Academy of Art University GR 106-OL -- Summer 2010

Below (AM100) are the tools and supplies for Ann Miller's Class GR 106. If you would prefer, the items are available for purchase individually.

Required Supplies, full list:

*indicates required materials

*B2013. $12.95
The Art of Calligraphy
ISBN: 0-7566-1304-3
Author: David Harris
Reprinted ed. 2005 (or later) Dorling Kindersley

B033. $9.95 Pen Lettering (recommended)
ISBN: 9780713675405
Author: Ann Camp
Publisher: Majors Publishing

Tools & Materials:
*N02-S9 $14.50 set of 9 Brause nibs, broad edged: (all 9 available sizes: .5mm, .7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm) (Left-handed scribes should purchase Left Handed Brause nibs here instead N06-S9 $22.50)

N16 $2.09 each- Speedball monoline nibs: B-0, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5 and B-6, and N09 $2.09 Speedball broad-edged nibs: C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5 and C-6 (sometimes one or two of these are hard to find.
These sizes are part of the AM100 kit:
*Minimum Required: B-0, B-1 and B-4 are absolutely required for this class, as are the largest C nibs (C-0, C-1, C-2, and C-3). If you want the additional sizes please order individually. For illustrators and cartoonists please note that B-5 and B-6 are excellent for sketching.)

*H46. $2.50; (6 holders included with AM100). You might want up to 10, add more individually.- Pen holders, Caran d'Ache brand preferred (you can get more holders if you don't want to switch nibs a lot, or fewer if your budget is tight. JNB has Caran d'Ache, which is smaller in diameter [insert nib between metal and plastic], and Utrecht carries the Speedball holders.)

*N74. $0.99 each (2 included with AM100) Gillott 404 pointed pen nibs (these fit the standard Caran d'Ache or Speedball holder)

N125. $1.39 each - Hunt 102 Crow Quill Nib
H67 $1.89 - Hunt Crowquill Pen Holder

*P21. $7.95 - 11 x 17'' Gridded Calligraphy Practice Pad (8x8 square, dark grid) Graph Pad (no slanted lines)
*P100-18 $17.50 - 18 x 24' pad of Strathmore Drawing 400 Smooth; you can get 3 - 9x12 pages out of each full sheet, 2 vert, 1 horiz.)

*P44. $16.95; 11 x 14' pad of tracing paper or vellum

*I71-6. $7.99 Kaimei Sumi Ink 6 oz. (don't buy the Green Bottle! It contains shellac, is gummy, doesn't flow well and doesn't dry! It is used for sumi-e brushwork on wood and rice paper and is not for pen use.) You may also substitute any good sumi ink found locally.
*S271. $4.99 18' cork back metal ruler
*24' T square – Utrecht 60124 or JNB S623. $13.50 18" T-Square
*S613 $4.95 - 45 degree triangle, 12"
*S142 $1.25 each - pencils, HB lead (2 pencils) – 2B lead (1 pencil)
*S86 $1.00 Magic Rub eraser
*BR31 $4.60 3/8" Yasutomo Brush- Oriental bamboo pointed brush medium or large size bamboo brush, about 3/8' or 1/2' diameter)
*BR01 $17.55 - 1/2 inch flat Winsor & Newton Series 995 brush JNB or 1162 sablette brush Utrecht 32242 (1/2") - Utrecht or JNB
*S417 $3.95 Excel Knife - good utility knife with strong or comfortable handle
*S391 $3.50 - glue stick, such as UHU or Tombow
*S612 $12.80 - roll of Saral graphite (grey) transfer paper
*PS61 $2.35 - 1 sheet of black paper Canson mi-teintes, 19 x 25 inches
1 sheet of contrasting color paper, Canson mi-teintes, 19 x 25 inches

REQUIRED Supplies for the Book:
*PS99 $2.60 - 1 sheet of Bristol Board 2-ply vellum paper 22x30" by Strathmore
*PS05 $1.65 8 - sheets of Canson Ingres white paper 19 x 25 inches (also included in the kit are 1 Steel Grey and 1 Black Canson Ingres)
You may also use a contrasting sheet for the actual book pages. Some students use a light or mid-gray, which makes the white or off-white book plates contrast nicely (gray verso, white recto). There is a photo of this effect in the Portfolio Topic.
(a glue stick is already in the kit) 1 - glue stick UHU
*S310 $6.95 About 4 yards of linen thread or bookbinding thread, or substitute good thread or unbreakable string of your choice. Wide, flat, waxed dental floss will work here, preferably unscented, or a strong thin cord that doesn't stretch.
*S219 $2.55 #15 Bookbinder's Needles
*S340-8 $8.95 - Jade PVA Adhesive for bookbinding

1 - 30/60/90 degree triangle, 10' or reasonable substitute (optional, for drawing guidelines)
1 - good pair of scissors (Fiskars or generic blue handle)
1 - Light Box or Light Table* (One of these is required, see below NOTE:
*IMPORTANT NOTE ON LIGHT BOXES: You will need (and will appreciate forever) a light box. Some people like to work at an angle and some like to work closer to flat. See item number S247.

Supplies for the book that are NOT included in AM100:
1 - sheet of decorative or handmade paper (can be your own inexpensive creation) 18 x 24' or larger to cover the plain 2-ply book cover
1 - sheet of color paper 18 x 24' that coordinates with the decorative paper (for book end papers to secure the inside cover to the first page of book)

One needle with large eye (such as an embroidery needle or bookbinding needle) for sewing page sections of your book. ALTERNATE METHOD: You can use a short length of thin brass wire folded in half around the thread and make the hole in the paper with a pin.

Recommended supplies:
1 - 18 x 24'' Aerocore Drawing Board or reasonable substitute (you may also work flat, but it can put a strain on the neck) These have become expensive. Look around for best buy, depending on your usage. – JNB has a good one- see item numbers S690 and S693
1 - Ruling pen from John Neal Bookseller catalog or online, especially if you love letterform and plan on carrying it forward into your main work. JNB see item number N22. For instruction with Ruling Pens see item LR13-2.
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