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FA153 - Calligraphy & Letterform

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Below are the tools and supplies which we stock specifically for Ann Miller's Class FA153. We have assembled this page for easy ordering. You can order the "kit" (see item AM206 below) or if you would prefer, the items are available for purchase individually below the kit.
Note: There are additional basic items (including papers) that are required for this class and which are available here and at local stores. Check the online class site for complete supply list or contact the instructor.
Supplies, available exclusively here at JNB:

Required B2769. $35.00
Foundations of Calligraphy
(1 included with AM206)
ISBN: 978-0966530513
Author: Sheila Waters
Publisher: John Neal Bookseller (2006)

B2811. $19.95
The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering (revised ed. 2011)
Author: Annie Cicale
ISBN: 978-0-615-46696-5

B3974. $22.50 Calligraphy: A Complete Guide
Author: Julien Chazal
ISBN: 081171294X

Tools & Materials:
N02-S9 $14.50 set of 9 Brause nibs, broad edged: (all 9 available sizes: .5mm, .7mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm) (1 included with AM206)
(Left-handed scribes should purchase Left Handed Brause nibs here instead N06-S9 $22.50)

H46. $3.00; (6 holders included with AM206). Pen holders, Caran d'Ache brand preferred or your choice (you can get more holders if you don't want to switch nibs a lot, or fewer if your budget is tight. JNB has Caran d'Ache, which is smaller in diameter [insert nib between metal and plastic], and Utrecht carries the Speedball holders.)

N74. $0.99 each (1 included with AM206) Gillott 404 pointed pen nibs (these fit the standard Caran d'Ache or Speedball holder)

N120. $2.50 each (1 included with AM206) Leonardt Principal Nib (these fit the standard Caran d'Ache or Speedball holder)

N115. $2.50 each (1 included with AM206) Esterbrook 357 Vintage Nib (these fit the standard Caran d'Ache or Speedball holder)

N118. $2.50 each (1 included with AM206) Zebra G Nib (these fit the standard Caran d'Ache or Speedball holder)

P21. $7.95 - (1 included with AM206) 11 x 17 Gridded Calligraphy Practice Pad (8x8 square, dark grid) Graph Pad (no slanted lines)

I43. $15.85 (1 included with AM206) Best Bottle Sumi Ink (don't buy the Green Bottle! It contains shellac, is gummy, doesn't flow well and doesn't dry! It is used for sumi-e brushwork on wood and rice paper and is not for pen use.) You may also substitute any good sumi ink found locally.

Recommended supplies NOT included in the kit, available exclusively here at JNB: These items are at the bottom of page 2, and on page 3 of this category.
B3244, $39.33 Calligraphy: A Book of Contemporary Inspiration by Denise Lach.
N22, $39.00 Ruling pen (especially if you love letterform and plan on carrying it forward into your main work. ) For instruction with Ruling Pens see item LR13-2.
Light Box or Light Table. One of these is required. You will need (and will appreciate forever) a light box. Some people like to work at an angle and some like to work closer to flat. Your choices include:
    S750. $54.99 Artograph Light Tracer Light Box (10x12 inches)
    S751. $104.99 Artograph Light Tracer II Light Box (12x18 inches)
    S752. $59.00 Plexi Tabletop Easel
    S247. $149.00 Portable Light Table/Wordcrafters
    S156-L($37.95)and S160-L ($13.50). Easel Frame and Plexiglass for Easel -- LARGE
    S156-S($34.95)and S160-S ($9.95). Easel Frame and Plexiglass for Easel -- SMALL
S123-B. $7.50 Gum Sandarac Bag
S86. $1.00 Magic Rub Eraser
S203. $12.95 Yes! Stikflat Glue
S693. $24.95 Student Airlite Drawing Board 18x24
FP67-3.8. $10.00 Parallel Pen, 3.8mm
S449-1. $3.50 Walnut Ink Crystals, 1oz
IS03. $20.00 Kenbimukan Ink Stick
IS37. $14.99 Round Inkstone with Lid
E25. $2.25 Tuff Stuff Eraser – Pen eraser, small enough to clean up tiny areas between letters
S142. $1.252 - pencils, HB lead (these can also be automatic pencils, for making the double pencil tool)
1 - pencil, 2B lead (softer, for shading)
A pair of scissors (Fiskars or generic blue handle)
P32-9. $12.55 Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad: 9x12

Please click to explore our other calligraphy supplies.

