ingmire's The American Way in the Context of Jasper Johns's Flag
  by Helen Malone
Open Sesame: Gaining Access to Italy's Libraries
  by Kathy Frate
The Zany World of Cartoon Lettering
  by Louis Panagini
Accepting Commissions
  by Diane von Arx Anderson
Foundations of Calligraphy: Part 2 Roman Minuscule
  by Shiela Waters
Cover Artist: Timothy C Ely

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