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Letters of Joy 2011

Classes are listed alphabetically by teacher. Products John Neal, Bookseller carries are highlighted by a red code#. These code#s can be used in the "Search" Field in the top left corner of the website. Or click on the instructors name for the products we have that match the instructors supply list. These are our suggestions. In many cases there are other options available from the JNB website. For some classes, the instructor has indicated a precise tool or material in their supply list at the top of their page.

Basic Supply List (BSL)
Pencil (S142), eraser (S86), note paper, pen holder (H62, H71, H65), nibs, ink (I08, I70), white bond paper (P20), ruler (S270, S271), Xacto knife (S417), scissors.

Pat Blair
A Flurry of Flourishes Sessions One (1PB1) and Three (3PB3)
All levels
Oblique pen holder, your favorite pointed pen nibs, such as Hunt 22, 56, Gillott 303, 404, G nib or Leonardt Principal. A good quality layout bond paper, such as Canson Pro Layout Marker, 9x12 inch(P32-9), Good quality black paper, like Canson (PA43), Sumi Moon Palace black ink(I70) , and white medium such as Bleed Proof White (I38) or McCaffrey's Ivory(I37-WHT). (Supply fee, None)

These are the books that Pat has recommended in the past for similar workshops:
B1915. Ornamental Calligraphy by George J. Becker, $7.95
B3092. At Home with Artistic Penwork Book Five, Bird and Design Flourishing, Stephen A. Ziller. Paper $5.95
Examples of flourished names in Spencerian and Engravers Script with some instruction. A useful resource for place cards and wedding invitations. Includes instructions for ruling cards.
B3345. Real Pen Work: Self-instruction Manual in Penmanship 1881. Knowles & Maxim. (reprint). 64pp, with CD. $24.95. Includes alphabet instruction and examples of off-hand flourishing. Includes CD of all the images in PDF, JPEG and TIF formats.
B368. Ames Compendium of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship. Paper $10.95. Comes as loose sheets in a three ring binder.

Brenda Broadbent
Celebrate Life's Milestones Session One (1BB1)
Bring 2 - 4 subjects (personal events or special occasions, ie: Beth's 60th birthday). Basic dip pens in several sizes,loading brushes, fav black ink, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue stick, needle with large eye (tapestry or binding), 3 water containers, pipette or eyedropper. Flat brush, pointed brushes, 6mm Parallel Pen (FP67-6.0), color pencils, small watercolor set, round hole punch, spritzer, gelly roll pens including white, metallic Slicci pens or other fun tools.
Parallel Pen Empowerment for Beginners or Experts Session Two (2BB2)
All Levels
Bring any Parallel Pens, their color cartridges and the Parallel Wizardry Book(B3124) you already own. 4-6 sheets of 11 x 14 paper (or larger), a tube of gouache (WNG331) with tools to mix it up, paper towels. Some parallel pens and books will be available for loan during class. If your pens are empty bring them to class empty. Pens with problems are welcomed.

Parallel Pen Wizardry by Benda Broadbrendt. B3124. $14.95

Barbara Close
Floral Journal Workshop Sessions One (1BC1) and Two (2BC2)
All Levels
Colored pencils, gel pens, practice paper such as layout bond (P10), watercolors (tubes or sets), water container, mixing palette, brushes (round # 02, 04, or 06 with good point- BR38), Bamboo Sumi ¼" flat brush ½" , embossing stylus (optional). ($5.00)

Barbara recommends this book on creativity, but it is not a specific recommendation for the class. The Tacoma/John Neal Books table will have books on journaling and painting flowers. B1772. Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by By Stephen Nachmanovitch. $13.95

Jocelyn Curry
A Fanciful Voyage - 16th C. Map Calligraphy Sessions Two (2JC2) and Three (3JC3)
Intermediate / Advanced
Pencil, eraser, 12" ruler (S270), Mitchell nibs (N04) #4 and #6 with holder. Brush for filling, small set of colored pencils, Micron pigma pen .01 or .005 (M17). ($1.00)

Patricia Grass
A Slinky Book Sessions One (1PG1) and Three (3PG3)
All Levels
This 2 inch square book is a variation of a four needle sewing but the thread always remains on the inside of the book, resulting in a VERY flexible binding. A bone folder (S308) and if you have it, a Japanese Screw Punch (S348) with a 1mm or 1.5mm nib.($4.00)
A Palm Leaf Book Session Two (2PG2)
All Levels
Small cutting mat and knife (S504, S417), metal ruler to cut against (S270). All other supplies furnished by the teacher. ($3.00)

Patty has written an excellent bookbinding instructional books: How to Make Books if You Think You Can't.