AM206. Ann Miller's Academy of Art University Supplies
Ann Miller's Required Supplies for Academy of Art University Classes
This kit contains all of the JNB exclusive required items on the supply list for Ann Miller's class. The kit, with standard shipping, is valued at approximately $135. We are selling it for $120, and are currently offering $10.00 standard shipping (continental USA only). Please contact us if you need to make substitutions or if you need expedited shipping (800.369.9598 or

This kit includes the following required items:
--B2769 Foundations of Calligraphy - 1
--N02 Brause Nibs, Broad Edged SET OF 9
(9 sizes: 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm) (Left-handed scribes should purchase Left Handed Brause nibs here instead)
--H46 Grey Plastic Caran d'Ache holders - 10
--N74 Gillott 404 Nib - 1
--N120 Leonardt Principal EF Nib - 1
--N115 Esterbrook 357 Vintage nib - 1
--N118 Zebra G nib - 1
--P21 JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 Sheets - 1
Calligraphy Gridded Practice Pad (8x8 square, specify dark grid) (no slanted lines)
--I43 Best Bottle Sumi Ink - 1

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy / Waters
B2769. Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters. (2006) 2018. 134pp. 9"x11.25". Concealed spiral binding

Free Media Mail Shipping (USA only). Media Mail takes 2 to 3 weeks depending upon location.

Sheila Waters is a master scribe and a master teacher. For over thirty years of her summer workshops, Sheila has taken scribes through their paces for a week or more of in-depth instruction in letterforms (historical and modern). Students have come from as far away as Australia and Japan for these intensive classes. And for many years, she taught numerous weekend workshops sponsored by calligraphy guilds throughout the USA and Canada and was a frequent instructor at the international conference held each summer. In Foundations, Sheila provides insightful analysis of forms and construction, taking the mystery out of learning calligraphy. You learn how to analyze a script, which helps you toward mastery of an alphabet. In the 110 pages of exemplar alphabets, instruction, and hints, Sheila shares with you the knowledge she has gathered over her years of study and practice. The presentation is honed by her long experience teaching calligraphers how to advance their skill and art. This 4th printing, much revised from the 2006 printing, now has a 16-page color gallery of Sheila’s work.

Chapters include: Basics & Beyond, Analysis & Practice, Design & Layout, Conception to Completion, and Applying Design Principles. Foundational, Blackletter, Gothic Cursives, Uncial & Half Uncial, Carolingian, Italic, and Italic Variations are covered, with thorough instruction for each. Foundational and Italic receive particular attention.

Free Media Mail Shipping to USA addresses. If you need the book sooner, there will be a $3 rush ship charge added to your order. Media Mail generally takes upwards of 2 weeks or more to be delivered.

Reviews & Comments

Read more about Sheila and her work, courtesy of The Gettysburg Companion.

Customers outside the USA

For AIRMAIL and SURFACE shipping to CANADA see see B2769-CANADA

For AIRMAIL with insurance shipping to other countries see B2769-AIRMAIL

For shipping via SURFACE mail to other countries see B2769-SURFACE

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N02-S9. Brause Set of 9 Nibs
Widely used by professionals, the Brause Nibs are also the best calligraphy nibs for beginners. Stiff, durable high quality nibs from Germany. Oblique cut calligraphy nibs, with the reservoir on top. If you have a heavy hand, Brause Nibs will work well. You can't go wrong with these chisel edged dip nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), and other hands. (Bandzung)

Sizes in set:
1.0 mm
1.5 mm
2.0 mm
2.5 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm

Your Price $19.71 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H46. Grey Plastic Pen Holder (114)
Grey Plastic Nib Holder

Lightweight grey plastic (Caran D’Ache 114) penholder. Now comes with standard ring and four prong gripper mechanism.

The OLD style is no longer available.

How do I insert a calligraphy nib into a penholder that has a metal ring and four prongs?

