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Yves Leterme

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Yves Leterme Cheerio Spring 2012

Book List

B3813. Expressive Drawing: A practical guide to freeing the artist within by Steven Aimone. "I … highly recommend [the book]. It's about drawing, but the author voiced out loud and systematically a lot of ideas that slumbered inside of me." – Yves. Hardcover $24.95 By Yves Leterme: B3418. Thoughtful Gestures: The Calligraphic Art of Yves Leterme. 2011. 96pp. 8.25"x9". Paper $45.00

When he teaches fine gestural writing, he recommends the work of Brody Neuenschwander, John Stevens & Julian Waters, and Gina Jonas' book.
B2830. Finding the Flow by Gina Jonas. Paper $24.95.
These are publications that feature work by Brody, John & Julian:
Julian Waters: Scripsit 21.2 (B2881, $12) features lettering by Julian, John Stevens, Ward Dunham and Michael Clark.
John Stevens: The Character (B2362, $20.00) by John Stevens. John's forthcoming book SCRIBE (B2982, $34.95 pre-publication) can be reserved.
Brody Neuenschwander: Textasy (B2917, $90).

Materials Needed:
Aquarelle (watercolor) paper (not too rough, about 250 gr): BFK Rives is fine: You will work on small sizes (approx. 20x15 cm / 6x8"), so no need to bring big size paper. Yves: "1-3 full sheets will be enough"
PS91. Rives BFK. 100% Cotton. Neutral pH. 22"x30". 250gsm. 2 deckles. White. 250gsm. France. $7.81. JNB Price $6.25 5/$5.65ea.
PS48. Arches Watercolor Paper 140 lb (300gsm) CP 100% rag. France. List $13.36 JNB Price $9.95 25/$8.26ea
PS95. Stonehenge. 100% cotton, neutral pH, 2 natural deckles, 2 cut edges. 22"x30". 250gsm. Machine made. USA. $2.50

Bowl for water, a few rags, mixing brushes and pots (one 6-well palette should work.) S679. 6 well palette $1.25

All kinds of writing tools (pointed brush, ruling pen, automatic pens, colapen…).
N22 – Ruling Pen $40.00
N30 – Folded Ruling Pen $15.95
N27 – Automatic Pen $10.95 each (multiple sizes available)
These are the highest quality pointed brushes we stock.
BR28 - W&N Series #7 Watercolor Brush (price varies according to size, all discounted 20%)
BR22 – Escoda Round Sable Watercolor Brush (price varies according to size, all discounted 25%)
Traditional Brushes

Aquarelle (watercolor), Gouache, black ink, walnut ink, (optional masking fluid). Bring a bit of everything! Bring what you want to work with. Yves: "I don't want to impose my preferences here."
Most popular:
WNG331 Ivory Black/335 Jet Black/337 Lamp Black – W&N Gouache $9.20
I08 – Higgins Eternal Ink $3.75
I70 – Moon Palace Sumi Ink 6 oz. $12.95
I53 - Walnut Drawing Ink 2.5 oz. $6.40
S449 – Walnut Ink Crystals 2 oz. $6.25
(optional) Masking Fluid: S198- Pebeo Drawing Gum 1.5 oz. $6.95
S819 - Fineline Masque Pen $11.99

Cropping elbows (of reasonable size) in cardboard, 1 cut frame of 14x20 cm.

A few texts of diverse lengths, no matter what (except Bible quotes and Words of Wisdom).

Hair dryer (optional). Paper towels to dip the ink or paint. (S817, Viva Papertowels, $3.00)

A bit of white gesso (S677, $12.79, 8oz, 237ml is more than enough) and some cardboard (or expired credit cards) to smear it out. Golden Gesso (acrylic) is suitable.
Black gesso S675. $14.55 (optional).

A cutter. Yves: An Xacto-style craft knife with a pointed #10 blade. It is for scratching the gesso surface. (S417 Excel Deluxe Knife (NonSlip)- $3.95; S129 #10 Blade (pk of 5 blades) $2.10)

and pencils. Yves: "I use a mechanical pencil with 0,5 HB refills." (S681 Sumo Grip Mechanical Pencil $3.99)

As we will also do some exercises on 'controlled scribbling' we will need a block of plain, cheap exercise paper (A3 format, which is approx 30x42 cm, 17.5"X11.7")
PAD: P20-50 - $6.50 and of course our (speedball) nibs.

Yves: Nib sizes: "Speedball C series, nrs 5, 4 and 3." (Or similar sizes in your favorite broad-edge nib.) NIB: N09 Speedball C Calligraphy Nibs $2.09 each
Yves: Pad: "50 sheet pad will be enough"

B2830. Finding the Flow/Jonas
Finding the Flow: A Calligraphic Journey by Gina Jonas. 2006. 85pp. 8.5" x 11". Spiral bound. Paper

A new approach to calligraphy for all levels, which acquaints the scribe with the essential but largely unexplored dynamics of stroke technique. Through stroke exercises with pencil and edged pen you explore vital movement and sensitive touch. You discover how shoulder, arm, fingers, and pen combine with alternating of pressure. The exercises lead to an intimate understanding of the edged pen: a foundation for formal alphabet study, creative alphabet design, and artistic self-expression! Begin
your calligraphy practice before starting formal alphabet study by warming up, sensitizing, and integrating mind and body. Full of illustrations and diagrams.

Your Price

PS91. Rives BFK Paper (250 gsm)
Rives BFK 22"x30"

This printmaking papers has set the standard for every mouldmade grade manufactured in Europe.