Brigitte Hefferan
Pointed Pen Variations Sessions One (1BH1) and Two (2BH2)
All Levels
Graph Pad 11 x 17 inch (P01), pointed nibs (N70, N113, N74, N72, N120), oblique holder (H23), bottled ink (I08, I70) or gouache (WNGXXX) with mixing pan (S679, S120-30).

The Tacoma/John Neal Books table will have a selection of pointed pen books.

For Broad-edged calligraphy Brigitte recommends. These books are not applicable to her class at LOJ this year.
B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy* by Sheila Waters. $35.00,
B033. Pen Lettering* by Ann Camp. $9.95
B2979. The Little Manual of Calligraphy by Charles Pearce. $12.95,
B040. Written Letters by Jacqueline Svaren. $19.95
B2811. Art & Craft of Hand Lettering by Annie Cicale. Tentative price $22.95. May be less. Annie's book will be available again in the Fall. You can order now and it will be mailed to you when it is available with no shipping charge.
*Especially recommend. All are good books.

Dewey Henderson
Running with ROMANS Session Two (2DH2)
Pencil, Mitchell Pen nibs #4, 5, 6 (N04) and Holder (H62), eraser (S86), writing fluid: black and one or two colors (I59), water container and wipe cloth. ($5.00)
Lindisfarne Redefined Session Three (3DH3)
All Levels
One black and one red micron or zig pen, 0.1 or larger (M17), fine waterproof pen, pencil, eraser (S86), colored pencils, or small water color set and brush. ($5.00)

While Dewey has not yet sent a list of book resources for her class, this is a brand new and wonderful book on the Lindisfarne Gospels. B3333. The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Early Medieval World by Michelle P. Brown. 2010. 160 pp. 100 color plates. 8.5"x11.5". Hardcover $45.00
The Lindisfarne Gospels, written and illuminated at the beginning of the eighth century, is one of the most outstanding masterpieces of early medieval European book illumination. Costly in time and materials and superb in design, the manuscript is an artistic and religious world treasure. Although written in Latin, the manuscript also contains the oldest surviving translation of the Gospels into English, added to the manuscript around 970 AD.
The text of this new book brings together historical, archaeological, paleographical, and theological perspectives to explore and understand the full significance of this magnificent illuminated manuscript. Lavishly illustrated with full-page color reproductions - there are 100 color plates. The text incorporates new research on relations between the British Isles, continental Europe and the Near East during the early Middle Ages.

Gina Jonas
"Onomatopeia" a Word Exercise Series Sessions One (1GJ1) and Two (2GJ2)
All Levels
4B pencil (S142), pencil sharpener (S633), bond paper that holds a hairline, 3mm Brause (N02), free flowing ink eg. Higgins (I08), padded drawing board. ($2.00)
Pencil Play Session Three (3GJ3)
All Levels
Bring two 4B (soft lead) pencils (S142) , 11" x 14" rough newsprint pad, sketching / carpenter pencil with knife and sandpaper for sharpening (S410). ($2.00)

I'll provide handouts specific to each of my two classes. I'll have my book for students to see. It would be a good resource for further study. B2830. Finding the Flow: A Calligraphic Journey by Gina Spiral bound. Paper $24.95.

Kay Lewis
More Unique Watercolor Cards Sessions Two (2KL2)and Three (3KL3)
All Levels
Half sheet of Arches 90# cold press watercolor paper, watercolors you may have on hand, brushes #6 or #8 round (BR38), ½ inch flat brush (BR01) (recommend Simply Simmons brushes because they are good and cheap). Scissors, straight edge, pencil and eraser. ($3.00)
Book resource list not yet sent. The Tacoma/JNB table will have some books on watercolor.

