Barbara Calzolari and Tiziana Gironi - What Wonderful Words - December 4, 11, 18

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What Wonderful Words

Barbara Calzolari & Tiziana Gironi

Day 1 - Skeleton of Roman letters and decoration with flowers using geometric shapes

Design and Modify - We will study the main forms in monoline block letters on squared paper - the rounds, the middle ones, the narrow ones - understand them and learn to write them. We will also explore and change the shapes of the stick letters using different tools: very thin, medium and very thick markers, doubling the lines, and shading the letters correctly. Next, we learn to draw beautiful flowers starting from geometric shapes and assemble the letter to the decoration with style.

Day 2 - Variations of letters using thick markers, doubling the lines, drawing shadows and shades, watercolor techniques.

Assemble and Color - We will learn the main forms of single and double cursive letters, on lined paper. Focusing on the oval and playing with different sizes, we understand and learn to write and draw these beautiful shapes, and then moving on to assembling a letter and adding floral decoration on definitive paper. Finally, we go on to understand how to apply color using gouache.

Day 3 - Skeleton of cursive lettering and composition of an original: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. How to make a final piece- How is a definitive composition made? We will show a final project and all the steps for the realization: the writing, the composition, the colouring on beautiful paper.

HKD 1,100.00 or USD 140.00

Live presentation and will be recorded and available for 30 days following the final class.

Date : 04,11 & 18 Dec 2021 (Saturday)

Time : 22:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Hong Kong Time)

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Supply List:

  • Drawing paper - P100
  • Pencil – PL38
  • Ruler – S798
  • Mechanical pencil – PL 21
  • Colored markers of various kind (medium / thin ) tips – M06-S8
  • Paper (borden & Riley marker layout) – P09-100, P09-50
  • Ceramic palette – S747
  • Brush – BR26
  • Straight pen holder (any) – H89
  • Gold Tablet (Finetec) – S741
  • Winsor & Newton gouache – WNG1, WNG2, WNG3, WNG4