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Georgia Deaver, Carl Rohrs & Julian Waters

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Odyssey Conference Class Listing


Georgia Deaver has no books to recommend for this class

While they are NOT resources for the classes at Odyssey, Carl Rohrs recommends these books for lettering artists.. "all are great books" - Carl Rohrs
B2383. Rudolf Koch by Gerald Cinamon.
B1666. Calligraphic Bookplates and Monograms by Villu Toots.
B2767. Helmut Salden.
B1000. Schriftkunst/Letter Art by Karlgeorg Hoeffer.
LR13-3. Letter Arts Review Issue 13.3 has an well illustrated article on Koch.
B2878. Scriptsit 19.2 for the work by Herman Killian.
B2714. Classic Book Jackets: The Design Legacy of George Salter by Milton Glaser and Thomas Hansen.
Ray Daboll: Disciplined Freedom Poster. $20.00 (folded) (email if you wish to purchase.)

These have work by Julian Waters.
B3016. Scripsit: Pens & Protocol. The last section of the issue on the official calligraphy of Washington, DC features the work of Julian Waters.
B2881. Scripsit 21.2. Includes Julian Waters, John Stevens, Ward Dunham and Peter Horridge.
B039. Speedball Textbook: 23d Edition. Julian contributes an exemplar for italic, with swash majuscules, and a second italic alphabet.
B2302. Uncommon Numbers Manual. Edited by Brenda Casey (Zoby).

Pens: Bring your favorite pens, including a few small Brause (N02) nibs 1 mm and smaller, PLUS a large folded brass FLAT pen (1/4" or 5/16" Horizon from Paper & Ink is ideal; Coit, Hiro or similar are okay; Automatic (N27) is too sharp, but will work with a light touch).
Flat Brush: 1/2" W/N Series 995 (BR01) flat brush or similar (clear handle, gold bristles).
Pointed Brush: W/N Series 7 (BR28), #3 (or 4 or 5); a Pentel Color Brush (FP57) or similar; plus other pointed brushes you like to use.
Ruling Pens: Any ruling pens or "cola pens" you ALREADY HAVE. Many versions will be dis¬cussed in class, and you can buy the model that appeals to you after the introduction and the opportunity to try each of them.
Paper: 3 teachers/3 paper suggestions. Have one of these the first morning, then shop for more as we get going: Carl likes large paper (11" x 14", 14" x 17", or larger) with a bit of tooth (texture like STRATHMORE Charcoal Pads is great for flat brush as well as pen and pointed brush). Georgia would like you to have a 14" x 17" pad or larger of semi-transparent paper that's also good for writing (P12). She likes 360 Bienfang Marker Paper (P47). One of Julian's paper secrets is the use of coated printing pa¬pers, especially for ruling pen strokes with ultra smooth edges. Easiest source is a 12"x18" pad of Finger Painting Paper from any art store. Or:¬ger-Paint-Paper/dp/B000ID2YBW. PLUS any fancier papers you might want to work on– Canson Ingres (PS05) or Mi Tientes (PS61), Bugra (PS21), watercolor, etc.
Ink: Non-waterproof Ink e.g. Higgins Eternal (I08), Higgins Sepia Calligraphy (I97) [but NOT Higgins Calligraphy], Walnut Ink (I53), Noodler's, Private Reserve, etc.
Paint: A tube or two of gouache. W/N Jet Black (WNG335), Indigo (WNG322) and Prussian Blue (WNG538) have excellent texture and power. A jar of Pro White (I62) or Dr. Martin's Bleed-proof White (I38) &/or tube of light or bright gouache and black or colored paper if you wish to write in reverse.
PLUS: Pencil &/or colored pencils (S528, S529), a ruler (S270, S271), water, palette (S679, S723) & container for mixing.
AND: Georgia would also like you to bring some of your handwriting as a starting point for a series of exercises. It can be a letter or a grocery list or a copy of a journal page, something when you aren't thinking about writing "nicely". We're not looking for good-looking italic handwriting here. It's okay if it's very messy– we won't be reading it. Take your hand¬writing example and enlarge it on a copier. Double it – 200% and then double that one – so this last copy will be 400%. (If your enlargements are not exactly this, it's ok.)
Materials fee: $22

B1000. Schriftkunst - Letter Art/Hoefer
B1000. Schriftkunst/Letterart
By Karlgeorg Hoefer. 1989. 95pp. 8"x8.5". Hardcover.