Janice Long
Variations on Jacob's Ladder Session One (1JL1)
Pressboard cut into 4 pieces 5½" x 4¼", 2 pieces 3" x 2¾". Decorative paper: 2 pieces 6½" x 5½", 4 pieces 5¼" x 4" ; 2 pieces 4" x 3½" ; and 1 piece 25/8" x 27/8". Ribbon cut into 3 pieces 1/8" x 4½" long, 4 pieces ¼ x 15 inches long; glue stick, double sided tape, craft knife(S417), cut mat (S504), steel edged ruler (S270/S271), scissors, pencil, eraser, bone folder (S308). ($.50)
Reversible Starbook Session Two (2JL2)
Intermediate / Advanced
Card Stock; 6 pieces of dark 6"x 12". 6 pieces each of two additional paper colors 7¼" x 5", 6 pieces of two additional colors 6½" x 5", 2 pieces 6" x 4". Ribbon; 2 pieces each ¼" x 52" and ¼" x 16" long, Glue stick, bone folder (S308), double sided tape, scissors, craft knife (S417), cutting mat(S504), steel edged ruler (S270), pencil, eraser, Optional, scoring stylus. (None).Book resource list not yet sent. The Tacoma/JNB table will have a variety of books on bookbinding.

Katherine Malmsten
Off the Shelf Letters Sessions One (1KM1) and Two (2KM2)
All Levels
Smooth white paper, parallel pen (FP67) (preferred) or new broad edge marker (M59, M60), varied sizes if you have them. (No fee)

Maude May
Manila Folder Magic Sessions Two (2MM2) and Three (3MM3)
All levels
Collage materials (decorative papers, magazine art, your doodles or calligraphy scraps, copies of photos etc.) scissors, Sharpie or other permanent fine point pen, glue stick. ($6.00)
Book resource list not yet sent. The Tacoma/JNB table will have a variety of books on papercraft and bookbinding.

Nan Robkin
Australian Flat Piano Hinge Book Sessions Two (2NR2) and Three (3NR3)
All Levels
Basic Supply kit, any sturdy decorative paper 8½" x 11" you would like to include. ($5.00)

Highly Recommends
The Alisa Golden's new book is a gold mine, if you pardon the pun, and I will recommend it to my students at Letters of Joy. The new Gwen Diehn volume is one cool book and it has the instructions for the book I am teaching LOJ. (Of course, I will be giving my students the instructions.) The layout in Gwen's book might be confusing to some, but I found it really useful for looking things up. – Nan Robkin B3339. Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms by Alisa Golden. 2011. 256pp. 8.5"x11". Paper $19.95
B3343. Real Life Journals: Designing & Using Handmade Books by Gwen Diehn. 2010. 180pp. 9"x9". Hardcover $24.95. Pre-order price $22.50


Books & DVD's By Cherryl Moote B2765. Books with Girth by Cherryl Moote. 2005. 220pp. 8.5" x 11". Paper $49.95
DVD35. Firm Foundations DVD. 2008. 130 min. $29.95
B2429. Simply Bound: Beginnings in Bookbinding by Cherryl Moote. 2001. 80pp. 8.5"x11". Spiral Paper $29.95
DVD26. Simply Bound: A Basic Bookbinding Video. 2003. 60 min.DVD $30
B2480. Sleight of Binding. 2002. 88pp. 8.5"x11". $29.95
B2998. Photo Op. 2007. 132pp. 8.5"x11". Spiral Paper $40.00

B3166. Painted Paper: Techniques & Projects for Handmade Books & Cards by Alisa Golden. 2008. 176pp. Paper $17.95. JNB Price $16.95
B3169.Artful Journals: Making and Embellishing Memory Books, Garden Diaries & Travel Albums by Janet Takahashi. 2009. 128pp. 8.5"x11". Paper $17.95.