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N74. Gillott 404 Nib
N74. Gillott 404 Nib.

A popular nib. Fairly stiff nib, suitable for writing at x-heights from 3/16" to 1/4", on all surfaces from smooth to textured. Good choice for beginners (or those with a heavy hand.) Because they require more pressure to create the swells, stiffer nibs are easier to control. Thicker hairlines than others, making it a good choice for work for reproduction.

Recommended by Eleanor Winters in her Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy (B1109) for beginners and professionals because they "provide fine line quality without being too fragile." Satisfactory for Spencerian Script.

Your Price $1.35 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

N120. Leonardt Principal EF Nib
N120.EF Principal Nib

You can now purchase a modern nib that is equal to the best of the vintage nibs. Brian Walker, a respected pointed pen enthusiast, has worked with a pen manufacturer to duplicate the quality and performance of the legendary Gillott No 1 Principality. The new nib has received rave reviews for both Copperplate and Spencerian. It’s flexible and responsive and gives fine hairlines, but is smooth-writing and catches the paper less.

Your Price $2.95 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

N118. Zebra G Nib
Zebra Nib.

Similar to the popular Nikko G Nib, but a little more flexible and sharper. It will produce a finer hairline than the Nikko. Same sturdy quality. If you are using the Nikko G but would like to be able to write with thinner hairlines and thicker strokes, give these nibs a try. Michael Sull still recommends the Nikko G nib as best for learning Spencerian, but this Zebra G Nib is a good one, too, for Spencerian.

Which holders will work with this nib?

Just wanted to let you know about my experience with the ZEBRA G nibs: Santa was very generous to me this year and I got a dozen. I pulled the nibs out to play with this weekend and I have found my new love. I used the nib with Walnut Ink and the hairlines, so thin, so smooth, with a light touch and the nib skated effortlessly across the page. I really enjoyed working with this nib. If you haven't had the chance to try this nib out yet, it's worth the couple of bucks. I haven't tried any of my other inks but I will be doing that this week. So far, I'm loving these nibs. Don't know if they are workhorses yet - I only had them a few days. - Ilovepenmanship

I love them too. The nibs are great with the iron gall inks because the ink does not eat the nib as fast. Great hairlines and just enough flex for shades. Much thanks to John Neal for these!!! - Nan DeLuca

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P21. JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 Sheets
JNB Graph Pad
Light blue grid (8 squares/inch). 24 lb bond. 11"x17". Approx 50 sheets.

A non-bleeding paper that is great for calligraphy. (We use the same paper in our JNB Practice Pads.) Many instructors have their students use this pad in their classes.

(For graph with slant lines P01.)

Please choose color: Light or Dark.

Light: This grid does not show on many copiers, shows faintly on others, and usually disappears when you adjust the exposure one setting lighter. If you use a copier to produce your finished art for reproduction, this is the pad for you. This pad is good for jobs done at quick printers.

Dark: For classes, some students may appreciate a slightly darker grid. This is particularly true for adult classes. This is still a light blue grid. Some teachers have commented that their students found the original pad's grid was too light.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

I43. Best Bottle Sumi Ink
Best Bottle Sumi Ink

This popular Japanese sumi ink is good both for beginners and for professional work. Smooth, rich black. Hard to find. One of the popular sumi inks for calligraphy. 6.75 oz, 200 ml bottle.

"The Best Bottle Sumi Ink truly is the best bottle. You can write three to four times longer with a pointed pen nib before the ink dries between the tines enough to alter the writing (this compared to Moon Palace)." C. M.

My test for any ink is to see if it will produce sharp thick and thin strokes at less than one sixteenth inch body height with a #6 Mitchell nib. Stick ink passes that test while most bottled inks don't, especially waterproof inks including sumi ones. The brown bottle sumi [Best Bottle] is non-waterproof, and I find it is better than others. –S.W.

Your Price $15.85 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

N22. Ruling Pen
N22. Ruling Pen.

Julian Waters, Gottfried Pott, and many others are using ruling pens to produce expressive letters. This calligraphy ruling pen is designed specifically for lettering. You vary the line width by tilting the pen. Wood handle with brass collar & writing unit.

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