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Cheerio Retreat - Pamela Paulsrud 2018

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Pamela Paulsrud Cheerio Retreat – Sounding the Inner Landscape

Preorders must be placed no later than Wednesday, October 17th at 6pm.
You can call in the order (336-272-9015), place it by email (, or place it online.
Online orders will need to have the product 00CHEER added to the cart to ensure delivery and the removal of shipping costs.

  • Bow Compass with Lead and Drawing Pen (S1061)
  • Sandpaper Block or Fine Sandpaper (S979)
  • 12 – 18" Ruler (S271)
  • Omnigrid Ruler (S789)
  • At least 4 full sheets of Arches Text Wove 26"x40" (PS01-FS)
  • 1 sheet of Arches Cover Black or other cover weight paper (PS90)
  • Sumi or Walnut Ink (I70, S449)
  • Watercolors or Gouache (Click HERE for our selection of Watercolor and Gouache)
  • A small container for mixing (S679)
  • Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White or Pro White (I38)
  • China Marker (S916)
  • Coliro Watercolors (S1000)
  • White or Silver Gel Pens (M76)
  • Pastels (S885, S952, S981)
  • Palette for mixing color (S679)
  • Water Container (S1005)
  • Paper Towels (S817)
  • Watercolor Brushes(BR38)
  • 4h, 2b, 6B Pencils (PL38)
  • Mechanical Pencil (PL21)
  • Pencil Sharpener (PL13)
  • Kneaded Eraser (E09)
  • Fine Point Black Permanent Pen (M104, M124)
  • Favorite and Experimental Writing Tools (N22, N155, N156, N27, S1035)
  • Removable Tape, Bone Folder, Awl, Needle, Thread for Bookbinding, Scissors, X-Acto Knife, Sponge, Large Container for Water, Color Shaper, Combs and other tools and supplies you like to use (S699, S308, S347, S213, S825, S835, S417, S1005, BR61)

  • I38. Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White Ink
    Dr Martin’s Bleed Proof White

    A dense, opaque, smooth-writing white for your dip pen. Thin with water to the proper consistency. Tint with watercolor or gouache for pastel letters. Recommended by John Stevens and Peter Thornton. 1oz.

    Diane Von Arx uses a similar product, Pro-white (I62).

    Your Price

    S916. China Marker (white) with pull string
    S916. China Marker (white) with pull string

    The china marker makes beautiful bold strokes on almost any porous or non-porous surface including glass, plastic, film, paper, metal, and rubber. Marks wipe away clean. The marker is paper wrapped with a tear string for easy sharpening.

    Your Price

    S1000. Coliro Mica Colors (single pans)
    S1000. Coliro (Finetec) Mica Colors (single pans)

    Made of mica, a natural product that offers a wide variety of metallic shades, from gold and silver to iridescent, shining pearl colors. Can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting. Can be blended. Colors adhere to all absorbent surfaces, such as paper, wood, gypsum, etc.

    Choose color: Apple Green, Arabic Gold, Blackberry, Black Mica, Black Pearl, Blue Green, Blue Pearl, Blue Silver, Bronze, Chocolate, Copper Pearl, Deep Purple, Fine Gold, Fine Lilac, Fiji, Gold Pearl, Golden Orange, Green Pearl, Inca Gold, Indian Summer, Lagoon, Lavender, Mermaid, Metallic Rose, Midnight Blue, Mint, Moon Gold, Moss Green, Peach, Peacock Blue, Pink, Red, Red Brown, Red Violet, Rose, Rose Gold, Rust, Shining Pink, Silver Gray, Silver Pearl, Sky Blue, Sphinx, Stardust, Sterling Silver, Tibet Gold, Unicorn, Walnut.

    Other Coliro:
    S741. Artist Color Gold Set (5 Golds + Silver)
    S766. Moire colors
    S767. Pearl colors
    S968: 12 colors (smaller pans)
    S1009. Stormy Night
    S1010. Rainbow
    S1011. Under the Sea
    S1012. Sunrise
    S1014. Pastel Garden
    S1019. Banana Split
    S1029. Peacock
    S1056. Happy Birthday
    S1060: Mermaid
    S1068: Autumn
    S1072: Galaxy

    Finetec has changed the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro. The paints are not changing, just their name.