Linda Schneider
Designing with the Pointed Pen Session One (1LS1) All levels
Learn to design anything and everything, from a flower to a figure, all with flourishes and the pointed pen. Pointed pen with oblique pen holder, ink, layout paper, pencil, eraser and your imagination. ($2.00) Linda Schneider: Designing with Pointed Pen I B3209. Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and More: Contemporary Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy by Linda Schneider. 2009. 85pp. 8.5"x11". Paper $24.95
B152. Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy by E.A. Lupfer. $9.95 Instructions and examples of pictorial flourishes: Quills, birds, swans, etc.
DVD23. Michael Sull's Off-Hand Flourishing Techniques. 106 minutes Color. $40.00
RS100, RS101. RS102, RS103, RSRS104, RS105, RS106, RS107: Linda Schneider, has created rubberstamps of some of her delightful designs. Use the stamps on cards, collage, letters, envelopes and more. $8.95-$11.95
Linda will be demonstrating with this holder. Any quality oblique holder will work: Blackwell, Ziller, Zanerian, or Century.
H50. Blackwell Oblique Holder. A remarkably simple design that holds most pen points for Spencerian and Copperplate. Finely crafted wood holder with a sturdy brass oblique arm. Designed to hold the nib at a less steep slant angle for ease of upstrokes. $37.00 (Works with most all nibs except crowquills and a few of the very largest of the vintage nibs)
H61. Plastic Handle Blackwell Oblique Holder. Black plastic hour glass holder with the same brass flange for holding the nibs. $25.50
Linda's favorite pointed nib is the Brause 66EF. The Blackwell holder is great for 66EF.
N70. Brause 66EF. $1.40 10/$1.30ea Box of 50/$60.00 Very flexible.

Christy Schroeder
Akim Swing Sessions One (1CS1) and Two (2CS2)
Enjoy a fun, relaxed session learning a contemporary monoline form with rhythm, swing and personality - and a little history too! Pencil, eraser, ruler, black monoline pen (ie: micron .05 or smaller or Pitt pen size 5), ($2.00)

For my Akim Swing classes at LOJ this year, I recommend The Calligraphic Line by Burgert (B2783, $35.00) , as well as Letter Arts Review 24-3 (LR24-3, $14.50) for a good article about Burgert.

My favorite book recommendations (these are not specifically recommended for my class at LOJ).: B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters. $35.00
B2811. Art and Craft of Hand Lettering by Annie Cicale. $22.95
B033. Pen Lettering by Ann Camp. $9.95
B2979. Little Manual of Calligraphy by Charles Pearce. $12.95
B135-H. Stan Knight's Historical Scripts. $39.95. Pre-order price $24.95.

Cathy Shiovitz
Shrink Your Mark Session Three (3CS3)
All Levels
Basic calligraphy supplies (pens, waterproof ink or markers), a favorite short quote or two. ($4.00)

Elizabeth Walsh
Oh, My Achin' Bones Session One (1EW1)
Begin the journey of pen manipulation, playful shapes and creative interlinear spacing in learning "Humanist Bookhand with a twist" or "Bone" a contemporary script developed by Jaki Svaren in 1972, so called because of its bonelike vertical shapes. Large writing tool (ie: #4 or #5 Automatic or 6.0 Parallel pen), 11 x 17 practice paper, ink of choice, ruler, pencil. ($1.00).
Neuland, Variations for Snail Mail Sessions Two (2EW2)and Three (3EW3)
All Levels
Bring what you have, instructor will share many supplies. You will need 11" x 17" practice pad (P21), colored pencils, ruler(S270), ink, X-acto knife (S417) and cut mat(S504), favorite large writing tool (ie: #4 or #5 Automatic(N27) or 6.0 or 3.8 Parallel pen FP67-3.8, 6.0)). ($1.00)

Elizabeth Walsh: Bone I, Neuland II,III.
For Bone
Jacqueline Svaren's "Written Letters",
Bone Alphabet in Bound & Lettered, BL4.2. Bound & Lettered 4.2. $8.50
For Neuland
For Neuland inspiration, see Jean Wilson's envelopes in Bound & Lettered Vol.2 No.4 (p.38) and Bound & Lettered Vol.5 No.2 (p.6). $8.50 each.

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