A collection of articles on Hoefer and his calligraphy and type design by Hermann Zapf, Dieter Leitner, Larry Brady, Gottfried Pott, Sheila Waters and others. Over 45 illustrations, most full page, of his calligraphy and type designs. 11 in full color. Hoefer is a master of the brush letter. Text in German and English. Edition of 1800. From Germany. Finely printed.

Your Price $33.50

LR13-3. Letter Arts Review Vol.13, No.3: 1996 Annual
Letter Arts Review Vol 13, No 3

Juried selection of the lettering arts with 54 or so examples. Judges: Jean Evans, Richard Baker, Paul Sych. LR13.3

Your Price

B2302. Uncommon Numbers Manual / Casey
The Uncommon Numbers Manual edited by Brenda Casey (Zoby) 1999. 80pp. 8.5" x 5.5". Paper

Covers the construction of numbers for Uncial (Waters), Blackletter (Dunham), Italic (Alice), Copperplate (Artigas), Bookhand (Cheryl Adams), Neuland (Rohrs), and Pointed Pen Uncial (Kecseg). An exemplar for the alphabet, a ductus, and further instruction on the numbers is included with each hand. Julian Waters has contributed "Designing with Italic Letters and Numbers."

Special Offer: Get a complete set of all three
Uncommon Numbers books in a slipcase for only $39.95.
Use item code B4133 Uncommon Numbers Trilogy.

View a page from Larry Brady and Emily Brown Shield.

Your Price

BR01. W&N 995 Chisel Lettering Brush
Chisel Edged Lettering Brush

The standard brush recommended by John Stevens, Carl Rohrs and other instructors for chisel-edged alphabets. Golden nylon flat watercolor brush with seamless nickel ferrules and clear plastic handle. Durable and responsive.
Winsor and Newton Series 995 flat watercolor brush.

Choose from three sizes:


Change size selector to see sale prices.

Your Price $20.29

BR28. W&N Series #7 Watercolor Brush
Series 7 fulfills the essential qualities that define the finest watercolor brush for artists: Point: The brush comes to a crisp point which is maintained during use. Snap & Spring: The brush snaps crisply back into shape with the right degree of spring to allow the artist superior control between the brush and painting surface. Flow Control: The color flows evenly and consistently from the point, with enough color carrying capacity in the belly of the brush to allow flowing gestural strokes. For artists who appreciate exquisite quality and longevity, there is no other brush than the Series 7. Today, just as in 1866, the Series 7 is made for those who understand that the quality of the brush will be reflected in the quality of their work.


Your Price $18.99

FP57. Pentel Color Brush
Pentel Art Brush

Much sought after. For brush lettering. Medium. Specify color: Light Green, Turquoise, Olive Green, Pale Orange, Steel Blue, Gray, Orange, Sepia, Purple, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Sky Blue, Yellow-Orange.

FP 57. Pentel Color Brush color chart

Your Price $8.75

PS05. Canson Ingres Sheets
27lb, 100gsm. 19x25". 65% cotton. Laid finish. Acid free. Laid finish. One side smoother than other. Popular for calligraphy and bookmaking. Suitable for light washes. Gelatin sized. Specify color.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $2.20

PS21-WHT. Bugra White 20.5x33
100% Alpha cellulose, pH neutral. Laid finish. 130gsm. White. 20.5"x33".

A thicker, pronounced laid finish paper. Increasingly popular paper with calligraphers. Mouldmade in Germany. Grain direction is parallel to underlined dimension.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price

I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
I08. Higgins Eternal Ink.

A non-waterproof, carbon black ink for dip pens. Our most popular ink for classes. Recommended for copperplate (add a few drops of gum arabic). Perhaps the best ink for calligraphy for a beginner; it will cause the beginner the fewest problems. This ink will bleed more readily than other inks. If bleeding is a problem, try Sumi Inks. 2.5 oz.

Quantity discounts start at 6 & 12.

"For broad-pen writing, I add gouache to Higgins Eternal. Gouache gives Eternal some needed body. It doesn't necessarily have to be black gouache. Indigo or a dark red add an interesting hue to the result. In a quarter ounce of Eternal, I add about a 3/8-inch bead of gouache from a tube. Eternal doesn't give me the hairlines I want in pointed pen work, so for that I much prefer iron gall or walnut ink". - Bob Hurford

Your Price $5.75

I53-2.5. Walnut Drawing Ink
I53-2.5. Tom Norton's Walnut (Color) Ink

A rich sepia ink. Thin with water to create a wash. For brush or dip pen. Already liquid. Non-waterproof (but not suitable for fountain pens).
70ml, 2.36 oz.

Your Price $10.49

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