Perhaps its best quality is its consistency. Made with 100% cotton and no optical brightening agents, it is a bright white, smooth, soft and pliable sheet. Dimensionally stable, BFK Rives is a versatile substrate with an absorbent wove surface that is suitable for all forms of printmaking. The paper works well with inks and is heavy enough for washes and watercolor. Mouldmade in France. Grain direction is parallel to underlined dimension.

100% Cotton. pH neutral. White. 250gsm. 2 natural deckles, 2 tear deckles.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $10.24

PS48. Arches CP 140 lb
Arches Watercolor
Cold Press 140lb. 300gsm. 22"x30".

Superior quality, 100% rag, for pen and all techniques with opaque and transparent watercolor. Long used by calligraphers. Cold press watercolor paper can be used for calligraphy, but the letters won't be as crisp. You will see the cold press texture in your lettering. HP (Hot press) finish is a very smooth sheet that will give a sharp smooth edge to your letters. This has always been one of our most popular sheets.

Grain runs parallel to the underlined dimension.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $15.51

PS95. Stonehenge
Stonehenge. 22"x30" 100% cotton, pH neutral, 2 natural deckles, 2 cut edges. 250gsm.

Good for calligraphy, watercolor, colored pencil, and pastels. Machine made. USA. Grain direction is parallel to underlined dimension.
Choose color: Black, Cream or White.

This paper ships separately from books/supplies and requires an extra shipping fee which is NOT included in the price of this product. Add item 'PS00' to your cart after adding large sheets of paper. (click to read details)

Your Price $6.06

N22. Ruling Pen
N22. Ruling Pen.

Julian Waters, Gottfried Pott, and many others are using ruling pens to produce expressive letters. This calligraphy ruling pen is designed specifically for lettering. You vary the line width by tilting the pen. Wood handle with brass collar & writing unit.

Your Price

N30. Folded Ruling Pen
Folded Ruling Pen

Introduced at Letterforum in 1995, this innovative lettering tool has been popular ever since. Use it to produce tight "brush lettering" with a pen or for wild, fun, expressive lettering. These are the originals made by Matthew Coffin and highly praised by Carl Rohrs and Peter Thornton as superior to others that are available.

Peter Thornton has his students use our Polishing Paper (S107) to lightly abrade the outer and inner surfaces of the Folded Pen. This allows the ink to spread out on the pen instead of beading up.

Your Price

BR28. W&N Series #7 Watercolor Brush
Series 7 fulfills the essential qualities that define the finest watercolor brush for artists: Point: The brush comes to a crisp point which is maintained during use. Snap & Spring: The brush snaps crisply back into shape with the right degree of spring to allow the artist superior control between the brush and painting surface. Flow Control: The color flows evenly and consistently from the point, with enough color carrying capacity in the belly of the brush to allow flowing gestural strokes. For artists who appreciate exquisite quality and longevity, there is no other brush than the Series 7. Today, just as in 1866, the Series 7 is made for those who understand that the quality of the brush will be reflected in the quality of their work.


Your Price $18.99

BR22. Escoda Brushes
Escoda Brushes. Series 1212. Reserva.

Annie Cicale uses these round, pointed, sable watercolor brushes for painting. Eliza Schulte Holliday, coauthor of Brush Lettering, highly recommends these brushes from Spain for pointed brush lettering. They have plenty of bounce and good snap and are reasonably priced. Kolinsky Sable.

Choose size:
#6. (Discounted - Limited quantity)
#10 (Discounted - Limited quantity)

Your Price $22.26

I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
I08. Higgins Eternal Ink.

A non-waterproof, carbon black ink for dip pens. Our most popular ink for classes. Recommended for copperplate (add a few drops of gum arabic). Perhaps the best ink for calligraphy for a beginner; it will cause the beginner the fewest problems. This ink will bleed more readily than other inks. If bleeding is a problem, try Sumi Inks. 2.5 oz.

Quantity discounts start at 6 & 12.

"For broad-pen writing, I add gouache to Higgins Eternal. Gouache gives Eternal some needed body. It doesn't necessarily have to be black gouache. Indigo or a dark red add an interesting hue to the result. In a quarter ounce of Eternal, I add about a 3/8-inch bead of gouache from a tube. Eternal doesn't give me the hairlines I want in pointed pen work, so for that I much prefer iron gall or walnut ink". - Bob Hurford

Your Price $5.75

I70. Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Moon Palace Sumi
The Ink is now in a bottle with a Gold Label

While the packaging is a bit different, this is the highly sought after and highly recommended Japanese Sumi Ink. For both broad edge and pointed pen work. Dries waterproof. A great calligraphy ink.

"I like Moon Palace better, but both Moon Palace and Best Bottle are beautiful inks. The Moon Palace has a slight sheen to it, which I like. Michael suggested this ink to me so please tell him I said, "thank you". I just finished a job of 200 invitations with Moon Palace and the ink is beautiful. I did not dilute the ink.
A client just brought me invitations (slick paper) to address. This bride knew going into this that I probably couldn't do pointed pen. However, for fun, I tried the Sumi inks and to my surprise they worked pretty darn good. I usually have to use a sharpie on slick envelopes, yikes!!!"

--Clair F., Jan 2011.

Four sizes available:

2.0 oz (widemouthed jar)
6.0 oz (180ml)

15 & 60 oz are temporarily unavailable: arriving Dec 2019

Your Price

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