    Your Price $5.96

    M76. Signo / Gel Impact Pen
    These Uniball pens are highly praised for their smooth writing and exceptional coverage.

    1mm line, acid-free, fade-resistant. Try the white pen on black paper for Zentangles and other projects.

    Choose color: White, Gold, or Silver.

    Gold and Silver are now called Gel Impact; White is still labeled Signo.

    Your Price

    S885. Diane Townsend Soft Pastels
    S885. Diane Townsend Soft Pastels. Set of 12. Soft form, approx. 1-3/4" long and 3/4" thick.

    Handmade for artists, these are smooth, flowing pastels, rich in pigment. They are used and highly recommended by many calligraphers, including Heather Held and Sandy Wagner.

    Choose Metallic or Intense/Primary:

    ***Intense/Primary shown. To view Metallics click image***

    Metallic Set of 12. Warm Red Gold (Medium, Deep, & Light), Green Gold, Green Gold Medium, Green Gold Light, Aluminum, Steel, Copper (Deep & Light), Bronze, and Black Gold.

    Intense/Primary Set of 12. Bone Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Green Oxide, Permanent Green Light, Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Tuscan Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Violet, and Burnt Sienna.

    Your Price

    S952. PanPastel Artist Pastels
    S952. PanPastel Artist Pastels

    Rich, ultra-soft, artist-grade pastels packed in powder form into a small tin or pan. Highest quality pigments are used in low-dust formulation. The colors mix very easily.

    Carol DuBosch uses PanPastel pastels with the Kuretake Brush Writer, using the ink from the brush as a glue to hold the pastel color.

    We offer single pans as well as two sets:
    Single Pans: Magenta, Hansa Yellow, Phthalo Blue

    Primary Color Set: Permanent Red, Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Black

    Shade Color Set: Violet Shade, Ultramarine Shade, Permanent Red Shade, Chromium Oxide Green Shade, Hansa Yellow Shade)

    Your Price

    S981. Townsend Pastel Embellishing Sets
    S981. Townsend Pastel Embellishing Sets.

    These colors were recommended by Heather Held in her Pro Tips Blog post for embellishing flourishes.

    We have worked with Diane Townsend to put together these three sets for you to choose from:

    Set 1
    163 (light yellow-green)
    153 (pale green)
    This set consists of two terrage pastels

    Set 2
    13 (lavender)
    94 (medium pink)
    30L (medium blue)
    This set consists of three soft form pastels

    Set 3
    607 (green metallic)
    604 (bronze metallic)
    605 (gold metallic)
    This set consists of three soft form pastels

    Your Price

    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot
    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot

    The Faber-Castell Clic & Go is a collapsible and expandable water pot. Easy to clean and store, travels easily. Ridges on the cup are the perfect place to hold brushes in between uses. The water pot holds approximately 12 ounces. PVC- and Latex-free.

    Your Price

    S817. Viva Papertowels, 12 sheets
    S817. Viva Paper towels, 12 sheets

    Recommended by Harvest Crittenden for wiping pen points and brushes:
    "I've used them exclusively for at least 8 years. They don't leave fuzz on the pen points or brushes."

    We have made these available for those outside the USA or in areas where this brand is not readily available. This is a small pack of 12 sheets for easy shipping.

    Your Price

    BR38. WN Artists' Watercolor Sable
    WN Artists' Watercolor Sable Round

    Excellent for fine detail, lines and washes. The round-bellied watercolor brush is the most popular watercolor brush. Quality Kolinsky sable hair, birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules all put together by hand to create a truly excellent brush. Has been improved to ensure a perfect point. Matte finish handle.

    Recommended by Valerie Weilmuenster for illuminated letters as a good and ess expensive alternative to the Winsor & Newton Series 7.

    **To see the price of each size, select the size in the box below**

    Your Price $10.99

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