Other calligraphy supplies

We stock many other supplies, both optional and required, for your class.

Gouache is required, and we have several different options you may use to fulfill the requirements.

7 Tubes of Winsor & Newton regular gouache (no acrylic gouache!), this is a suggested basic palette:
WNG660. $9.20 Ultramarine Blue
WNG074. $9.20 Burnt Sienna
WNG004. $9.20 Alizarin Crimson
WNG744. $9.20 Yellow Ochre
WNG459. $11.60 Oxide of Chromium Green
WNG331. $9.20 Ivory Black
WNG748. $9.20 Zinc White
Optional: If you want to complete a split primary system, which includes warm and cool hues from each of the three primaries, you may add:
WNG345. $9.20 Lemon Yellow
WNG538. $9.20 Prussian Blue --OR-- WNG322. $9.20Indigo Blue
WNG603. $15.10 Winsor Red

HG710. $79.50 Holbein Set of 12 Gouache 15 ml tubes

2nd Alternate, budget-conscious set:
HG800-5. $16.95 Holbein Gouache: Primary Set 5 ml tubes

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